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1. Star Wars III:
Trailer notes
2. Media Language/ Mise en Scene
The trailer opens with the LucasFilmlogoand George Lucasis known for directing other Star Wars and well known movies such as Indiana Jones.The scene then opens with A long time ago in a galaxy far away which isconventional within all trailers in the saga.
Another well known film by George Lucas is Indiana Jones
There are many long shots of different planets which help establish the setting and emphasise the fact it is a sci-fifilm. The predominant moon in the first screen shot highlights the space and astro element.
The use of special effects as well as high tech weapons, spaceshipsandadvanced technologies also highlight the genre.Other conventions that are noticeableare the alien-like creatures, robots, fantasy planets and unique architecture.
3. Media Language/ Mise en Scene
Throughout the trailer the colour black is predominant through clothes, environment and fades this could be to create a space like atmosphere.
Red wispy writing emphasis of danger and wisp could represent the spaceships going into danger
Extreme long shot of army boarding the spacecraft emphasis of sci-fi.. maybe war on another planet?
Long cloak like clothing Fantasy element
Main emphasis on settings
4. Sound
The non diagetic orchestral music builds up suspenseand the voice over creates a storybook narrative.The racing sounds of fast crafts and explosions develop anaction adventure element to the genre.Robot noises and alien languagessuch as the Wookiee call emphasises the fact it is a Sci- Fi film.
Voice over begins the story with For over 1000 generations the jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the republic before the dark times and the empire this foreboding message makes audience question what dark times and empire but for those who had seen the other previous movies this would create excitement as to how the story would pan out in the final episode.
5. Ideologies/Media values
Ideologies that could be developed from this film are that men are seen as protectors and destroyersbecause allheroesin the trailer (Jedis) are male and evil characters(Sith) are also male. An idea that those who become obsessed with power are easily influenced by evilcould be interpreted as well.
The main audience would be those interested in space and the universe. Trailer also promises that by watching the film the saga will be concluded explosively so fans would be attracted.
Being a blockbuster it has a mainstream appeal to the masses. Special effectssuch as space races and special weapons would also attract younger children who would become fascinated and most likely males.