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<ul><li> 1. Toys, Dolls and GamesCase Study</li></ul> <p> 2. Moxie &amp; Mattel: Barbie Store 3. Mattel: Barbie Scenery Contest 4. Moxie Girls Dress Up Dolls 5. Moxie GirlsCampaignPage 6. Moxie Girls Store 7. Sony PS3 - Case StudyExecution: Stardoll users received avirtual Eyepet character withbranded tag in their suite when theyinteracted with characters on thecampaign hub.Eyepet was integrated into Stardollgameplay where users were able todress up, interact, share and savecharacters to suite.There were 183,000 visits to EyePethub on Stardoll, with more than93,000 users acquiring virtual gifts. 8. Sony PS3 - Case StudyExecution: All virtual itemscome with virtual brandedtag providing viral buzzthroughout the community.More than 900,000EyePets were acquired inmember suites. More than147,000 personalisedEyePets were saved tousers personal profiles.Over 9,000 contest entriesto win Stardollars and anEyePet PS3 bundle 9. 313,820 impsCo-branded skyscrapers 7,453 clicks 2.37% CTR 10. Campaign Page183,314 visits15,207 clicks to contest8.30% CTR43,874 clicks to dollpage23.93% CTR8,894 click to buy4.85% CTR7,308 clicks to officialEyePet site3.99% CTR23,635 clicks to Cinema12.89% CTR</p>