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    STATISTICS OF actual relations,

    best solutions,

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    and tomorrows trends.

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  • ATP Journal

    atP Journal is professional magazine focused on automation in industry and has been bringing current, detailed and technically correct information from the industrial automation in Slovakia and abroad over 20 years. we are increasingly focused on the future of automation smart manufacturing, di-gitalization etc.,

    Magazine website and online catalog of products and companies from the automation field are integral part of printed version of the magazine, which adds multimedia content such as videos, live coverage of conferences etc. the turn of 2016/2017 is dedicated to the redesign of our webpages from the perspective of responsiveness and to dynamic linkage between companies, suppliers and our articles.

    Know-how Institute

    Know-how institute brings professional information to all interested parties. we offer professional trainings in various subjects witch focus on practice. for the whole professional community, we offer comprehensive and in-depth market analysis of specific topics in the field of automation. in the year 2016, we published the first analysis industry 4.0.

    Video presentation

    Publisher house will provide professional video presentation of products and services, recording and editing conferences and workshops, industrial video reports, commercials and product and business photography.



  • 2016 first technical education in the form of training and first industrial analysis focused on industry 4.0 published under the Know-how institute

    2015 Media partnership with automotive industry association SR and national Center of Robotics

    2014 automation conference by atP Journal

    2013 new headquarter of Publisher house

    2011 Publication of the bimonthly magazine idB Journal

    2010 Launch of the new modern websites of atP Journal, idB Journal, eautomatizcia, eBudovy and Svetautomatizcie

    2009 Official partnerships with international organizations iSa (uSa), MeSa europe

    2007 new section with expert opinions on the events in the field of industrial automation

    2003 the 100th issue of atP Journal is published

    2000 first website of atP Journal

    1997 new design, change of periodicity to monthly, 52-60 pages, color pint

    1994 the 1ist volume of atP Journal is published as a bimonthly with black & white print



  • INTERVIEW among 648 eyes

    324professionals answered

    our questions

  • Industry Representation of readers

    electrical industry




    Chemical industry

    transport and logistics


    Printing and packaging industry

    Oil and Gas

    food industry

    Metallurgical industry

    water industy

    Paper industry

    wood industry

    Cement industry

    Rubber industry

    foundry industry

    52 %

    44 %

    38 %

    27 %

    20 %

    15 %

    14 %

    13 %

    12 %

    12 %

    12 %

    11 %

    11 %

    10 %

    8 %

    9 %

    8 %

    Industries that ATP Journal readers are working in



  • CASE STudy is the best evidence

    Bukza Holding (BUKOCEL, a.s.)Continental Matador Truck Tires s.r.o.DHL Exporess (Slovakia), spol. s r.o.

    Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o.Heineken Slovensko, a.s.

    HERN s.r.o.Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia, s.r.o.

    Mliekre KOLIBA a.s.Mondelz SR Production, s.r.o.

    Mondi SCP, a.s.NOVOFRUCT SK, s.r.o.

    Osram, a.s., divzia Stavby strojovPSS Svidnk, a.s.PSS Vvoj s.r.o.

    SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia s.r.o.SEPS, a.s.

    Slovensk elektrrne, a.s.Strojchem, a.s.

    Tatry mountain resorts, a.s.TESLA Liptovsk Hrdok a.s.

    Teplre Povask Bystrica, s.r.o.Vinrske zvody Topoianky, s.r.o.Visteon Electronics Slovakia, s.r.o.

    Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. zvod BratislavaVchodoslovensk vodrensk spolonos, a.s.

    ZKW Slovakia, s.r.o.

    208manufacturing companies

    had shared theirs solutions with us

  • Working positions of ATP Journal readers

    ATP Journal readers interest in the product area


    Working position Representation among readers

    Operational workers operators, technology, maintenance

    developers of control and visualization systems

    M&C designers, designers and engineers of machinery, equipment and production lines

    Service and maintenance staff

    45 %

    head of units aSR tP, electronics, Maintenance

    technical directors, production managers, trading directors

    Chief investment Officer

    Commercial directors, Sales Manager

    20 %

    teachers from technical secondary school and technical universities

    15 %

    Students from technical secondary schools and technical universities

    12 %

    Government, Sutn, ti SR, SMu, SnaS, 8 %

    Product area Representation among readers

    field measurement devices

    Control systems

    industrial communication

    Motion control

    industrial software

    Services in automation

    electrical installation

    electrical components

    System integration and it


    49 %

    47 %

    33 %

    30 %

    29 %

    29 %

    28 %

    25 %

    19 %

    12 %

  • Expressing own

    OpINION suit us

    54inspirational personalities

    found courage to name things with the right name

  • Slovakia

    automotive industry association SR

    national Center of Robotics

    Slovak electrotechnical association Chamber of electrical engineers Slovakia

    Slovak Chamber of Civil engineers

    association of electrotechnical industry

    Foreign Countries

    international Society of automation

    institute of electrical and electronics engineers

    Manufacturing enterprise Solutions association (MeSa) international



    Partner Organizations

  • EVENTS, that are much talked about

    332professional events

    welcomed cooperation with ATP Journal

  • f u t u r e t e c h n o l o g i e s

    MSV Nitra MSV Brno


    event Media Support

    fairs and exhibitions

  • Professional conferences of associations, educational and academic institutions

    automatizcia a riadenie v terii a praxi aRteP

    automotive Suppliers Cee Congress & exhibition

    Bezpenos technickch zariaden

    day of new technologies dont

    digitlny podnik

    diS diagnostika strojov

    energetick manament

    eneRGOfRuM elektrina


    frum praktickej logistiky

    frum praktickej drby

    ifaC workshop Control of transmission and distribution Smart Grids

    interantional SaP Conference for utilities (holandsko)

    internet vec a Smart Grid frum (R)

    iOt eXPO BRatiSLava internet of things

    nrodn frum drby

    nrodn frum produktivity


    Konferencia PROJeKtanti

    Re-industrializcia eurpskej nie Reineu

    Riadenie PROCeSOv PROCeSS COntROL

    Smart City 360 Summit

    treniansky robotick de

    vrobn manament

    Seminars, workshops and roadshows

    atS Knowledge day Priemysel 4.0 a Smart Manufacturing

    Beckhoff roadshow: novinky a apikcie

    danfoss drives ROad ShOw

    dni automatizcie Control System

    eatOn tour

    ePLan : Roadshow

    fanuC Openhause

    nidays Praha

    novinky v systme MatLaB a Simulink

    Prezentcia mikro automatizcie SieMenS

    Road show B&R

    technical Computing Camp humusoft



    Portal atP Journal is the only one of its kind in Slovakia, which addresses unique sample of readers from automation, control, robo-tics and enterprise information systems. atP Journal brings sections with tips and tricks, actual interviews with interesting professio-nals, analytics, case studies and information about new products. the section education presents articles and events from schools and universities and also serves as a directo-ry of academia focused on automation. the event calendar contains all relevant events happing in the field of automation in Slovakia and abroad.

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    Suppliers of automation solutions and sys-tem integrators can present their products and services on directory web site eautoma-tizacia. Companies can choose between two types of registration Lite and Standard. added products can have pictures, delivery times and other specific parameters. each company and its products are dynamically linked to atP Journal, so if the company or its products are mentioned in magazine, they are also related articles on eautomatizacia. in the year 2017, there will be new section with directory of industrial companies from Slovakia and surrounding areas.

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