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<ul><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>Welcome!</p><p>On behalf of Splash! Publications, we would like to welcome you to The Statue of Liberty Model, a great way for students to practice hands-on Functional Text Comprehension. This how-to-make was designed by teachers with you and your students in mind.</p><p>The Rationale Teaching students to comprehend Functional Text~the kind of text that requires them to follow simple recipes, put their toys together before they can play with them, or learn to operate the types of appliances found in almost every kitchen, can be diffi cult, to say the least!</p><p>Putting together 3D Models is a great way for students to practice Functional Text Comprehension. Cutting out patterns gives students practice using fi ne motor skills. In addition, each step in the process gives teachers the opportunity to check for understanding and help students monitor and adjust before continuing on. Finally, its FUN and rewarding to make a 3D model! </p><p>The CopyrightText Copyright 2016 by SPLASH! Publications, Glendale AzIllustration Copyright 2016 by SPLASH! Publications, Glendale AzAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system without permission in written form from the publisher. Pages in this Statue of Liberty Model may be reproduced by the original purchaser only for use in the original purchasers classroom and may not be sold or used for purposes other than those specifi cally permitted by the publisher.</p><p>Illustrations and cover design by Victoria J. Smith</p><p>Rate Us We value your opinion! Please take the time to rate the Statue of Liberty Model and tell us and other teachers what you think about it. </p><p>Follow Us We are creating and posting new activities, lessons, and units on a daily basis. If you like what you see here, click on the Follow Me button so you will be the fi rst to know when we post something new. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>1. Neatly color the Statue of Liberty pattern turquoise and the Statue of Liberty base pattern tan.</p><p>Statue of Liberty Model</p><p>The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom in the United States. In this activity, you will follow step-by-step instructions to make a 3D Model of Lady Liberty.</p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>2. Cut along the bold black rectangular lines of the Statue of Liberty pattern. </p><p>3. Fold the Statue of Liberty pattern along the center dotted line and the dotted lines at the bottom forward.</p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>4. Glue the two inside halves together; leaving the bottom portion unglued as shown in the shaded area above.</p><p>Dont glue the shaded areas shown.</p><p>5. Fold the two glued Statue of Liberty pattern halves together along the dotted lines. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>6. Cut out the Statue of Liberty along the solid lines. </p><p>7. Fold out the bottom of Statue of Liberty along the dotted lines as shown. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>cc</p><p>c</p><p>A B</p><p>8. Cut out the Statue of Liberty Base pattern along the solid bold lines. </p><p>9. Fold the three C tabs and the square top of the base along the dotted lines. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>BA</p><p>10. Fold the base as shown and glue tabs A and B to connect the base. </p><p>11. Glue all C tabs and fold the square top section onto all the C tabs. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>12. Glue the Statue of Liberty to the top of the base. </p><p>13. This is what your finished model should look like. </p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>STATUE OF LIBERTY PATTERN</p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>cc</p><p>c</p><p>A BST</p><p>ATU</p><p>E O</p><p>F LI</p><p>BER</p><p>TY </p><p>BA</p><p>SE P</p><p>AT</p><p>TE</p><p>RN</p></li><li><p>Statue of Liberty 3D Model</p><p>Nea</p><p>tly </p><p>colo</p><p>red S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Li</p><p>ber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn t</p><p>urq</p><p>uoi</p><p>sean</p><p>d B</p><p>ase </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> tan</p><p>Cut </p><p>and fol</p><p>ded</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn a</p><p>sdirec</p><p>ted </p><p>3 2</p><p> 1</p><p>Glu</p><p>ed t</p><p>wo </p><p>insi</p><p>de h</p><p>alve</p><p>s to</p><p>geth</p><p>er, </p><p>leav</p><p>ing </p><p>bott</p><p>om </p><p>port</p><p>ion </p><p>as s</p><p>how</p><p>n </p><p> 0</p><p>Cri</p><p>teri</p><p>a</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 1</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 2</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 3</p><p>Sco</p><p>re</p><p>To</p><p>tal</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 4</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 1</p><p>Col</p><p>ored</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> and B</p><p>ase </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p>,but </p><p>they</p><p> wer</p><p>e m</p><p>essy</p><p> OR</p><p>the </p><p>wro</p><p>ng c</p><p>olor</p><p>s</p><p>Cut </p><p>OR</p><p> fol</p><p>ded</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn a</p><p>sdirec</p><p>ted </p><p>Cut </p><p>AN</p><p>D fol</p><p>ded</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn </p><p>inco</p><p>rrec</p><p>tly</p><p>Col</p><p>ored</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> OR</p><p> the </p><p>Bas</p><p>e pat</p><p>tern</p><p>, but </p><p>not</p><p> bot</p><p>h</p><p>Glu</p><p>ed t</p><p>wo </p><p>insi</p><p>de h</p><p>alve</p><p>s to</p><p>geth</p><p>er, </p><p>but </p><p>didn</p><p>t le</p><p>ave </p><p>bott</p><p>om p</p><p>ortion</p><p> as </p><p>show</p><p>n </p><p>Glu</p><p>ed in</p><p>corr</p><p>ect </p><p>side</p><p>s </p><p>toge</p><p>ther</p><p> AN</p><p>D d</p><p>idn</p><p>t le</p><p>ave </p><p>bott</p><p>om p</p><p>ortion</p><p> as </p><p>show</p><p>n </p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 2</p><p> or </p><p>Ste</p><p>p 3</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 4</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> alo</p><p>ng d</p><p>otte</p><p>dlin</p><p>es a</p><p>nd c</p><p>ut </p><p>as d</p><p>irec</p><p>ted </p><p>Ste</p><p>p 5</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 6</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed O</p><p>R c</p><p>ut </p><p>Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn a</p><p>sdirec</p><p>ted </p><p>Fold</p><p>ed A</p><p>ND</p><p> cut </p><p>Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty p</p><p>atte</p><p>rn </p><p>inco</p><p>rrec</p><p>tly</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 5</p><p> or </p><p>Ste</p><p>p 6</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed o</p><p>ut t</p><p>he b</p><p>otto</p><p>m o</p><p>fth</p><p>e Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty a</p><p>long</p><p>dott</p><p>ed li</p><p>nes </p><p>as s</p><p>how</p><p>n S</p><p>tep</p><p> 7Fo</p><p>lded</p><p> out</p><p> the</p><p> bot</p><p>tom</p><p> of</p><p>the </p><p>Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty, </p><p>but</p><p>not </p><p>alon</p><p>g th</p><p>e do</p><p>tted</p><p> line</p><p>s </p><p>Fold</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p> pa</p><p>tter</p><p>n, b</p><p>ut d</p><p>idn</p><p>t lo</p><p>oklik</p><p>e th</p><p>e pi</p><p>ctur</p><p>e sh</p><p>own </p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 7</p><p>Cut </p><p>Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>tyBas</p><p>e pat</p><p>tern</p><p> and fol</p><p>ded</p><p>as d</p><p>irec</p><p>ted in S</p><p>tep 9</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 8</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 9</p><p>Cut </p><p>OR</p><p> fol</p><p>ded</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty B</p><p>ase </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> as</p><p> direc</p><p>ted </p><p>Cut </p><p>AN</p><p>D fol</p><p>ded</p><p> Sta</p><p>tue </p><p>of L</p><p>iber</p><p>ty B</p><p>ase </p><p>pat</p><p>tern</p><p> in</p><p>corr</p><p>ectly</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 8</p><p> or </p><p>Ste</p><p>p 9</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>Bas</p><p>e an</p><p>d g</p><p>lued</p><p> tab</p><p>s A, </p><p>B, </p><p>and C</p><p> as </p><p>direc</p><p>ted</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 1</p><p>0S</p><p>tep</p><p> 11</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>Bas</p><p>e O</p><p>R g</p><p>lued</p><p> tab</p><p>s A, </p><p>B,</p><p>and C</p><p> as </p><p>direc</p><p>ted</p><p>Fold</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>Bas</p><p>e A</p><p>ND</p><p> glu</p><p>ed t</p><p>abs </p><p>A, </p><p>B, </p><p>and C</p><p> inco</p><p>rrec</p><p>tly</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 1</p><p>0 o</p><p>r Ste</p><p>p 1</p><p>1</p><p>Glu</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>to t</p><p>op o</p><p>f bas</p><p>e, r</p><p>esultin</p><p>gin</p><p> fin</p><p>ished</p><p> mod</p><p>el a</p><p>ssh</p><p>own</p><p>Ste</p><p>p 1</p><p>2S</p><p>tep</p><p> 13</p><p>Glu</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>to t</p><p>op o</p><p>f bas</p><p>e, b</p><p>ut </p><p>mod</p><p>eldid</p><p> not</p><p> loo</p><p>k as</p><p> show</p><p>n</p><p>Glu</p><p>ed S</p><p>tatu</p><p>e of</p><p> Lib</p><p>erty</p><p>,but </p><p>it w</p><p>as n</p><p>ot o</p><p>n t</p><p>op o</p><p>fbas</p><p>e A</p><p>ND</p><p> mod</p><p>el d</p><p>id n</p><p>otlo</p><p>ok a</p><p>s sh</p><p>own</p><p>Did</p><p>nt a</p><p>ttem</p><p>pt </p><p>to </p><p>com</p><p>ple</p><p>te S</p><p>tep 1</p><p>2 o</p><p>r Ste</p><p>p 1</p><p>3</p><p>Answers</p><p>Statue of Liberty Model Grading Chart</p></li></ul>


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