Steel, Fiberglass and Storm Paragon Entryway Collections Steel, Fiberglass and Storm Doors Ma˛ing Homes Mo B autiful

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    Making Homes Mo Beautiful

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    The Easy Way To A Beautiful EntrywayYour Paragon purchase comes complete making it the easiest way to a beautiful entry. Our authorized dealers offer free, no obligation in-home consultation to provide you with professional advice in selecting door style, finish, hardware and an accurate measurement for exact fit.

    Choose Your Door Style...

    Steel entry doors with smooth or woodgrain steel or advanced fiberglass material with architecturally correct rail and stile proportions with woodgrain embossing.

    Choose Your Glass Style...

    Beautiful combinations of decorative glass and metal caming with matching sidelites in full view, half glass and many other designs.

    Choose Your Door Color...

    21 paint and 8 stain finishes, factory-applied using an oven-cured process.

    Choose Your Hardware...

    A large selection of lockset designs in a variety of finishes plus factory-installed accessories (mail slots, door knockers, peepsites).

    Schedule Your Professional Installation...

    Trained installers will remove your old door and have your new Paragon entry door installed quickly with a perfect fit.

    Create a Coordinated Entryway with Paragon Storm Doors...

    Match or coordinate your Paragon storm door color with a Paragon entry door color for a beautifully designed entryway system. With matching color palettes and keyed-alike locks, your entryway is beautifully coordinated and ready with double protection.

    ENERGY STAR Partner

    Paragon Door Designs is proud to offer ENERGY STAR qualified entry doors that are eligible for a Federal Energy Tax Credit*. In order to earn the ENERGY STAR, entry doors must meet rigid criteria for U-value and solar heat gain. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to save money on utility bills, increase the comfort of your home, help the environment and qualify for Federal Energy Tax Credits.

    PParagon Makes It Easy...

    * Federal Energy Tax Credit for 2011 requires installation by December 31, 2011. Visit for more information.

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    Your backyard or deck can be easily graced by a stylish, secure Paragon door. Patio doors can be configured as a two door system with one operating door and one fixed door. Three door configurations consist of one operating door and two stationary units. Gardenview doors are available in a variety of styles and make ideal replacements for sliding glass doors by adding a fresh, attractive appearance.

    Gardenview doors are available in all of the same colors and finishes as entry doors, including smooth steel, woodgrain steel and woodgrain fiberglass.

    Sidelites and transoms can dramatically expand your doorway and your decorating options. Choose from a single sidelite on either side of the door or create a grand entrance with dual sidelites and a matching transom. Sidelites and transoms offer attractive options to bring in more light while creating an entryway that matches the personality of your home.

    French double door units feature two operating doors one door active and one door passive. The passive door is secured top and bottom with a sliding steel bolt at the top which interlocks with a steel plate located in the header and a sliding steel bolt which locks into the threshold system at the bottom.

    Classic Patio DoorCenter or side hinge, right or left door opens.

    Double DoorTwo doors open for increased access.

    Three Door SystemAny one door opens.

    EExpanded Entryways

    Gardenview Patio Doors

    French Doors

    Sidelites and Transoms

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    Decorative accessories including peepsites, knockers, mail or magazine slots, and kickplates are available in finishes to match lock hardware. Features a lifetime finish warranty.

    Decorative or clear glass all 1 thick and thermally sealed provides exceptional insulation while allowing natural light into your home. Features a 20-year seal failure warranty.

    xGen high performance glass frame withstands the punishment of weather better than competitors frames and features a 10-year warranty the best in the industry.

    Decorative door hardware made by Schlage is protected by the Ultima Lifetime Anti-Tarnish warranty. Features a lifetime warranty against mechanical defects, and a Grade 1 rated deadbolt for the best residential security available. (Optional decorative hardware shown)

    Steel lock reinforcement plate is standard on single doors with wood jambs for added protection against forced entry. Double doors feature top steel lock reinforcement plate on door header for astragal flush bolt.

    Vinyl-coated aluminum clad wood jambs are offered in six decorative colors for a totally maintenance-free system.

    A palette of 21 paint and eight stain finishes helps reflect your style. The specially formulated industrial coatings from Sherwin-Williams are factory-applied and oven cured to ensure a hard, durable finish that will last for years. Features a ten-year warranty.

    Ball-bearing hinges are engineered to eliminate door sagging. The hinge finish will match your lock hardware selection.

    Beauty Energy Efficiency Security Durability

    Key Benefits: Paragons ENERGY STAR qualified entry doors can keep your house

    comfortable and help save money on utility bills.

    Your doors solid polyurethane core is five times more energy efficient than wood and is environmentally safe.

    PThe Paragon AdvantageTen

    Year Finish Warranty!

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    Woodgrain Fiberglass Door Advantages AquaGuard technology protects doors against water infiltration on all

    sides to prevent water damage that could cause warping, delamination, rotting and the buildup of mold and mildew.

    Unique molding process creates deep-profile, high-impact resistant fiberglass skins with crisp shadow lines. Surfaces are easy to clean.

    Architecturally correct stile and rail proportions creates the warmth and texture qualities of traditional wood doors with the strength and weather protection of fiberglass.

    Raised beaded molding and enhanced grain pattern provide a sophisticated, hand-crafted look compared to traditional fiberglass doors.

    Extended 20 solid wood lockblock provides added reinforcement for door locks and hardware.

    Strong 22-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel door with a unitized steel perimeter for exceptional strength.

    Protective base coating ensures a beautiful finish.

    Patented adjustable hinge system allows simple adjustment of the door (5/8 up or down, 3/16 in or out) to compensate for uneven walls, natural shifts in the home or door frame, and to ensure a perfect, weather-tight seal.

    Same outstanding features as smooth steel design, plus...

    Woodgrain steel doors feature a deeply embossed wood grain design with a true stile and rail pattern that captures the look of a fine oak door. Paragons exclusive accent finishing technique ensures a realistic wood look.

    Smooth Steel Door Advantages

    Woodgrain Steel Door Advantages

    AAn Entryway That Suits Your Style

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    New! Improved Double Door Weather Protection

    Our new astragal (the seal between doors) eliminates the air and water leakage problems common with many double doors. Patented three-point sealing system between the

    active door, sill and inactive door means no more leaks. The system prevents damage to the seal between the doors by lifting the floating seal off the threshold, providing long-lasting protection against leakage.

    In order to battle the harsh and often unexpected elements Mother Nature dispenses, you need a GUARDIAN. Your Paragon entry door offers the protection of the GUARDIAN Weather Barrier System.

    Made of the toughest door components available, all engineered to work together, the GUARDIAN system protects your home from weather and weather-related rot and insect damage.

    The GUARDIAN system also makes your home more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

    Eastern white pine jambs are end treated with anti-wicking barrier to discourage rot and insects and offer better finish quality and durability than typical yellow pine jambs. Features a five-year warranty.

    Adjustable railPatented flexible seal

    Continuous composite base

    High dam aluminum sill

    High dam threshold features continuous composite base that will not rot or warp. Rail and nose available in light oak woodgrain or dark brown woodgrain. Aluminum sill available in brass, mill or bronze finishes.

    The Ultimate in Perimeter Protection!The Ultimate in Perimeter Protection!

    GGUARDIAN Weather Barrier System

    Anti-Wicking Barrier!

    Adjustable composite rail with patented flexible seal interlocks with high dam aluminum sill for an impenetrable barrier between the threshold and the interior of the house. Features a five-year warranty.

    Performance Grade Testing measures the air/water/structural load an entry door withstands when closed and locked. A PG40 rating withstands more than 50% higher water infiltration and structural loads than the industry standard ratings of PG15 and DP15.

    Specially designed Corner Pad for proper weathersealing

    All Aluminum Body for strength and secure fit

    Patented Floating Seal lifts with flush bolt to prevent excessive rubbing and wear

    Top steel lock reinforcement plate for flush bolt provides added protection against forced entry.

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    Specially-designed, patent-pending Leading Edge corner pads use a cutout to create a low pressure cavity that prevents straw wicking effect and eliminates associated leaks under stormy conditions.

    Extended sill elevates jam