Steiner Hunting Binoculars

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The best hunting binoculars in the world made by the binocular specialists. Includes the latest Hunting 8x32 and 10x32.

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  • NighthunterXP RangerPro


    Your passion is our inspiration!The new generation of professional hunting binoculars from STEINER.

  • 2Our NighthunterXP models, which were jointly developed with hunters from all over the world, have increased their market lead even further in recent years. Customers are delighted by the legendary light transmission of our night-time binoculars,

    STEINER.60 years of experience for successful hunting.

    NighthunterXP 8x56. Understandably, the newly developed NighthunterXP 8x44 and 10x44 are also enjoying great success worldwide thanks to the unique combination of professional optics and Comfort Balance System.

    Our range of products has been extended by the addition of the RangerPro models, which set a new benchmark for quality and performance within this price bracket. Combining the outstanding quality of roof-prism binoculars with a competa-tive price has proved highly attractive. Their rugged design and reliability, make them the ideal companion for hunters, both professional and amateur alike, who set store by opti-mum viewing results and user comfort.All binoculars from our hunting range feature the legendary STEINER ruggedness and non-slip grip however severe the weather conditions. This ensures you will be perfectly equipped however you are hunting, be it stalking, still hunt-ing or flushing out prey.

    Try out the new range of STEINER hunting binoculars and see things other people dont see!

    Innovation, tradition and ex-perience are values that have made STEINER the expert in bin-ocular technology for 60 years. STEINER is the only company in the world to solely specialise in the development of binoculars. It is this specialisation and ex-

    perience that goes into every single pair of binoculars that leave our works. We have now extended our professional NighthunterXP series and added the new RangerPro models to our programme with hunting specifically in mind. This means we can offer keen huntsmen top-quality binoculars for every application.

    Carl Steiner

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    NighthunterXP 8x56

    8x56 NighthunterXP

    Always a perfect view.The NighthunterXP 8x56: Binoculars for hunting at dusk or in low light. This is the latest generation of the best-selling NighthunterXP. Developed through stringent testing and in close co-operation with huntsmen from all over the world, these binoculars have been optimised even further to meet the demands of hunting in challenging light conditions. The unique, high-contrast optics and outstanding user comfort make sure you wont get tired when out still hunting, even in the most extreme situations.

    Light transmission of NighthunterXP:The quality of STEINER products has remained unsurpassed over many years. Extensive testing and continual product development has proved that light transmission offered by the STEINER NighthunterXP is quite simply, unmatched. Bright, high-contrast colours are guaranteed by outstanding trans-mission of an above-average wavelength range. This makes the NighthunterXP the perfect companion when you are out hunting, especially in poor weather or at twilight.

    NighthunterXP 8x56.The nighttime binoculars.

    8x56 of leading competitors

  • 4The perfect choice for people who favour slim design. Still hunting makes high demands on you and your equipment. You have to respond quickly and accurately to changing situ-ations, even in deep twilight. The NighthunterXP 8x44 and 10x44 have been developed for this very purpose. Their incomparable optics deliver precise, clear and razor-sharp pictures. The Comfort Balance System ensures they always fit into your hand perfectly. The NighthunterXP 8x44 and 10x44 offer up to 25% more exit pupil area than with com-parable, competitive products. A close-focus range of 2 metres means you always have everything under control. The simple handling of the NighthunterXP 8x44 and 10x44 is enhanced by the open, extremely light and stable design. You therefore always have one hand free to respond to unforeseen situations right away.

    If you are after greater magnification, we offer the NighthunterXP as a 10x44 model.

    NighthunterXP 10x44 and 8x44.For fans of slim roof prism design.

    NighthunterXP 10x44or


  • 5NighthunterXP 7x50

    NighthunterXP 8x30

    NighthunterXP 8x30. The stalking binoculars.NighthunterXP 7x50. The all-purpose binoculars.

    The handy hunting companion.The NighthunterXP 8x30: Small, handy and compact. Weighing in at just 520 g, these binoculars are the ideal companion when out on long stalking trips or flushing out prey. Their combined lightness and small size make them perfect in any situation. Despite their compact design, the NighthunterXP 8x30 can cope with even the toughest conditions when out on hunting excursions or long trips.

    Luminosity.If you are looking for hunting binoculars combining luminosity with limited magnification, we offer the NighthunterXP 7x50. Whether stalking or still hunting, in the dark fringes of the forest or in the pale light of dawn, the 50 mm objective diameter guarantees luminous quality of vision in every situ-ation. Their low weight combined with such good twilight performance and 7-fold magnification make these binoculars the perfect companion when out hunting.

  • 6RangerPro 8x56


    The new professional binoculars from STEINER: RangerPro.

    Our versatile RangerPro models are a new addition to our hunting range. They set completely new standards in their class. With outstanding optics with a wide field of view, rug-gedness and comfort, these roof-prism binoculars are for the professional huntsman and discerning amateur alike. Compact and powerful they offer a unique close-up range and are also incredibly robust, thanks to a housing made of extremely tough plastic, that was originally designed for space travel.All that at a very affordable price.

    The innovative design of our RangerPro series is bound to impress with its smart styling and superlative handling fea-tures such as ergonomic thumb grips and NBR rubber armor-ing. This features a patterned, non slip surface. This ensures these binoculars are especially secure and comfortable to use, even over long periods.

    RangerPro 8x56: The special binoculars for hunting at night or in low light.

    The RangerPro 8x56 is our special low-cost model for active low light hunting. Its superb optics combined with high lumi-nosity mean that it offers all the features of professional binoculars for difficult light conditions, at a really accessible

    price. The improved depth of focus and colour contrast make spotting and identifying game possible even when the light is poor. The use of special eco-lenses with higher light refrac-tion guarantees better reflection in the prism. A difference you cant fail to see.

  • 7RangerPro 8x32

    RangerPro 10x42or


    The RangerPro 10x42 is the ideal companion when active hunt-ing is intended. Besides the benefits of the RangerPro models already mentioned, these handy and compact binoculars quickly deliver razor-sharp images, particularly over long distances. This is primarily achieved by their outstanding optics combined with high-quality lens coatings. In addition, the phase-corrected roof prisms ensure bright, clear and high-contrast images with excellent colour reproduction. An unprecedented level of precision for optical adjustment was achieved during development of the RangerPro models through the use of new materials offering much greater rigidity. However much you move, you wont lose sight of your target.

    The RangerPro 8x42 is especially suited for hunting until twi-light whilst offering all product benefits of its big brother, the 10x42.

    Our hunting programme is rounded off by the compact, lightweight stalking binoculars RangerPro 8x32. They have been especially designed for daytime applications and are valued by many hunters as the perfect backup binoculars for spontaneous usage.

    RangerPro 10x42, 8x42 and 8x32: Professional binoculars for daytime and still hunting.

  • 8NighthunterXP The Expert hunting binoculars from STEINER. All benefits at a glance.

    STEINER High-Definition XP-Optics:

    NighthunterXP 8x56, 7x50 and 8x30

    These extraordinary lenses have been developed and tested by STEINER during years of research. The result is optics that have been especially optimised for hunting. The combination of rare- earth fluorides and mineral substances used here guarantees unprecedented light transmission. Images will be razor-sharp with maximum contrast right to the edge. Contours are always clear- cut and plainly visible, with light scatter being cut to a minimum. So guaranteeing first-class results even with extreme weather conditions or as darkness falls.

    NighthunterXP 8x44 and 10x44

    High-tech phase correction delivers precise and detailed resolution and true colour images. The roof prism system of the NighthunterXP includes a specially developed dielectric mirror which reflects up to 99% of incoming light. This mirror also lengthens the life of the coating, so ruling out any risk of the mirror deteriorating over the years, as happens with conventional binoculars. The above-average objective diameter of 44 mm guarantees bright, detailed and brilliant images.

    STEINER Nano-Protection:

    Unmatched clear vision is offered by STEINERs tried and tested Nano-Protection. This provides lenses with a dirt and water repellent finish, so protecting them from the unpredictable elements. Rain, snow and moisture just disappear from view. Clean- ing is far easier, while stubborn dirt becomes a thing of the past. The ultra-fine hydrophobic coating on the objective and