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Designed for tough conditions in nature. Equipped with outstanding optics. Whether hiking, climbing, travelling, trekking or biking, or simply strolling through the world of flora and fauna, nothing will escape your eyes. Steiner outdoor binoculars are especially compact, light and flexible. Ready to hand, offering precise focusing and simple to use. Their outstanding optics guarantees brilliant, bright, clear pictures.

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  • Wildlife Pro Safari Pro

    Designed for explorers.The powerful outdoor binoculars from STEINER.


  • 2It took nature millions of years to create such unique wonders as we see today. Our special outdoor binoculars have been carefully designed to ensure that you can enjoy these wonders in all their splendour all over the globe.

    Carl Steiner

    Over 60 years of experience in binocular development has gone into every single one of our Wildlife and Safari Pro models. Designed for tough conditions in nature. Equipped with outstanding optics.Whether hiking, climbing, travelling, trekking or biking, or simply strolling through the world of flora and fauna, nothing will escape your eyes.

    STEINER is the only company in the world to solely specialise in binocular development. This has made us the world market leader for professional binoculars as well as giving us a special feel for what is important to our customers.

    Unforgettable moments thanks to 60 years of specialist experience in binoculars.

  • 3Experience the fascinating sights of nature.Professional outdoor binoculars from STEINER.

    We teamed up with nature-lovers from all over the world to establish the criteria a binocular needs to satisfy if it is to be an optimum travelling companion. Intensive workshops and discussions have convinced us that our outdoor models are perfectly designed for use in the world of nature. It goes without saying that they have to satisfy stringent quality standards. And that they must feature STEINERs legendary rugged-ness. That they also combine maximum precision with outstanding comfort and simple handling is something you will immediately notice on nature trips.

    Whether you are on a short excursion or a long hike, the main thing is that you can fully concentrate on your adventure in the natural environment.

    This is why our outdoor binoculars are especially compact, light and flexible. Ready to hand, offering precise focussing and simple to use. Their outstanding optics guarantee brilliant, bright, clear pictures. And to make sure this remains so even with a long-term view, we offer a 30-year warranty for all Wildlife Pro and Wildlife models and a 10-year warranty on binoculars from the Safari Pro series.

    But its not enough for us to just produce top-class outdoor binoculars for you. We also want to help and protect nature. This is why we contribute part of our turnover from the Wildlife Pro and Wildlife series to the WWF.For there is nothing dearer to our heart than making sure we will be able to enjoy nature with you in future.

  • 4Being outside, enjoying the fresh air and getting away from the daily grind. Whether on foot, riding a bike or in a canoe. The main thing is to notice all the fascinat-ing sights nature has to offer. Something may happen at any moment. The Wildlife and Wildlife Pro series have been developed by STEINER to make sure you dont miss out, quickly capturing precise and magnificent images with your binocular.

    Besides offering all standard professional features of STEINER binoculars, the Wildlife Pro and Wildlife models are also extremely rugged. They produce bright, clear pictures and are very handy thanks to their compact design. The use of high-tech materials ensures these binoculars are multifunctional.

    The compact models feature an impressive close-focus range as well as maximum precision, providing for razor-sharp focussing on details. The use of special lens coating processes combined with the latest op-tical technology guarantees unusually bright, sharply contoured and true-colour images.

    All models in the Wildlife Pro and Wildlife series include a 30-year warranty. All Wildlife binoculars come with a bag and rainguard, and the Wildlife Pro series also has objective lens covers.

    Wildlife 8x24The far-seeing pocket-sized giant in the Wildlife series. Weighing in at just 310 g, the Wildlife 8x24 is the lightest model in our range. Light, rugged and extremely easy to use, this binocular is always the perfect companion when you want to carry as little as possible around with you, for example when trek-king or mountain climbing. Another innovative feature is the field of view, which is unusually large for the compact class.

    Wildlife 10x26Another flyweight model in our outdoor series but with greater magnification: thats the Wildlife 10x26. It allows you to identify even far-away objects clearly and unmistakably. The close-focus range of 2 m opens up a whole range of possibilities. Hikers who like to keep an eye on their route and be pre-pared for anything in the mountains will find this symbiosis of optical performance and rugged design the perfect binocular for their excursions.

    Wildlife 10x26

    Wildlife 8x24

    Far-seeing giants:Wildlife and Wildlife Pro

  • 5Wildlife Pro 10,5x28This top model from the Wildlife Pro series with its stylish design allows you to observe every detail. The optics of the Wildlife Pro models are even finer than those of the Wildlife series. The binocular lenses are equipped with a special coating, allowing them to deliver bright, brilliant images thanks to their size. Despite STEINERs legendary rugged design, the Wildlife Pro 10.5x28 is still compact. The fast-action ClicLoc Strap System offers additional flexibility.

    Wildlife Pro 8,5x26The little brother to the Wildlife Pro 10.5x28, this model will win you over with its innovative optics. The 8.5-fold magnification is ideal for demanding hikers, trekkers and nature lovers. Its wide field of view and good close-focus range speak for themselves. The low weight makes for greater flexibility.

    Wildlife Pro 8x30

    Wildlife Pro 8,5x26

    Wildlife Pro 10,5x28

    Wildlife Pro 8x30The ideal binocular for expeditions! Its no-compro-mise ruggedness combined with 8-fold magnification ensures you wont get tired when out nature-watching. This makes the Wildlife Pro 8x30 the first choice when adventuring into the wilderness. Once set, the unique Sports-Auto-Focus always remains razor-sharp, even with changes in distance. Even at extreme temperatures the Nitrogen Pressure System makes this binocular a reliable companion, whatever waits in store for you.

  • 6You are versatile and enjoy the freedom of being active and able to travel the world. Enjoying new impressions, life-long learning without being bogged down by daily routine.

    Redesigned lenses and the use of larger prisms have allowed us to improve all optical parameters such as greater contrast, edge-to-edge sharpness and light transmission. When combined with the new upgraded lenses and prisms, this guarantees optimum viewing results even in glittering sunlight.

    And when it comes to functionality, the Safari Pro models are virtually unbeatable in their class. The new surface design improves control and grip thanks to its ribbed structure. The optimised distance of the exit pupil makes for comfortable viewing. The 10x26 and 8x22 models are also equipped with a new damping system between the two halves of the binocular that offers additional protection when carried folded up.

    The Safari Pro models thus offer an amazing cost- benefit ratio with all these clever innovations. They combine compact and rugged design with a low weight, set off by revolutionary attractive styling.

    Safari Pro 10x26Our bestseller from the Safari Pro programme. The perfect companion: Compact, rugged design com-bined with unbelievably powerful optics featuring 10-fold magnification. Such tremendous magnification makes distant objects look as if they are within arms reach, so enhancing your viewing experience.

    Safari Pro 8x30The Safari Pro 8x30 can cope with whatever weather you may encounter. Sun, dust and wind do not stand a chance against this rugged outdoor binocular. Nothing will dull the brilliance of your vision when nature once again comes up with something special. The Sports-Auto-Focus results in razor-sharp images from 20 m to infinity without having to refocus. The Safari Pro 8x30 is the perfect symbiosis of perform-ance and functionality.

    Safari Pro 8x22A fine pocket-sized binocular that folds up neatly. The handy little Safari Pro 8x22 is ideal when you have little room to put it away, for example in the glove compartment or your shirt pocket. Despite its compact size this binocular guarantees you wont become tired thanks to its 8-fold magnification.

    Safari Pro: Our best-selling professional outdoor series, upgraded in terms of design, quality and functionality.

  • 7Safari Pro 8x30

    Safari Pro 8x22

    Safari Pro 10x26 NEW!

  • 8STEINER outdoor binoculars All benefits at a glance.

    High-Contrast-Optics:High-Contrast-Optics from STEINER offers outstanding viewing quality with an excellent cost-benefit ratio and is ideal either as an entry-level model or as a binocular for keen nature lovers. All lenses and prisms

    are manufactured with maximum precision and provided with a special coating to deliver optimum results. Such state-of the art optical technology guarantees bright, sharply contoured images in natural colours.

    Nitrogen Pressure System with 2-way-valve technology:Wildlife Pro 8x30Fogging-up or the formation of condensation inside the binocular is completely ruled out by this high-tech solution. Even temperature variations between -40 and +80 C

    cannot affect nitrogen-filled binoculars from STEINER. Our valve technology allows them to be serviced at any time even after many years. Your binocular will be ready for use at any moment, no matter how bad the weather. Optical quality and precision are preserved for decades.

    Thanks to special sealing technology the Wildlife Pro 8x30 is water-pressure-proof down to a depth of five metres. Dust, dirt and damp do not stand a chance of getting inside