Strategic analysis What do we want Why can’t we get it What do we do How do we do it What do we want Why can’t we get it What do we do How do we do it.

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  • Strategic analysisWhat do we wantWhy cant we get itWhat do we doHow do we do it

  • Plan Cbecause

    Plan A is not working

    Plan B is not an option(apologies to M&S)

  • Plan A - existing structureHarvestingLimited entryOvercapacityCompetitive fisheryIncreasing capitalIncreasing effortShort seasonRising costsPoor handlingUncertaintyProcessing/shippingUnlimited entryOvercapacityInsecure supplyCash flow constraintGluts/poor qualityExchange rateDistress sellingLimited innovation Market concentration

  • Plan B - integrated structureHarvestingOwner-operatorFleet separationPrice maximizationKeep options openLicence valueProcessing/shippingAccess to resourcePredictability/planningEase cash flowProduct developmentMarket development

  • Plan C - collaborationHow to simulate an integrated structureWhat issues need to be addressedSustainability - resource health Supply - timing/quantity/qualityPrice - greater predictability/stabilityCash flow - easing the strainMarket intelligence - demand/supply/price

  • What do we wantExtract more value from the resourceShare the gains equitably

  • Why cant we get itStructure defies product marketsProne to short-term decisionsInadequate innovationLimited market diversificationDifficult to meet product specificationsToo much cost in the production system

  • What to doAgree on an understanding of the issuesAgree on key objectivesAgree on a process for addressing issuesResource sustainability for market accessImproving terms of raw material supplyMarket intelligence to facilitate price formation

  • How to do itCreate a stakeholder organizationFisherProcessor/shipperDFOGive it a mandate & processDevise pilot projects to demonstrate workability and successCommunicate to build trust and confidence


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