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Strategic eLearning Partner Request for Proposal 12-86. Pre-Proposal Conference February 23, 2012 Steve Webb, IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst. General Information. Sign-In Sheet for Attendees Sign-In Sheet and PowerPoint will be posted on States Solicitation Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Strategic eLearning PartnerRequest for Proposal 12-86Pre-Proposal ConferenceFebruary 23, 2012Steve Webb, IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst

  • General InformationSign-In Sheet for AttendeesSign-In Sheet and PowerPoint will be posted on States Solicitation WebsiteHold questions until the end of the presentation

  • RFP FormatSection One - General InformationSection Two - Proposal PreparationSection Three - Proposal Evaluation

  • Purpose of the RFPThe purpose of this RFP is to select a vendor that can satisfy the States need for a Strategic eLearning Partner. It is the intent of IDOE to contract with a vendor that provides expertise in the area of eLearning, has a state presence and familiarity with the challenges facing Indiana schools in transition to digital age tools and practices and the operational agility and capacity necessary to deliver a variety of programs to the field in a timely and professional manner on behalf of and in cooperation with the IDOE. The IDOE reserves the right to select more than one strategic partner to fulfill the needs for programming outlined in this RFP.

  • Scope of RFPBaseline is estimated at $400,000 annually to administer these programsContract Term: one (1) year from the date of contract execution possibility of three (3) one-year renewals totaling four (4) years.

  • DeliverableseLearning Leadership CadreSchool Administrator Tech Boot CampsInnovation Planning GrantseLearning Certification ProgramNational Repository of Online Courses (NROC)

  • Key Dates

    ActivityDateIssue of RFPFebruary 16, 2012Pre-Proposal ConferenceFebruary 23, 2012Deadline to Submit Written Questions February 27, 2012Response to Written Questions/RFP AmendmentsMarch 1, 2012Submission of ProposalsMarch 16, 2012The dates for the following activities are target dates only. These activities may be completed earlier or later than the date shown.Proposal EvaluationTBDProposal Discussions/Clarifications (if necessary)TBDOral Presentations (if necessary)TBDBest and Final Offers (if necessary)TBDContract AwardJune 29, 2012

  • Business Proposal(Attachment E)Company Financial Information (Section 2.3.3)Confidential information must be kept separate from the proposal in both hard and soft copyContract Terms (Section 2.3.5)Respondent should review State contract and note exceptions to State mandatory and non-mandatory clauses in Transmittal LetterPreferences (Sections 2.3.13)Buy Indiana Initiative/Company

  • Technical Proposal(Attachment F)General overview of capacity to serve as a Strategic Partner for eLearning initiatives (Section 2.4.1)Five responsesDemonstrate your organizations capacity to serve in this rolePrograms to be delivered by strategic partner (Section 2.4.2)Five deliverablesDemonstrate your organizations ability to provide the specified deliverablesReference necessary attachments in the answer space providedAddendum posted 2/20, updated template

  • Cost Proposal(Attachment D)Must be returned in Excel (or compatible) formatAll expenses need to be defined in the states terms and tied to a deliverableBaseline evaluation figure for project administration does not include pass-through funds (Approx. $500,000 in grants and $100,000 in licensing)Total bid amount pre-populates on the last tab; this figure will be used in Attachment A and Attachment C

  • Proposal PreparationBuy Indiana - Business Proposal, Section 2.3.13Status shall be finalized by proposal due date5 definitions, details provided in Business ProposalIndiana Economic Impact - Attachment CDefinition of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)Example: If a Respondent has 5 full time employees and is bidding on its 5th contract, and all contracts get an equal amount of commitment from the employees then each employee commits 20% of his or her time to the new contract: 0.2 x 5 employees= 1 FTE.

  • Proposal PreparationAttachment D (Cost Proposal) must be returned in ExcelUse the templates provided for all answersDo not alter templatesPlease reference any attachments in the provided response space

  • Proposal EvaluationSummary of Evaluation Criteria:1. Adherence to Mandatory RequirementsPass/Fail2. Management Assessment/Quality (Business & Technical)35 points 3. Cost (Cost Proposal)20 points 4. Indiana Economic Impact15 points5. Buy Indiana10 points6. Minority (10) and Women Business (10) Subcontractor Commitment 20 points

    * 100 Total Points (7 bonus possible)

  • Minority and Womens Business EnterprisesCharles Hill, MWBE DivisionContact Information- Email: or Phone: 317-233-0545Complete Attachment A, MWBE Form- Include sub-contractor letters of commitment Goals for Proposal- 8% Minority Business Enterprise- 8% Womens Business Enterprise

  • Minority and Womens Business EnterprisesPrime Contractors must ensure that the proposed subcontractors meet the following criteria:Must be listed on the IDOA Directory of Certified FirmsEach firm may only serve as once classification MBE or WBEA Prime Contractor who is an MBE or WBE must meet subcontractor goals by using other listed certified firms. Certified Prime Contractors cannot count their own workforce or companies to meet this requirement.Must serve a commercially useful function. The firm must serve a value-added purpose on the engagement.Must provide goods or service only in the industry area for which it is certified as listed in the directory at Must be used to provide the goods or services specific to the contractNational Corporate Diversity Plans are generally not acceptable

  • Minority and Womens Business EnterprisesTOTAL BID AMOUNT:

  • Minority and Womens Business EnterprisesEffective May, 2011, a new MWBE scoring methodology will be utilized for all RFPs released

    New Process MWBE scoring is conducted based on 20 points plus a possible 2 bonus points scale - MBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus point- WBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus Point

    Professional Services Scoring Methodology:- The points will be awarded on the following schedule:

    - Fractional percentages will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole percentage- Submissions of 0% participation will result in a deduction of 1 point in each category- The highest submission which exceeds the goal in each category will receive 11 points (10 points plus 1 bonus point). In case of a tie both firms will receive 11 points


  • Minority and Womens Business EnterprisesRFP MWBE Scoring Example

    BidderMBE %Pts.WBE %Pts.Total Pts.Bidder 112.0%10.010.0%11.021.0Bidder 26.0%7.54.0%5.012.5Bidder 38.0%10.08.0%10.020.0Bidder 416.0%11.00.0%-1.010.0Bidder 50.0%-1.00.0%-1.0-2.0

  • Additional InformationIDOA PROCUREMENT LINKS AND NUMBERS (8946) For Vendor Registration Questions Inquiries Regarding Substantial Indiana Economic Impact to the developing one stop shop for vendor registry with IDOA and Secretary of State.B.Secretary of State of Indiana:Can be reached at (317) 232-6576 for registration assistance. Vendor Handbook:Online version available at and Women Owned Business Enterprises: for table of IDOA certified MBEs and WBEs. For more WBEs information E.RFP posting and updates:Go to (select State of Indiana Opportunities link) Drag through table until you find desired RFP/RFI number on left-hand side and click the link.

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