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Staff from Temple Libraries and Computer Services are working as a team to find a way to provide streaming video of our archival WPVI news footage to researchers in our reading room. It’s a work in progress with potentially interesting uses of Ensemble and Drupal and a variety of technical and other challenges including how to use existing WPVI log books to provide access to the content.

Text of Streaming WPVI News Footage

  • 1. A work in progress

2. Find a way to provide limited access streaming of digitized WPVI news footage held in our SCRC 3. 16,600 low res Windows Media Viewer files of raw and edited footage and the corresponding 60 feet of log books (and pdfs thereof) for news programming dating from approximately 1977 to 2006. TOTAL: 20 GB 4. WPVI authorizes TU to provide the content tostudents, scholars, and the general public foreducational and research purposes, with therequirement that we prevent downloading. RESULT: access available only in the SCRCreading room 5. LIBRARIES: Library Technology Services Digital Library Initatives Special Collections Research CenterCOMPUTER SERVICES 6. Options: Open Video Digital Library Toolkit DIVA Ensemble Other? RESULT: Ensemble 7. From WMV to MP4 Testing of process and quality Processing of 150/night Speed bump @ 13,000 8. Exploration of options SOLUTION:streaming from our Isilon NSA playable only from the Libraries website server inserted into Drupal 9. METADATA or lack thereof Using the log booksnot as easy as you might think 10. Rescan OCR what we can In-house crowd-sourcing (anoxymoron?) Other? 11. Margery N. SlyDirectorSpecial Collections Research CenterTemple University