Student Council Elections for the 2015-2016 school year

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Student Council Elections

Student Council Electionsfor the 2015-2016 school yearQualificationsYou must be a current 8th grader at UMS.You do NOT need to be a current member of student council. All 8th graders are eligible.Expectations of CandidatesYou must attend election meetings unless speaking to an advisor in advance as to the reason for your absence.You must meet all election deadlines or you will be removed from candidacy immediately.You demonstrate your desire to represent Unamis students in your actions and words at all times.ProcessDeclaration of CandidacyApplication/Essay Staff ReviewAll UMS staff members are surveyed on candidates Behavior, Academics, Leadership, and ResponsibilityAdministration ReviewThe office staff reviews your academic, attendance, and behavior recordsCampaigningSpeeches and VotingVotingThe current 7th and 8th graders as well as our current leadership board members are the only students in the building that vote.Voting will be done on June 9th during Unami United time. Results will be announced at the end of the school day via the PA system.The FIVE candidates that receive the highest number of votes will serve on the 2015-2016 leadership board for student council.CampaigningRules will be distributed at the next meeting.No campaigning can start prior to the date designated in the rules document.Campaigning earlier than allowed will result in removal from the election process.Do not purchase anything to distribute to anyone! No pencils, buttons, t-shirts, coupons, etc. NOTHING!Expectations for Next School YearYou must maintain a C- average or better in all classes in order to remain serving as an officer.Serious behavior/discipline issues can be grounds to remove you from serving as an officer.It has happened in the past!Still want to run for a position on the leadership board of student council?Consider what obligations you will have next year. Will being an officer over extend your available time, effort, and energy?You are expected to attend and work at all dances and student council sponsored events.You are to be a positive role model for other students and a positive representative of our school both at Unami and in the community.DatesEssay/Applications can be picked up outside room 3 starting TOMORROW! Be sure to pick up a timeline as well.Forms are due back by Friday, May 8th at 8 AM. No exceptions!