Student Self Editing Checklist

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A general handout for students to help them learn to self edit their writing. Free for public use. Created for the Spencer County, Indiana TASC program.


  • Student Self-Editing Checklist

    How do you feel about your finished piece before editing?

    What to check: Read the piece to yourself after its completed.

    Does the entire piece make sense?

    Are all of the important details included?

    Is the beginning of every sentence capitalized?

    Does each sentence have end punctuation a period, exclamation point, or question mark?

    Are all proper nouns capitalized?

    Is the start of each paragraph indented?

    Are there quotation marks to indicate when someone is speaking or quoted?

    Are there any misspelled words? (Use a dictionary to check.)

    Misspelled Word Spell it Correctly

    How do you feel about your finished piece after editing?