Student Web Tools and Resources. “The best teachers learn from their students.”

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  • Student Web Toolsand ResourcesStudent Web Toolsand Resources

  • Student Web Toolsand ResourcesStudent Web Toolsand ResourcesThe best teachers learn from their students.

  • Q1: Based on the presentations of our first two speakers of this session, how interested are you in incorporating these web tools into your course?

  • Web Tools Survey

  • Categories of Web ToolsInformationalEngineering AnalysisPlanningNetworking/CommunicationasynchronoussynchronousData Sharing/ArchivingIdeationOther

  • Categories of Web ToolsNeedsFindingBackgroundResearchIdeationAnalysisDistillationPrototyping(Relevant)InformationNetworkingCommunicationProjectManagementReportingTesting(V&V)

  • Opportunities for Web ToolsNeedsFindingBackgroundResearchIdeationAnalysisDistillationPrototyping(Relevant)InformationNetworkingCommunicationProjectManagementReportingTesting(V&V)

  • Q2: To what extent could (do) web resources benefit/enhance the following aspects of your students projects (and/or educational experience)?

  • Q3: For your top two picks above, what features would you ideally wish to see in the web resource?

  • Planning/Management

  • Planning/Management

  • CommunicationSynchronous & AsynchronousAdobe ConnectSkypeWebXMS SharepointFacebookdimdim

  • CommunicationWIGGIO

  • CommunicationWEB

  • Communication/Documentation

  • Needs GatheringSURVEY MONKEY

  • IdeationTRIZ TOOLS

  • IdeationCONCEPT MAPSjoiningdots.netcmap

  • Engineering AnalysisNetLogo many more

  • (Relevant) Information

  • Human Engineering Design Data of MotionMuscle StrengthCaloric expenditureAnthropometricsPoints to Consider (Adapted from Sawyer et al, 1996)Also:MIL-STD-1472F )HUMAN ENGINEERING)MIL-HDBK-759 (HUMAN ENGINEERING DESIGN GUIDELINES)FAA Human Factors Design

  • Information(Also valuable for brainstorming sessions.)

  • OtherTechnical Writing

  • Medical Device Link

  • Q4a: If there was an online repository of weblinks for these web tools, would you use it?yes no maybe

    Q4b: . would you be likely to contribute to it?yes no maybe

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