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Successful Fundraising Strategies - · PDF fileSuccessful Fundraising Strategies The Manila Hotel, Philippines ... the project, she approached me with a check of US$20,000. She said

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Amy Lai Zonta Club of Taipei I

Member 2016-2018

ZI Centennial Anniversary Committee

Successful Fundraising


The Manila Hotel, Philippines

13-15 March 2016

It is a great honor and privilege to accept PIP Olivia

Ferrys invitation to be among the speakers.

As the first Asian Inter-district Meeting it will be a

new experience for us. Zontians from different

districts gather in the beautiful city of Manila to tackle

problems common to the districts, exchange notes

and share experiences.

We will learn from each other and enhance our

knowledge from the Zonta international experts.

2. Where are the potential


1.Why do Zontians make


3.Fundraising strategies

and approaches




First, lets think why Zontians make contributions?

Let people know how the donation will be used.

Give updates, reports

Zonta International is an international NGO

whose goal is to empower women worldwide

through service and advocacy to improve the

legal, political, educational, health and

professional status of women.

Zonta International has

international service

projects and scholarship

programs to achieve its

goals and objectives.

Programs and projects are implemented by

Zonta International Foundation (ZIF).

ZIF needs more than US$5 million each

biennium for programs and projects to benefit

thousands of women around the world.





Service and





Therefore, the USD 5M has to

come from other sources such as

Where can we get the USD 5 million?

Certainly not from membership dues, because

these remittances are for the operating

expenses of ZI and the Foundation.

contributions from districts,

clubs, members and

friends of Zonta International.

Zontians must contribute to the Foundation.

Officers must recognize and explain

this responsibility.



contribution or

club contribution

individual donors

Where are the donors?

There are two major sources of

contributing to ZIF

ZIF recommends that club take 1/3 out of the

funds raised and donate to the Foundation.

D21, D10 and D26 are the top leading donors

up to 31 Dec. 2015 in this biennium.

D17 also did a great job, ranked top 10th donor.

While reviewing the ZIF Annual

Report, I found that the total amount

of individual contribution is merely

5.14% of the total contribution in


It increased to 8.69% in 2013-2014.

We have more than 30,000 members

in the world, we can do better.

The observation was depressing, but a

crisis is also a turning point, a big space

for improvement. So, I have begun to focus

fundraising on individual giving since then.

How to find donors or those who are willing

to give a fat check among many members?

According to my experience, it definitely has

something to do with the fundraiser,

especially for individual donors.

1. Fully understand your responsibility of

being a fundraiser.

You must clearly know youre doing this for the women who need our assistance. As long as you are fully aware of your duty, you will not feel awkward or shy to ask someone for donating money.

A fundraiser must equip herself with the following

requirements so that it will be easy to find Zontians

to participate in the fundraising event.

These requirements should also be evaluated and

be taken into consideration for district governor while

appointing District Foundation Ambassador.

2. You must be the first one to give, and the

amount has to display an influential effect.

Members will echo your behavior as they see

your sincerity and leadership, they may even

give more.

3. You must keep close interaction

with clubs in your district, build up

a good interpersonal relationship,

more importantly, you have to own a

respectable Zonta popularity.

Although fundraising is not a district

governors primary responsibility, it is

desirable for the governor to take an

active part in any fundraising event,

and provide the maximum support to the

Foundation Ambassador to be more

effective and be successful.

The main concept of fundraising strategy lies

in Many a little makes a Mickle. When you

plan a fundraising event, you need to think of

a slogan for the event, then make it known in

your district.

Key persons:

Club Presidents

Describe project

Maintain good relationship

Request to talk to members





Once you meet the members, plus the

recognition and enthusiasm to Zonta

objectives you displayed in front of them,

they will easily respond to your project

and fill out the contribution form on the spot.

Take this opportunity to contact

with members who have more

financial resources and lead them

to make a large amount of

contribution to the Foundation.

Now, Ill give you an example of

my own successful fundraising


As one of the ZIF Board in 2005, we had a

fundraising luncheon project with Area 2 Director

Wu in Taiwan (then D26) to celebrate Zonta Rose

Day, and received great support, so I started to

do club visits to introduce the project, which was


The fundraising luncheon was held on 05 March 2005 with

then President-Elect Olivia Ferry as the honorable guest.

Attendees were very generous. We had rose auction,

club presidents and members came up to the stage to

make individual contributions, which P-E Olivia and I

received on behalf of ZIF.

Zonta Warmth to the World 100% contribution.

Many of my family members,

relatives and friends also took part in

this event to support me by giving an

individual donation to the Foundation.

By March 2006, we had a total

donation of USD 233,000 which was

16.5% more than our target USD


We remitted the entire contribution to

the Foundation.

During my visit to ZC of Taichung, I met Ms.

Ruth Chen, owner of a private charity

organization. After presenting the purpose of

the project, she approached me with a check

of US$20,000.

She said she recognized

and supported Zonta goals.

She admired the enthusiasm of the Zontian

organizer. I was deeply moved by her

generosity and support to Zonta.

Zonta International will celebrate its

centennial in 2019, a once in a

lifetime opportunity for members.

Celebration events will kick off in

the next biennium.

I am honored to be appointed the honorary

member of the committee by Committee Chair

Jackie Beaudry.

One of the very important event is the

Endowment Campaign, planned by ZI

Centennial Anniversary Endowment Committee

(CAEC in short).

Two ways to provide funds

to the Foundation

a) Through donations to our Program Funds such as o International Service Program (ISP) o Zonta International Strategies to End Violence Against Women (ZISVAW) o Amelia Earhart Fellowship, (AE) Fund, o Jane M. Klausman Women in Business

Scholarship o Young Women in Public Affairs Awards (YWPA) o Rose Fund.

b) Through contributions to the Endowment Fund

An endowment fund is a donation of money or

property to a not-for-profit organization for the

ongoing support of that organization.

The principal amount is kept intact in a bank

and only the investment income is available

for use for a specific purpose.










How does an Endowment Fund enable our organization

to maintain perpetual growth into the future? (1/3)

By using just the interest earned on the funds raised

and keeping the principal intact.

Put another way, the Endowment Fund can become

a potent sustainable vehicle for supporting our

financial commitments to ZIF projects if we are able

to raise enough funds, invest the funds in secure

money market instruments, use only the interest

thus earned from such investment, while keeping

the principal untouched.

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