SUMMER 16 MARY WOLF SPELLS OUT HER WOLF SPELLS OUT HER VISION for UK Marketing ONE Welcome / Mary Wolf Mary Wolf TWO Welcome to this Edition Cover story: Mary Wolf ary Wolf took over the reins as Managing Director, UK Marketing (UKM) on

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  • SUMMER 16

    The best route for Phillips 66 and JET news


    Phillips 66 Managing Director


    HER VISIONfor UK Marketing

  • ONE Welcome / Mary Wolf Mary Wolf TWO

    Welcome to this Edition Cover story: Mary Wolf

    ary Wolf tookover the reinsas ManagingDirector, UKMarketing

    (UKM) on 2nd October2015, from the long servingand well respected PeteGeorge.

    In Touch talked to Mary for herthoughts on her first few months inthe job and for an insight into her plans

    and aspirations for the future of thebusiness.

    Time flies when yourehaving fun!It is just over a year, since it wasconfirmed that I would be moving to theUK to take over from Pete when heretired. That time has certainly flown byand my feet havent really touched theground since.

    Certainly, looking back, the period oftime from July last year when I firstarrived, through to October, when Iofficially took over as Managing Director,was most valuable. I spent the majorityof those first three months getting outand about meeting customers, suppliers,industry peers and of course Phillips 66staff across as many of our UK locationsas possible. This gave me a great insightinto how the UK business operates.

    Business as usualWe need to build upon the very strongfoundations that I inherited when Iarrived. The UK business was on a pathof growth when I got here and its my aimto continue that growth.

    Change is something that can bring aperiod of uncertainty, yet without change,things dont develop, evolve and prosperin the long-term.

    As I look back over the past 12 months Ithink my aspirations for the business arevery similar to Pete Georges, as I aim tobuild upon his successful legacy. As such,my outlook on taking over the running ofthe UKM business is very definitely one ofevolution, not revolution, albeit I have myown ways and of course there is naturallya difference in style and approach.

    Around the block,across the pondMy background is in engineering. I firstjoined Conoco back in 2001 as a PilotPlant Engineer in Oklahoma. A move toPonca City Refinery followed, beforerelocating to Houston in 2006, joiningMajor Capital Projects as a LeadProcess Design Engineer.

    Having worked in research anddevelopment, refining, strategy andbusiness development, commercial andmidstream business development, I wasreally excited to undertake a directmarketing role in the UK fuelsmarketplace.

    n this edition of In Touch we talkto our Managing Director MaryWolf about her vision for thefuture of the UK business.

    Our innovative and entrepreneurial JETdealers feature, as we look at the myriadof more unusual products and servicesthey sell. JETs Authorised Distributorsget a new website and we review theFPS EXPO 2016.

    We harp back to the 1970s, talking totwo new Faces in supply and as alwayswe focus on the people that make ourbusiness what it is today.

    Lucy Kelly -


    from your EditorWELCOME

    In this issue:Proud to be Jet JETs entrepreneursGet cash savvySnack on the goGoing solarFPS score a winner in LiverpoolNew faces of SupplyHealth ChallengeReal Rallyand more...


    This is not only my first role outsideAmerica but also the first in a customer-facing environment. Being trulycustomer focused is very different frommy previous roles, as refining, productionand commercial are a bit more day-to-day, short-term based. Even in longerterm planning and project-based rolesthere is little direct customer interaction,albeit the outcomes ultimately benefitthe end user.

    The changingface of the

    marketplaceThe market dynamics for the UK fuelssector are similar to those I left in the US,but heightened and concentrated into asmaller area.

    The challenges are the same: refiningpressure, margin retention and shrinkingfuel demand, coupled with inlandpressures including volumes, margins,increased competition, alternative fuelsand legislative compliance. Running afuel business under thesecircumstances is no easy matter.

    I am very impressed with how ourcustomers tirelessly react to thesepressures to remain at the forefront ofthe industry. As the market develops andthe demographics and buying habits oftheir customers change, its neat to seehow they evolve to such constantchange.

    For our JET branded customers,forecourt or distributor, it is clear that notwo businesses are the same. The waythey adapt to the space they have, thecommunity they operate within and howthey respond to their customers needs isto be applauded. Seeing them at theirsites, in their element, with thebusinesses theyve created, you cant

    The business has a very good

    foundation. It was ona path of growth whenI got here and weregoing to continue that growth.


  • Cover story: Mary Wolf

    Mary Wolf FOUR

    Proud to be Jet initiative add value andincrease activity.

    JET brand awareness is increasing withour sponsorship of events such asSilverstone Classic as the Official FuelPartner, where over 100,000 peopleattended last year. Having NicolasHamilton as our brand ambassador, aswell as other promotional opportunitiessuch as advertising at England andScotland football internationals allincrease the exposure and PRopportunities for the JET brand.

    Its personalFrom a Phillips 66 marketingperspective, balancing the needs of all ofour large customer base is a challenge;be they independent dealers,distributors, group retailers,supermarkets, resellers, or specialtybusinesses. It is important to me that wetreat our customers as individuals andnot purely account numbers, and I aim tocontinue giving the same personal touchto all.

    All about peopleThat brings me on nicely to our people.I was overwhelmed by the welcome Ireceived from everyone at the

    office when I first arrived. They arerightly proud of their workingenvironment and what they do.

    There is undoubtedly a familyatmosphere at all of our UK locations,a family I was generously invited to joinfrom day one.

    For me, our people are our greateststrength. I like the fact that people arewilling to look at things differently andtake a hard look at themselves andchallenge things; sometimes this canbe awkward and a little uncomfortablebut in doing so I am sure suchintrospective business analysis andchanging the way we do things canonly be good in the long-term.

    What makes me tick?One of the things that makes me tickis seeing people solve problems, take adifferent approach to things, bringforward ideas big or small and knowtheyve been heard.

    When breakthroughs are made thanksto people excelling in what they do,developing both the business andthemselves, it is that which trulygives me the most satisfaction.

    On a personal front, myfamily and I have settled in tolife in Warwick very easily. Myteenage boys are happy atschool and have discoverednew sports in rugby andfootball (not soccer!). They tellme something called thecricket season is upon us?

    Of course moving your life acrosscontinents is a huge undertaking for

    any family, but everyone has made us sowelcome and we have already mademany new friends. In short, we are lovinglife in England and are looking forward toexperiencing as much of the places,people and culture of the UK as we can.

    Looking to the futureLooking forward, I am excited by theopportunities out there and we are verymuch still aiming to grow our business.I am positive about achieving suchplanned growth, convinced that the

    way forward is by being the very best wecan in all we do. Its about leveragingour strengths, pushing ourselves to dobetter and achieve more, exceeding,not just meeting, our goals.

    We are in a great position, we have agreat marketing organisation; a greatrefinery; a great commercialorganisation. We are connected toglobal markets; we can trade anywherein the world; we have networks ofmarketing expertise in the US,Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Weshare best practices; we share talent;we share market trends.

    I believe our people are our greateststrength. If you take the Philips 66 corevalues - Safety, Honour andCommitment, its more than a strapline,its the way we do our work.

    In short, you can count on us to do theright thing. Always.

    I believe our people areour greateststrength.

    THREE Mary Wolf

    help but feel the pride they exude. Being apart of that partnership under the JETbrand is most gratifying.

    Likewise for all our unbranded customers,the scale of operation may be different, butthe challenges are often the same. It boilsdown to understanding those challengesand meeting them head on, showingflexibility and adaptability in the ever-changing energy landscape.

    I believe marketing really depends onfostering relationships for mutual benefit.Trust is a two-way street and Im very muchof the belief that we need to work with ourcustomers, helping make their businessesbetter and most crucially that we aretransparent in our dealings with them.

    When they reflect on a deal two monthsdown the line, it should be exactly what wesaid it would be, nothing hidden, no nastysurprises.

    JET in a modern worldWith over sixty years ofbrand heritage underour belt, we have aproven track recordand by showingdealers and

    Its about leveraging our

    strengths, pushingourselves to dobetter and

    achieve more.

    distributors the value of JET and thebusiness it can create, hopefully will allowthem to look beyond the majors.

    One of our strengths is in being flexible,offering bespoke offers to dealers anddistributors, tailoring the deal to suit bothparties. Id say to any prospectivecustomer give us a try and let us showyou what we can do.

    The JET brand certainly helps ourcustomers compete in their marketplace.People have grown up with the JET brandand it is sometimes tricky to shake off ourreputation from the last century as beingcheap and cheerful. I hope though, thateveryone can see the efforts we are allputting in to evolve the brand and movewith the times. Making JET the fuel ofchoice for the end customer is our aim.

    For dealers, brand initiatives such as ourrecent Spar symbol tie up, including our

    eye-catching dual branding option,do make a difference, drivingfootfall and helpingbusinesses distinguishthemselves in thecommunity.

    Promotional activity and the raising ofstandards throughour industry leading

    You can count on us to dothe right thing.


  • Proud to be Jet

    Proud to be Jet SIXFIVE Proud to be Jet

    ince its launch in 2014,JET's standards andservice programme hasseen phenomenalengagement from the

    JET dealer network and continuesto go from strength to strength.

    Recognised as one of the foremostdealer incentives of its kind in theindustry, the Proud to be Jet (PTBJ)programme continues to gainmomentum and is a win-win situation foreveryone. The reasons for its success aremulti-faceted, but the key factor is itsuptake and strong growth. The continualre-investment in it by JET, and the way itsupports a dealers business are keyfactors. Improvements for on-siteperformance are received in the form ofenhanced facilities and capitalexpenditure, covering all aspects of thesite. The even better news is dealers getto choose what, where, when and howtheir site is improved and such flexibilityand choice is the cornerstone of itssuccess, which manifests itself in betterstandards across the board.

    Transparent, timelycommunicationDealers have a defined datum point interms of brand standards and are giventhe information and tools needed inadvance to ensure they achieve asatisfactory level. The mindset isdefinitely not a big brother, lookingdown and directing, but more a sharingof information and best practice to aiddealers in enhancing standards andfacilities. Each sites performance isassessed for customer satisfaction andsafety compliance. Dealers receiveadvance notice of their forthcomingaudits and assessments as there are notricks or surprise visits. We are simplyworking together for the advancement ofstandards and service. Once finished,assessors announce themselves andimmediately run through the scores andresults with the dealer. Defects can bedealt with, improvements made whereneeded and diamonds are administeredquickly. Such a process means all partiesknow what's going on and can keepstriving towards creating a better

    forecourt experience forcustomers.Sites receive a numberof diamonds,depending on thescores they achieve,(a concept derivedfrom JET's 60thanniversarycelebrations), forcompliance, customer serviceetc. Depending on the results, dealersdiamonds allow them to choose from ahost of site enhancements including a2000 Tokheim equipment voucher,bespoke forecourt security packages,delivery lighting, shopping baskets,newspaper stands, wine towers and ahost of JET branded giveaways tomention but a few of the rewards onoffer.

    Raising the bar,reacting and reapingthe rewardsThis is where the win-win element foreveryone comes to the fore. Tried, tested

    and trusted suppliers of on-site servicesare fully on-board with the programmeas it helps them introduce products,services and new innovations to JETdealers. Likewise, dealers benefit asthey are able to re-invest in and furtherimprove their site without the normallyassociated capital costs; Phillips 66 andthe JET retail network benefit as sitestandards continue to be raised andmost importantly the end customerbenefits as they get to shop at safer,cleaner, brighter, more efficient siteswith better facilities and levels ofservice, enhancing their forecourtexperience. This in turn enhances thereputation of the JET brand andencourages repeat visits.

    Building on successOver the years the rewards havecontinued to improve and becomemore varied giving dealers moreconfidence and reassurance in theimportance JET place on this crucialaspect of a dealers business.

    The programme is designed to workfor all JET sites from individual,independent sites, through to groupdealers with multiple forecourts; asthe way it is set up means it isapplicable for everyone, whatever thesite location, size and facilities, there'salways something available toenhance their forecourt offering.

    The response from dealers can only bedescribed as sensational, but don'ttake our word for it, here are somestatistics and a selection of theirfeedback and comments...


    Congratulationsyou have qualified for Diamondsand demonstrated you are

    Rewards Card2016


    hg arrag























    Who would have thoughtthrough a standards andservice programme, I wouldbe able to choose between an

    Air Machine or a Refrigeration Unit! Genius!And I was able to give my staff a littlesomething via the Love to Reward shoppingcards to say thank you for their hard work. Icant wait to have my compliance audit andassessment this year as I have seen somegreat rewards on offer and the choice justkeeps getting better, year on year. Keep upthe good work!Garry Gibson, Cooper Bros.

    Forecourt standards play a key...


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