summer vacation five ways to help insure a fun family vacation

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  1. 1. summer vacation five ways to help insure a fun familyvacationThat lasted for a good ten minutes after landing when she had her purse stolen. She was with hertips on hotel security group waiting for a local bus to pick them up. They were all right in the mainarea of the airport with lots of people around. Maybe that was the problem. She had set her pursedown for a split second and BAM- it was gone.The local police could really do nothing. It wasnt until she got back a few days later did sherealize the damage done. The thief had managed to charge $2500 to one of her credit cards in thematter of a few hours before she had the wits to call the credit card company. In just a few hoursmind you. An expensive lesson!!Summer Vacation: Five Ways to Help Insure a Fun Family VacationSo before you head out on your family summer vacation do a little preparation at home. If you followthese steps you are more likely to have a trouble free trip and much more fun.Several years ago, shortly after I met my fiance she went on a trip to Mexico with a group offriends. I remember it well because she was so excited to get away from me for a few days and relaxin Mexico. She had been to Mexico before and even spoke Spanish so her comfortlevel was high.1. Make sure you home has that lived in look. Have a neighbor get your mail andnewspaper. Leave some lights on, but close your curtains. Consider leaving a radio or TV on. Make alist of credit card numbers and phone numbers for the card companies just in case you lose one.Have someone mow the lawn or shovel snow.2. We all want our toys with us when we travel-cell phones, pdas etc. but consider leavingthem at home. Travel as lightly as possible. Cash, credit cards, passport can be carried in fannypacks carried in front of you or a hidden undergarment money belt. Make sure the fanny pack has asteel cable so it cant be cut. When traveling overseas use traveler checks for added safety.3. Never leave your bags unattended. Watch them like a hawk-ask my fiance for furtherguidance on this one. In airports this tends to make security personnel very uneasy. Unattendedbags are easy mark for professionals who make a living off of others. Travelers are especiallyvulnerable at arrival and departure points-airports, train stations, bus terminals, boat docks wherethere is a lot of activity and confusion-and usually a lot of stress. Under those conditions it is easy tobe distracted.4. When checking into a hotel room, do the obvious. Always lock the door and secure the safetychain. Make sure it is your room. Check adjoining doors and all windows. Look in closets to makesure no one is there. Learn where the exits are in the hotel in case of an emergency. If possible havesome type of security gadget for your room like a keep i or door stop alarm.5. When traveling overseas images of the Ugly American come to mind. Be especiallywary of pick pockets and scam artists. It is entirely appropriate to be on your guard on all occasionsbecause unfortunately a lot of folks dont like Americans.
  2. 2. So when you get ready to go on your family vacation this summer remember that safety for you andyour possessions starts before you leave to travel safely