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Sunday, October 25th Vocations and God’s call

Sunday, October 25th

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Sunday, October 25th. Vocations and God’s call. Announcements. Thanks for helping with Make-A-Difference Day! Halloween party!! Sign up today. Costumes are encouraged. But MUST be modest. I am serious. Parents meeting on Nov 8 th . Your parents need to be here. We will be discussing: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Sunday, October 25th

Sunday, October 25thVocations and God’s call

Page 2: Sunday, October 25th

Announcements• Thanks for helping with Make-A-Difference

Day!• Halloween party!! Sign up today.

– Costumes are encouraged. But MUST be modest. I am serious.

• Parents meeting on Nov 8th. Your parents need to be here. We will be discussing:– Ski Trip– Mission trip summer 2010

Page 3: Sunday, October 25th

Have you ever heard this before?

• What do you want to be when you grow up?

Page 4: Sunday, October 25th

Free Will

• What is Free Will?

• If you love somebody do you force them to love you back?

• Free Will is a gift from our Tremendous Lover.

• Deuteronomy 30:19

Page 5: Sunday, October 25th

Vocations. Again

• What is a vocation?– Not simply a job.– It’s your calling. What God wants.

Page 6: Sunday, October 25th

Unique to You• God has a unique

and perfect plan for you– Perfect doesn’t

mean easy.– Remember,

Holiness is in the plan for all of us.

Page 7: Sunday, October 25th

Universal Holiness• The foundational call from God is not

to a particular vocation, job, career, or way of life, but to universal holiness and communion with Him.

• This is the basis of all happiness.

Page 8: Sunday, October 25th

But wait a second• Sometimes your job and your

vocation go together.– Provide for your family financially.– Doing your job well is living out your


• So Careers are important.– But sacrificing what's most important for

the sake of your career is never ok.• Hebrews 13:5

Page 9: Sunday, October 25th

Who you are not• Is a person defined by where they


• Then what is a person defined by?

Page 10: Sunday, October 25th

So what now?• Just wait for God to call?

Page 11: Sunday, October 25th


TRUST1 Peter 5:7

Page 12: Sunday, October 25th

Prayer• Very very necessary• Building our relationship with God.

“Feel often during the day the need for prayer and pray. Prayer opens the heart, till it is capable of containing God himself. Ask and seek and your heart will be big enough to receive Him and keep Him as Your Own.”

-Mother Teresa

Page 13: Sunday, October 25th

Discernment• We are figuring out what God wants

us to do with our lives.

• John 15:16

• Remember, we are free to chose to follow God’s plan.

Page 14: Sunday, October 25th

The Rundown

Trust and Prayer



Page 15: Sunday, October 25th

Quote of the day

“It is therefore indispensable for each one to seek and to recognize day after day the long path on which the Lord is leading him to his personal encounter with him. Dear friends, question yourselves seriously about your vocation and be ready to answer the Lord who is calling you to take the place he has prepared for your from eternity.”

Page 16: Sunday, October 25th

Who said it?

John Paul II

World Youth Day XIII Address, no.8

Page 17: Sunday, October 25th

Different Paths

• Marriage

• Holy Orders

• Committed Single Live

Page 18: Sunday, October 25th

Marriage• The duty to lead your spouse to

Heaven.• Provide and care for children,

materially and spiritually.

Page 19: Sunday, October 25th

Holy Orders• Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Deacons

• Married to the Church. • The Church is the “Bride of Christ.”

• The call to lead the members of the Church to Heaven.

Page 20: Sunday, October 25th

Committed single life• A very real calling, its not for people

who just couldn’t find the right person to marry.

• Remain single to better serve Jesus and His Church.

• Can provide for the needs of those who have no one to provide for them.

Page 21: Sunday, October 25th

What if we miss the boat?• Is having the right vocation, job, or

career essential for a person’s happiness?

• Surprisingly, NO!

Page 22: Sunday, October 25th

Words to live by• Matthew 5:3-12

• The Beatitudes - Jesus’s only public sermon

Page 23: Sunday, October 25th

Questions• What is your dream job? Why?• What do the words “discernment” and

“vocation” mean to you?• Do you trust God with your future? Why

or why not?• Have you taken the time to think about

what vocation God may be calling you to? How can you continue to discern where God is calling you?

• Is there one vocation that you fear God is calling you to? Why?

Page 24: Sunday, October 25th

Skit• Now come up with a skit about trying

to do God’s Will.