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  1. 1. Bicycle Parking at SUNY Plattsburgh
  2. 2. From the Past:
  3. 3. To Now:
  4. 4. To the Future
  5. 5. Why do we need bicycle parking?
  6. 6. 2009-2012 College Strategic Plan 1. Go Green: Increase Environmental Conservation /Sustainability SUNY Plattsburgh will improve its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability through conservation and sustainability practices and procedures and curricular and co-curricular programs. These efforts will have tangible benefits that are important to the campus community and to the public. Accordingly, the College will: 1.2 Promote behaviors (among students, faculty, and staff) and a campus culture that reduce the campus carbon footprint, energy consumption (i.e., electricity, water, natural gas/fuel oil for heating plant, fuel for vehicles), and material and hazardous waste.
  7. 7. Master Plan
  8. 8. Other Reasons?
  9. 9. Pros/Cons From Washington DC Department of Transportation design book
  10. 10. Our Design Galzanized Swerve Rack
  11. 11. Mounting Options In ground Bolted to ground Bolted to rail and then to ground
  12. 12. Best Choice Bolted to ground Thanks to user Luton via Flickr
  13. 13. Worst case:
  14. 14. Montreal Thanks to user Luton via Flickr Thanks to user Montreal cykler via Flickr
  15. 15. Burlington Thanks to user _Yoshi_ via Flickr Thanks to user bammermother via Flickr
  16. 16. New York City Thanks to StreetsBlog NYC
  17. 17. Where are we now? Total Academic Needs High Priority - ~131 staple racks Medium Priority - ~20 staple racks Low Priority - ~12 staple racks 14 new concrete pads needed total Residence Hall needs A further 150+racks Possibility of covering for parking Space issues
  18. 18. Financing Full Project costs (include res+academic build out+covering for res parking) - ~$45,000+ Split into phases Phase 1 High Priority parking needs (academic only minis needs for new concrete pads) - ~$13,000 Phase 2 All other Priorities and any new pad construction Phase 3 Residential options Funding for Phase 1 key: $4000 current finding from Green Grants Possibility of matching funds from the college, SA, CAS, or outside groups