Supporting Teacher Development Using Danielson’s Framework

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Supporting Teacher Development Using Danielsons Framework . Goals of our session: Explore core beliefs informing the Citywide Instructional Expectations around teacher development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Supporting Teacher Development Using Danielsons Framework Goals of our session:Explore core beliefs informing the Citywide Instructional Expectations around teacher developmentExamine snap shots of work in schools to discuss the structures that helped increase teacher effectiveness in schools this yearReview Citywide Instructional Expectations and resources in ARIS Learn

1Our work in the Teacher Effectiveness and Talent Management Pilots suggests that leaders must hold 3 core beliefs to implement strong teacher effectiveness practices in their school.There are 3 core beliefs that make this work possible Students - All children can achieve, no matter their life circumstances. Teachers - Teachers are the key levers in influencing the achievement of students.School Leaders Leaders have the ability to lead the change necessary to implement effective talent management practices in their school communities. 2Take 2 Minutes to Turn to a Partner to DiscussTo what extent do the above beliefs resonate with your past experience or conflict with your past experience? Our assumption (hope?) is that everyone believes in #1. While some children may face more obstacles than others, all children can achieve at high levels with the proper support.

We believe steadfastly in #2. We hope that you do too, but we know that some here have their doubts. It is our belief that when we help you believe and actualize #3, your results will prove the power of #2. Important to emphasize research that points to teachers as the #1 school-based factor that influences learning. Teachers will work closely with leaders School based leaders supported by Talent Coaches and Networks will help with the implementation of this pilot.

Acknowledge that this is really, really hard. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing we can do for kids that come to school hungry, with no support for learning/homework at home, etc. That we and our teachers feel like we're doing our best and still falling short.

- Ask teachers whether or not they believe in II and how we can help them believe it. Really common mindset in schools is we get what we get based on families based on families/SES and other variables. I can only do so much is a mindset that is common and holds the teachers back more than anything.

2From Citywide Instructional Expectations 2012-13 3 Teacher development focuses on supporting all students to meet the Common Core standards.

a. Schools will strengthen the common language and understanding of what quality teaching looks like by deepening the school communitys comprehension of Charlotte Danielsons Framework for Teaching.

b. Schools will select competencies relevant to teachers developmental needs and that most support implementation of the Common Core standards....

c. School leaders will conduct frequent formative classroom observations and provide teachers with formative feedback and professional development to support improved practice in identified competencies and across a common framework. Read your VignetteForm groups of 4, number yourselves from 1-4 and read the corresponding Vignette in your packet.As you read, look for examples of:Structures the school developed to support the workHow the Framework was usedHow teachers were engaged in the workMark them in your text so you can refer to them in discussion.

4Jigsaw DiscussionIntroduce yourself to your group and tell them briefly about the snap shot you readShare how the school in the vignette you read addressed each of these areas:StructuresUse of Framework Teacher engagement3) Once youve identified these key elements, discuss:What practices or structures stood out most and why?What questions do these cases raise? How do these practices support Common Core implementation?

5Resources Available in ARIS LearnSelf-Assessment toolsLearning PlansSelf-paced learning opportunities for school leaders and teachersProfessional Development resources Highlights



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