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    SustainableDesign Services Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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    deling (BIM)

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  • Point Advisory is an innovative business consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in a range

    of professional services to help our clients create value and maximise competitive advantage. We partner

    with clients across a wide range of sectors to address their challenges and create customised solutions.

    We provide the following sustainable design services;

    Who We Are

    - Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    including 4D, 5D & 6D, family creation,

    clash detection and coordination.

    - Green BIM including energy analysis,

    lighting analysis, product lifecycle

    analysis and waste minimisation.

    - Architectural & Structural Services

    including modeling, visualisation, fl y

    throughs, structural design and analysis.

    Sustainable Design Services

    - MEP Services that includes HVAC,

    mechanical, electrical and plumbing design

    and modeling.

    - Technical Engineering Services including

    2D & 3D design, modeling, process

    visualisation and product design.

    - Augmented Reality Building Tools (BIMAR)

    to visualise BIM models, verify designs and

    increase stakeholder engagement.


  • We provide a wide range of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services at competitive rates, with

    expertise in international building codes and AIA documentation. We provide intelligent Libraries of BIM

    family data with accurate technical and manufacturer information, usable across multiple projects. We

    help you detect clashes and confl icts before the actual construction process begins.

    BIM Services

    Our expertise in BIM allows you to meet tomorrows design needs today

    4D, 5D & 6D Services

    REVIT Family Creation

    Construction Documentation

    Building Quantity Estimation

    Clash Detection & Coordination

    Wayfi nding Signage Placement

    Architectural Modeling

    Structural Modeling

    MEP Modeling

    - Mechanical Design

    - Electrical Design

    - Plumbing Design

  • Point Advisory off ers integrated

    solutions using BIM to facilitate

    green design, construction and

    sustainable outcomes. We combine

    our BIM and sustainability expertise

    to provide immediate insight into how

    design decisions impact on building


    Our Green BIM services include;

    Energy performance simulations

    such as lighting analysis, renewable

    energy design, HVAC design and

    green building certifi cations.

    Materials and resources effi ciency

    Supply chain procurement and

    cost estimation.

    Green BIM retrofi t projects.

    Monitoring and verifi cation

    of building performance.

    Green BIM

    Improve sustainableoutcomes

    minimise costs and environmental impacts

  • Creating informed and

    sustainable decision

    LCA Design

    We provide specialist Life Cycle

    Analysis (LCA) and verifi cation

    services for buildings, assemblies

    and building products in accordance

    with international and national

    standards. Our team has expertise

    in a number of diff erent LCA models

    and the integration of BIM to

    streamline lifecycle outputs.

    Our LCA Design services include;

    Resource input analysis over the life

    cycle of a product or a process.

    The development of generic LCAs for

    construction products and building


    Whole of building LCAs.

    LCA scenario modelling.

    LCA supply chain impact modelling.

    The development of Environmental

    Product Declerations.

  • We meet all your architectural

    design and documentation needs

    by transforming your ideas into

    strong, user-friendly designs and 3d

    models. Our in-house experts off er

    a high level of detail in modeling,

    rendering and texturing. Our digital

    interactive media tools empower

    you with clear visualization of the

    end product.

    3D Visualization

    Fly through, walk through

    Exterior Rendering

    Interior Rendering

    360 Panoramic view

    Photo Montage

    Design Assistance

    Augmented Reality (AR)

    Architectural Services

  • Structural ServicesWe handle complex structural design with ease through a multifaceted pool of experts well versed with

    international building and structure standards. We have years of experience serving global clientele with

    a portfolio in steel detailing, BIM, rebar detailing and RC design.

    Building & Industrial Structural Design & Analysis

    Structural Modeling

    Steel and Rebar Detailing

    Construction Documentation

  • Concept to Manufacturing

    Reverse Engineering

    HVAC Design

    Mechanical Design

    Electrical Design

    Plumbing Design

    MEP ServicesWe off er mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design services enabling visualization of entire

    layouts by combining spatial and geometrical relationships. We use a model-based design approach with

    BIM at the core, facilitating cross-discipline collaboration.

  • We off er a wide range of technical and industrial services across a number of diff erent areas including; manufacturing, automotive, mechanical, buildings & infrastructure, shipping and retail. Our international team of experts will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your project is completed on time and to industry best practices.

    2D CAD Drawings & Design

    3D Visualisation & Animation

    Industrial Product Design

    Process Visualisation

    Technical Services

    We transform the complex into simple

  • AutoCAD AutoCAD AutoCAD AutoCAD Navisworks Revit Architecture MEP Structural Manage

    Point Advisory is a proud member of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program.

    Other software used by our team:

    AutoCAD AutoCAD 3ds Max InfraWorks Robot Structural Inventor Mechanical Electrical Design Analysis

    Software ExpertiseWe deploy the latest software and technologies to ensure that your project information is transformed

    into an accurate design. Our team of experts are well versed across a wide range of software solutions,

    enabling effi ciences in design, coordination & visualisation, analysis and detailing.

  • Step 1. Download the bimar App on Google Play or scan the QR code above.

    Step 2. Point your android device at the cover of this brochure (marker) to view it in 3D augmented reality.


    Augmented Reality Building ToolsWe use state of the art augmented reality technology to help asset owners, project developers, facility

    managers, contractors and architects visualise and interact with building information models (BIM).

    Interactive 3D visualisation

    Geolocate BIM models onsite

    Visualise project timelines

    Green BIM integration

    As-built model validation

    Improved stakeholder engagement

    Bimar is a fi rst generation augmented reality App for buildings, construction sites and infrastructure projects. It allows asset owners, project developers, facilty managers, contractors and architects to visualise and interact with customised BIM models on and off-site.


    .bimar App

    What is augmented reality?

    Augmented reality is a new imersive experience that superimposes a

    computer-generated image (ie: BIM Model) on a real time camera view

    of the real world, thus providing a new composite view.

  • Level 17, 31 Queens St, Melbourne VIC 3000. AustraliaPh: +61 3 9998 0457 I I


    Point Advisory Pty Ltd

    Sustainable Design Services


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