SWEDEN & SWEDES - Göteborgs universitet .3rd place for culture . ... Major holidays and traditions

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  • SWEDEN & SWEDES Vanessa Molina Gabinus

  • Sweden was top in The Good Country index

    8th place for science & technology 3rd place for culture 52nd place for International peace & security 11th place for World order 7th place for Planet & Climate 1st place for Prosperity & Equality 1st place for Health & Wellbeing www.goodcountry.org


  • 1574 km long 9.7 million inhabitants 85% live in cities Aprox 120 000 islands Aprox. 100 000 lakes All mans right



    Founded in 1621

    International from the


    Divided up into themes

    Scandinavian hub

    Photo: Stendahls

  • The Law of Lagom?

    LAGOM LAG (Team/Law) OM (About/Around)

    Swedes: Avoid standing out

    Choose silence over words

    (avoid speaking)

    Are humble in their achievements Individualistic, whilst considering what

    is best for a group

  • FIGHT FOR EQUALITY At home, at school and at work No matter gender, nationality,

    religious background or sexual inclination

    Sweden has the highest percentage of working mothers in the developed world.

    480 days of parental leave (60 are reserved for each parent)

    Childrens rights

  • Studying in Sweden

    First name basis

    Academic 15 minutes

    37,000 students in


    Speak in weeks

    Group work: Meet often, Consensus

  • The Swedish experience

    Listen do not just speak


    Equality not hierarchy

    Go out in nature

    Try new sports and activities

    Diplomatic honesty

    Lunchbox Take a number

    Remember lagom

  • Any excuse for a fika

  • Socializing with Swedes

    AT HOME: Shoes off!

    Bring a contribution?

    Informal dress Look into my eyes!

    Insist for Swedes to serve themselves again

    EATING OUT: Expensive Lunch menus Fika Grilling Split the bill

    FORMAL DINNER: Take indoor shoes More than 8 guests? Sitting to the left of the hostess

  • Major holidays and traditions Easter: 14-17th of April

    Valborg/ Walpurgis Night: 30th of April

    Labour day: 1st of May

    Ascension Day: 25th of May

    National Day: 6th of June

    Studenten (High School Graduation):

    The month of June

    Midsummer Eve: 25th of June

  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Festival Pass The festival pass gives you entry to screenings together with the film ticket. The festival pass also gives you access to many concerts, seminars, exhibitions, free entry to the festival center at Pustervik and loads of other events - quite simply all that which makes the week a true festival. The festival pass costs 50 SEK. Tickets & prices: Movie ticket 90 SEK Festival pass 50 SEK Plus Membership 350 SEK Reduced ticket 65 SEK Day screenings Mon-Fri, starting no later than 16:00 CET Day pass 650 SEK Day screenings Mon-Fri, starting no later than 16:00 CET Red Carpet screenings 160 SEK Breakfast screenings 100 SEK Opening party 195 SEK Gteborgs Lilla Filmfestival 45 SEK (gala premiere 60 SEK)


  • Easter 14-17 April

    Colourful feathers on bushes and branches

    Kids dress up as old hags

    Eggs filled with chocolate/sweets

    Traditional food:

    Paint boiled eggs

    Lamb, Salmon, potatoes

  • Chalmers Cortge 30 April

  • National Day 6 June Slottskogen:

    Yearly celebration

    Traditional dancing

    Swedish Symphonic orchestra

    gives a free concert

  • MIDSUMMER 25th of June

    Jakob Fridholm/Conny Fridh/Lena Granefelt/imagebank.sweden.se

    Longest day of the year

    The maypole represents the

    Celebration of fertility (Oden & Freja)

    Flower crown

    Maiden dreams of her future husband

    Traditional food

    Snaps and songs

  • The Archipelago of Gothenburg

    North Islands South Islands

    Bjrk Hn cker Travel by bus or car

    Styrs Brnn Dons Vrng Travel by Tram and boat


  • Gothenburg Walks & Culture MUSEUMS: - Konst museum (Fine Arts)

    - Rhska museum (Design)

    - Stadsmuseet (City Museum)

    - Vrldskulturmuseet (World culture)

    - Universeum (Korsvgen)

    - Maritime Museum

    - Natural History museum

    - Konstepidemin

    THEATRES: - GteborgsOperan - Stadsteatern - GEST - Folkteatern PARKS: - Delsjn - Botanical Gardens - Slottskogen - Trdgrdsfrening - Liseberg

  • How to behave with Swedes and other cultures to break boundaries?

    Listen more than you speak

    Ask questions: show interest in the person in front of you

    Try and not to think in stereotypes

    Be open-minded and positive to embrace differences

    Fill your melting pot with new values and customs


  • ENJOY! Vanessa Molina Gabinus