Sweden- Task4- Essay 1: My life after my school day Task4- Essay 1: My life after my school day from Hungary After school activities I am a sportsman so when I finish in the school I can ‘t go home because when I arrive home I have to go back to the training that's why I don

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<ul><li><p>Sweden- Task4- Essay 1: My life after my school day </p><p>from Hungary </p><p>After school activities </p><p>I am a sportsman so when I finish in the school I can t go home because when I arrive home I </p><p>have to go back to the training that's why I don't go home. Usually I go to my father's </p><p>restaurant or to my grandma to see and help her with the housework. I dont think am a lazy </p><p>person, because I love sports like jogging, basketball, American football but my favourite is </p><p>football. Im a football player I have four trainings every week. Monday is my free day but I </p><p>usually go to the forest near my home and I go jogging or a go to the gym. I think everybody </p><p>has to do some activities to relax or to have some fun. I have been playing football since I was </p><p>five. This is a great possibility to meet new people and I have a coach how helps me to train </p><p>my skills. </p><p>A.K. 12.E </p><p>I usually do my homework and eat lunch when I arrive home and after that I go to the gym </p><p>near to my flat 4 or 5 times a week. Nowadays, I learn a lot in my 'free time' because I will </p><p>have a final exam next month. I learn history every day and I try to learn English as well </p><p>because these two subjects are important for my future studies. </p><p>At the weekend, I try to relax and do some outdoor activities. I spend my whole weekend with </p><p>my boyfriend because we don't meet a lot on weekdays. I always search good programs for </p><p>ourselves because I don't like spending my whole weekend at home. I usually help my mum </p><p>for example with the cleaning. We share the housework and we do it together every weekend. </p><p>All in all, everybody tries to do something useful in their afternoons. </p><p>I.C. 12.E </p><p>When I arrive home after a long and exhausting day from school I have to continue learning </p><p>because I am a school leaver from the high school. So my after school activities are learning </p><p>literature, maths, history and English. </p><p> But in the past I did a lot of things after school. Every Friday I went to my dance training. </p><p>This one was my fix, constant activity. On the others days I always did different things. One </p><p>day I helped my mother with housework. Next day I was going out with my friends. Other </p><p>days I took my dog for a walk. </p><p> Every weekend is totally different for me. Sometimes I go to a party with my friends or just </p><p>we meet somewhere and we speak. Other weekends I go to my grandparents or I stay at home </p><p>and I watch a movie with my family. </p><p> To sum up, I always find something to do not to be bored. </p><p>F. Cs. 12.E </p></li><li><p>Usually I finish school at 1.30 or 2.30 pm. After school I go home and have lunch. If there's </p><p>no food I cook something. I like cooking but not this is my favourite after school activity and </p><p>I don't have time for it every day. </p><p>My afternoons are always different. If I went to bed too late and I'm tired I sleep an hour after </p><p>lunch. If I don't have to do anything I go for a walk with my friend and her dog to the city </p><p>park. If the weather is nice we can spend hours there. </p><p>I play the bass and I have a band so sometimes we spend our afternoons rehearsing. When we </p><p>don't have a rehearsal I practice at home alone. I really like the sound of the bass but our </p><p>neighbours and the windows not that much. </p><p>Later I have dinner and when my boyfriend gets home from work we turn on skype. We talk </p><p>and I start studying and writing my homework. After I finished it I get ready for bed and go to </p><p>sleep. </p><p>Zs. SZ. 12.E </p><p> These activities are very important for the teenagers, for us to relax and get some new energy from </p><p>those activities which we love most. In my opinion every teenager has only at least one leisure </p><p>activity which she/he pursues. I also have some of it. </p><p> Frist of all, Im a scout girl. This means a lot and more free time activities. We meet almost every </p><p>week with my little group, and every month we have a meeting with the whole team to go hiking, or </p><p>have a special program. For example, last meeting was about the Lent and it specialized on our souls </p><p>and the Holy Trinity. It was very good and interesting due to the way they showed that. It was a bit </p><p>spiritual and not like the other meetings but I liked it. </p><p>And the next event is the National Scout Day. I have never been on one of it thats why Im waiting </p><p>for it so excitedly. There will be lots of exciting and irregular programs. We (scouts) will be able to </p><p>visit a lot of museums with free entry and the main point of the event will be in the City Park, where </p><p>we will take part in the flag deduction and at the end of the day the flag hoist. So it is going to be a </p><p>very special day for every scout in Hungary. </p><p> Secondly, I have been swimming for 11 years. I have never pursued it competitively. Although, at </p><p>the beginning I really hated only the thought of swim, not to do that for 11 years long. But my </p><p>opinion has already changed about this topic. So nowadays I like to swim. It is a good sport, i think, </p><p>because you can switch off the world, and be deep in your thoughts for that time while you are in the </p><p>pool. It is also useful for example me to treat my asthma. What is more, you can lose weight and get </p><p>very strong back and also can get muscles to all part of your body. So if you ask me, I recommend the </p><p>swimming for everyone. </p><p> All things considered, I always enjoy my free time after school. Either with the scouts, or in the </p><p>swimming pool, or with my friends. </p><p>L.SZ. 11.A </p></li></ul>