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Swine Breeds Breeds, Origins, Colors, Characteristics

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Swine Breeds Breeds, Origins, Colors, Characteristics Slide 2 Major Swine Breeds Duroc Hampshire Yorkshire Chester White Poland China Spot Tamworth Landrace Berkshire Hereford Slide 3 American Landrace Color-White Origin-Denmark Characteristics- Large Floppy Ears, long bodied with weird back, Good Mothering-Prolific, weak pasterns. Size-700-900 pounds. Slide 4 Berkshire Color-Black & White (6 white points-tail, snout, 4 feet) Origin-England Characteristics- Erect Ears, Short Snouts. Size-700-800 pounds. Slide 5 Chester White Color-White Origin- Pennsylvania, USA Characteristics- Droopy Ears, Excellent mothering, meaty Size-Medium 600-700 pounds Slide 6 Duroc Color-Rust Red Origin-New Jersey, USA Characteristics-Droopy Ears, Rapid Growth, Meaty, Popular, Used in crossbreeding programs Size-up to 1000 pounds. Slide 7 Hampshire Color-Black with White belt around shoulders. Origin-Kentucky, although ancestry tracked to England Characteristics-Erect Ears, High quality carcasses, long, meaty, Popular Size 750-900 pounds. Slide 8 Hereford Color-Red, with white Origin-Missouri, USA Characteristics- Meaty, Erect Ears, Gentle Size-700-800 pounds. Slide 9 Poland China Color-Black & White (6 white points- snout, tail, 4 feet) Origin-Ohio, USA Characteristics- Droopy Ears, Meaty Carcasses, Sound. Size-700-900 pounds. Slide 10 Spots Color- Black and White, spotted pattern, 20-80 to 80-20,..50- 50 ideal Origin-Indiana, USA Characteristics- Meaty, Droopy Ears, Aggressive boars Size-700-800 pounds. Slide 11 Tamworth Color-Red, Origin-Ireland Characteristics-Very light muscle traits, Erect Ears. Size-700-800 pounds. Slide 12 Yorkshire Color-White Origin-England Characteristics- Erect Ears, Top mothering-Prolific, Large Litters, Long- sided, bacon breed. Size-800-950 pounds. Slide 13 Other minor Swine Breeds OIC-Ohio Improved Chester Lacombe Palouse San Pierre CPF-Certified Pathogen Free Managra Beltsville Maryland Slide 14 Can You name these Breeds? 1 2 3 4

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