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    Course Title: Business Law – BLAW 2213-P01 – Fall 2018

    Department of Accounting, Finance & M.I.S. College of Business

    Instructor Name: Lois A. Blyden, Esq.

    Office Location: AGBUS 334

    Office Phone: 936-261-9227

    Fax: 936-261-9273

    Email Address:

    U.S.P.S. Address: Prairie View A&M University

    P.O. Box 519

    Mail Stop 2310

    Prairie View, TX 77446

    Office Hours: T/R 7:30 – 10:30

    Virtual Office Hours:

    Course Location: AGBUS Rm 115

    Class Meeting Days & TR 11:00 A.M. -12:00 P.M.


    Course Abbreviation and BLAW 2213-P01


    Catalog Description: Catalog Description: The basic law of contracts, Uniform Commercial Code,

    sales, secured transactions and bankruptcy. Also covers partnerships,

    corporations and securities. NOTE: Amendments, though official made,

    have not yet found their way into the catalog available online.

    More complete description: This course supplements, and builds on, the

    content of BLAW 2203, Legal Environment of Business. Topics covered

    include: Uniform Commercial Code articles on Sales,; Agency,

    Employment, Employment

    Discrimination, Insurance, Business Organizations, Antitrust, International

    Transactions, and possibly other topics, as assigned

    Prerequisites: BLAW 2213 with a “C” or better grade.

    Co-requisites: None -Note: BLAW 2203 is recommended to take first.

  • Required Text: Blyden, Lois A, Business Law, A Trend of Application of the Law to Business Cases,

    Cognella Publishing, ISBN 978-1-5165-4199-7 -2019

    For your convenience, I've included the textbook ordering instructions below to share

    with your students.

    To purchase the BLAW 2203 textbook, please follow this link:

    If you experience any difficulties, please email or call 800.200.3908

    ext. 503.

    Recommended Standard law dictionary

    Access to



    PVAMU Library:

    phone: (936) 261-1500; web: University Bookstore:

    phone: (936) 261-1990;

    web: Required Texts:

  • Student Learning Outcomes:

    1 Agent and Principle

    Understand an Agent and principle relationship. What are the responsibilities or

    liabilities of the principle?

    2 Understand laws that Banks must follow in the US Usury

    Laws- Pay Day Loans

    Subprime Loans- Corruption in the Mortgage Industry Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

    3 Property Law

    Explain the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, identify the conditions

    in which an eviction can occur, and determine liability for landlords and tenants.

    4 Civil and Criminal Procedure

    Explain the need for law, the sources of law, differentiate between civil and

    criminal procedures.

    5 Corporations

    Understand and be able to choose the formation of a business entity (sole

    Proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.), including, liability, losses and

    Profits. The entity taxation risk.

    3. Contract Law

    Explain the nature and importance of contracts, the elements of a valid contract,

    and the classes of contracts (express and implied, unilateral and bilateral, and oral

    and written and acceptance the formation of contracts). Explain a valid offer and

    how offers are terminated, recognize the requirements of an acceptance

    6 Understand UCC

    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of laws that provide legal rules

    and regulations governing commercial or business dealings and transactions. The

    UCC regulates the transfer or sale of personal property. The UCC does not

    address dealings in real property.

    Criminal Law

    Felony v. Misdemeanor

    Understand that crimes are generally categorized as felonies or misdemeanors

    based on their nature and the maximum punishment that can be imposed.

    Understand that a Corporation can be charged with a crime and the Officers can

    go to jail. Understand Business Crimes and the elements of the crimes and

    prosecution trends in going after business.

    Foreign Bank







  • ******************************************************************************

    Course Evaluation Methods

    This course will utilize the following instruments to determine student grades and proficiency of

    the learning outcomes for the course.

    Exams: written tests designed to measure knowledge of presented course material

    Projects: presentation and other assignments designed to measure ability to apply

    course material

    Quizzes: short objective tests at random times, perhaps daily, to encourage keeping current

    Grading Matrix-**** Note-grades will be lowered by 1 grade level for a student who has more than 6


    Instrument Value (percentages) Total

    Team (American Greed Paper/Pre) 2 at 20 pt. each 40

    Team 2 at 10 pts each 20

    Individual- Quizzes- Chapters. 4-7-9 3 at 20 pts each 60

    Attend/Participation 10

    Final Individual 1 at 40 pts. 40

    Total: 170

    Final Determination

    153- 170 = A 119- 135 = C

    136-152 = B 102- 118 = D

    125 and below is an “F”

    Grade Determination is based on this scale: of 190 points

    A = 90 and above;

    B = 80 - 89;

    C = 70 - 79;

    D = 60 - 69;

  • F = 59 or below

    Teams Rules

    1. You will be put in teams based on the alphabet

    2. You must participate in the team work or else you will get a zero

    3. You must notify instructor of teammates who are not participating

    4. You must follow the presentation schedule

    American Greed Episode: Written and Presentation Assignment

    American Greed is an original business documentary television series from CNBC that

    examines the some of the biggest corporate and white collar crimes in the United States.

    Companies such as Tyco, Enron, HealthSouth, and WorldCom, that have exploited hard

    working Americans out of their equity investments, retirement funds, and employment due

    to corporate lavish spending and lack of oversight. In addition to profiling these high

    profile cases, American Greed covers stories about more common crimes such as medical

    fraud, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, insurance fraud, and murder.

    Host Stacy Keach narrates how each case started from beginning to end, with

    dramatizations, interviews with real life victims, and evidence recovered by respective

    agencies in charge of bringing each perpetrator to justice. American Greed, some people

    will do anything from money.

    Instruction for the content

    For this writing assignment, each team must randomly select two episodes of the popular TV

    series “AMERICAN GREED” and carefully watch each episode. Episodes are currently

    available on Netflix, You tube, the Internet, and reruns are frequently broadcast on TruTV.

    A summary of the above information must be submitted on a word document and will

    count for half 10 points) of this assignment.

    Teams should utilize their legal knowledge to provide an overall summary of the episodes they

    have watched and the content they have analyzed and make meaningful connection and reach


    Teams must provide the name of each episode view