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Text of Synopsis Highway Tollgate Toll Collection System

Online Mobile Phone Customer Care System

Highway tollgate toll collection systemIntroductionIn our daily life we are seeing toll gate. We are going to

pay certain amount to the government in form of tax

through this toll gate. We can see this toll gates being

placed in some national high ways etc., So in order to

pay tax we are normally going to pay in form of cash,

but instead of that as the technology is growing we can

make use of smart card which is nothing but like a

memory card in which we are going to store the details

of particular person and certain amount. The main

objective of this project is to pay the toll gate tax using

smart card. Smart card must be recharged with some

amount and whenever a person wants to pay the toll

gate tax, he needs to insert his smart card and deduct

amount using keypad. By using this kind of projects

there is no need to carry the amount in form of cash and

so we can have security as well. These electronic toll

Collection systems are a combination of completely

automated toll collection systems (requiring no manual

operation of toll barriers or collection of tolls) and

semi-automatic lanes.In the current times of increasing traffic on the road, it is important to collect the toll tax in a managed and controlled process so that it doesn't result in a total unorganized jungle of traffic. It is very challenging to handle a vehicular flow by a manual system of revenue collection. Poor management at toll plaza may result into great chaos and revenue loss. This would not be desired any one.

This program provides a complete solution for the management and working of a toll plaza. This program provides a systematic way of revenue collection. It consists of software and hardware components. Software provides a user friendly interface to interact with the hardware. Hardware components are connected with LAN to the web server.

Hardware and Software requirement

Hardware Requirement


: Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more


: 1 GB or More


:80GB or more


:15 CRT, or LCD monitor


:Normal or Multimedia


:Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

Front End

: Visual Web Developer 2008

With Sql Server Compact Edition


:Visual Basic or C#

Back End

: MS Sql Server

Operation System : Windows XP with server pack 3


Windows 7


:Internet Explorer or Google Crome

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