Syrian Electronic Army – Targeted Attack Attackers – The Foot Soldiers

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Syrian Electronic Army – Targeted Attack Attackers – The Foot Soldiers. Treadstone 71. Targets to Attack. - اختراق وزارة الدفاع الليبية رئاسة الاركان - اختراق وزارة الشؤون الاجتماعية الليبية - اختراق وزارة الزراعة والثروة الحيوانية الليبية - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Syrian Electronic Army – Targeted Attack Attackers – The Foot Soldiers

Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army Targeted AttackAttackers The Foot SoldiersTreadstone

Targets to Attack- - - - - - - - 2 - 2 - - - - - _ - 7

- Penetrate the Libyan Defense Ministry chief of staff - Penetrate the Ministry of Social Affairs of Libya - Penetrate the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Libyan - Penetrate the Libyan National Planning Council - Penetrate the Libyan international communications network - Penetrate the Egyptian Ministry of Sports - Avast branch penetration in Sweden - 2 Sep breakthrough on the Domain site Riyadh government figures insult and dissemination of Saudi officers with residence - 2 Sep Domain penetrate the Harvard University - Penetrate the official website of Kia in Molodov - Penetrate Revolution General Commission - Penetrate Syria's people - Penetrate the Egyptian Ministry of Health - Hit the sites that are free to Syria Hit the following Israeli sites:Site for Alzheimer's disease Israeli commercial sites Site diets Israeli Israeli Studies Institute site Israeli Education FundIsraeli Education Fund - Penetrate more than 7000 site from different countries to spread the Syrian message

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