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    American Educational Research Association1230 17th Street, N. W.Washington, D.C. 20036

    Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 1985

    Structured Immersion for Language Minority Students: Results of aLongitudinal Evaluation/ Russell Gersten

    Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs: A Cost-Effectiveness Com-parison/ Jon J. Denton and Nick L. Smith

    An Old and a New Question on the Effects of Early Education forChildren from Low Income Families/ Kathleen Hebbeler

    Estimating the Net Benefit of School Desegregation Reassignments/Christine H. Rossell

    The Awarding of Carnegie Units to Learning Disabled High SchoolStudents: A Policy Study/Julia Hall and Paul Gerber

    Evaluation Research and Program Evaluation: Retrospect and Pros-pect/ Maurice J. Eash

    The View of a Program Director/ Paul A. HoodA Personal Interpretation/ Robert E. StakeWhere We Are and Where We Need to Go/Jonathan Z. ShapiroA Reformulation of the Role of the Evaluator/ Maurice J. EashEvaluation: A Profession?/ Jack C. Merwin and Paul H. WienerThe Design of School Accountability Systems/ Guy BenvenistePolicy Analysis of California's Program for Gifted and Talented

    Students/ Christine T. WoodA Descriptive Study of the Intents of State-Level Textbook Adoption

    Processes/ Michael A. TulleyContextual Influences on Evaluations: The Case of Innovative Pro-

    grams in Dutch Education/ Jaap Scheerens


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    Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 1985

    The Educational Policy Consequences of Economic Instability: TheEmerging Political Economy of American Education/ James W.Guthrie

    Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Perry Preschool Program and Its PolicyImplications/ W. Steven Barnett

    Policy and Competence: Can the State Change Teachers' Skills? / BruceFuller, Margaret M. Noel, and David B. Malouf

    The Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers: A Review of theEvidence/ Russell Rumberger

    Solving the Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers/ Henry M.Levin

    The Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers: Lessons fromHigher Education/ Louis K. Woo

    Education Finance 1985: A Rising Tide or Steady Fiscal State?/ AllanOdden

    Is There a Conflict Between Equity and Excellence?/ Kenneth A.StrikeMedium of Presentation: Does It Make a Difference in the Reception of

    Evaluation Information?/ William K. RipleyPredictors of Principals' Reliance on Formal and Informal Sources of

    Information/ Wendy H. McColskey, James Jv. Altschuld, andRaymond W. Lawton

    An Exploratory Study of Contextual Factors as Influences on SchoolBoard Evaluation Information Needs for Decisionrnakingj RobertD. Brown, Dianna L. Newman, and Linda S. Rivers

    A Journey to the Midway: Ralph Winfred Tyler/Joseph A. O'Shea


    Pergamon Press, Inc.Fairview ParkElmsford, New York 10523

    Volume 8, Number 3,1985

    Promises to Keep: An Evaluator's Perspective on Employee AssistancePrograms/ Werner G. Albert, Padric C. Smythe, and Robert C.Brook

    Evaluating Employee Assistance Policy in an HMO-Based AlcoholismProject/ Sandra L. Putnam and Robert L. Stout

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    Cybernetic Appropriateness Review: Does It.Change Physician Hospi-tal Utilization Patterns?/ James Studnicki and Charles E. Stevens

    The Evaluation and Monitoring of a Medicaid Second SurgicalOpinion Program/ Timothy J. Tyson

    Evaluating Correctional Health Care: The Lessons of New YorkCity/ Thomas J. Reed

    A Systems Method for the Identification of Variable Service Needs ofthe Elderly/ Leonard Kooperman, Donald R. Cooper. and DonaldA. Clare

    The Subjective Well-Being of Mental Patients in Nursing Homes/William R. Shadish , Jr.. Robert G. Orwin, Bohne G. Silber, andRichard R. Bottzin

    The ERS Standards for Program Evaluation: Guidance for a FledglingProfession/ Yvonna S. Lincoln

    Avoiding Evaluation Cooptation: Lessons from a Renal DialysisEvaluation/ Elizabethann O'Sullivan, Gayle W. Burleson, andWilliam E. Lamb

    Managing the Implementation of Innovations/ Cynthia Roberts-GrayThe Conduct of Program Evaluation Reviews in the General Accounting

    Office/ Wallace Earl WalkerEVALUATION REVIEW

    Sage Publications, Inc.275 South Beverly DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90212

    Volume 9, Number 4, August 1985

    Social Policy Experimentation: A Position Paper/ Richard A. Berk,Robert F. Boruch. David L. Chambers, Peter H. Rossi. and AnnD. Witte

    Comments on "Social Policy Experimentation"/ Eleanor Chelimsky"Social Policy Experimentation": Some Comments and Caveats/

    Roberta Balstad MillerNutrition Behavior Change: Outcomes of an Educational Ap-

    proach/ Patricia K. Edwards, Alan C. Acock, and Robert L.Johnston

    Measuring Program Implementation with a Classroom ObservationInstrument: The Interactive Teaching Map/ Douglas M. Kerr,Lori Kent, and Tony C. M. Lam

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    Comparing and Contrasting Auditing and Evaluation: Some Notes onTheir Relationship/ Eleanor Chelimsky

    Volume 9, Number 5, October 1985

    Triangulation in Evaluation: Design and Analysis Issues/ JenniferGreene and Charles McClintock

    Performance Evaluation for Systems of Assigned Service Providers: ADemonstration Assessing Systems of Indigent Defense/ PaulineHolden and Steven Balkin

    Pattern Matching, Validity, and Conceptualization in Program Evalu-ation/ William M. K. Trochim

    Stakeholder-Based Evaluation and Value Judgments/ Melvin M. Markand R. Lance Shotland

    Numbers and Words: Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methodsin a Single Large-Scale Evaluation Study/ Gretchen B. Rossmanand Bruce L. Wilson

    The Lay Public's Need for School Evaluation Information: Effects ofVoting Habits and Parental Status/ Dianna L. Newman and KayS.Bull


    Sage Publications. Inc.275 South Beverly DriveBeverly Hills. CA 90212

    Volume 8, Number 3, September 1985

    Twenty Years of Research on the Quality of Medical Care: 1964-1984/A vedis Donabedian

    Specialty Selection: Relationship of Cognitive and Noncognitive Factorsof Prematriculation and Undergraduate Medical Education/William Sorlie and Diane Essex-Sorlie

    Collaborative Practice and Patient Satisfaction: Impact and SelectedOutcomes/ Beverly L. Koerner. Joy Ruth Cohen. and Doris AI.Armstrong

    Identification of the Facets of Self-Help Management/ Kathy E. GreenPrimary Medical Care and Health Outcome/ William G. Smith and

    Don BueschingStudents as Evaluators: Is Anonymity Worth Protecting?/ Robert J.


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    A Foreign Medical School Transfer Program: Student Performanceand Career Choices/ Lloyd A. Lewis and Terrence T. Kuske

    A Follow-Up Study of Internal Medicine Residents' and Faculty StaffPhysicians' Attitudes Toward Patients' Characteristics/ Ilene B.Harris. Eugene C. Rich, and Terry Crowson

    Volume 8, Number 4, December 1985

    Structural Equation Models of Moral Reasoning and PhysicianPerformancej T. Joseph Sheehan, Daniel Candee, Janice Willms,Julie C. Donnelly, and Susan D. R. Husted

    Perceived Quality of Hospital Care: Consensus Among Physicians,Nurses,and Consumers/ R. Barker Bausell

    Assessment of Student Clinical Performance: The State of the ArtjStephen Abrahamson

    Quality of Care: Relationship to Quality of Educationj Harold G.Levine

    Direct Mail in a Cardiovascular Health Campaign: Use and Effective-nessj Charles T. Salmon, Barbara Loken, and John Finnegan, Jr.

    National Certification Exam for Clinical Laboratory Scientists: AConstruct Validity Studyj Karen R. Karni

    Setting Cutoff Scores on Credentialing Examinations: A Refinement inthe Nedelsky Procedure/ Leon J. Gross

    Assessing the Test-Wiseness of Health Science Students: Developmentand Validation of an Instrumentj Leo M. Harvill


    Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers433 California StreetSan Francisco, California 94104

    Number 24, December 1984

    An Alternative Approach to Evaluation in Continuing Education/ DavidDeshler

    Involving Program Constituencies in the Evaluation Processj DavidDeshler

    Formative Evaluation as Model BuildingjJohn D. EggertFormative Evaluation of Program Goals and Purposes/ Helen W.

    BrownProgram Improvement Through Value Audits/ David Charles Smith

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    Applications in Management Training and Organizational Devel-opment! David B. Whitcomb

    Uses of Educational Technology for Formative Evaluation! Vandra L.Huber and Geri Gray

    The Potential of Program Monitoring/ Joan WrightToward a Theory of Formative Program Evaluation/ Charles

    McCltntockReflections on Evaluation Decision Making! David Deshler


    Sage Publications, Inc.275 South Beverly DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90212

    Volume 7, Number 1, September 1985

    Role Parity in International Social Science; Collaborative Research:Research Roles of U.S. Researchers and Their Collabo-rators! Krishna Kumar

    Commissions and the Use of Social Science Research: The Case of SafeSchools/ Karen Seashore Louis and Robert J. Perlman

    Professional Specialization, Perceived Anomalies, and Rival Cos-mologies/ C. M. Copp

    Ordinary Knowing and Policy Science: Making Ends Meet/ Mark A.Emmert

    Volume 7, Number 2, December 1985

    The Evolution of a Body of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Problem-Focused Research/Julie Thompson Klein

    Effect of Time on Information Utilization/ Judith K. LarsenResearch Influences in Decision Making to Control and Prevent

    Violence/ Knowlton W. JohnsonSocial Policy: An Exercise in Metaphor/ Donald F. Miller