Tablets Changing the Way We do Business

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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Tablets Changing the Way We do Business</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Tablets Changing the Way We do Business</p><p>Now is a good time to invest in a tablet. Broadband Genie's Joe Linford illuminates some of the best</p><p>ways tablet computers can increase productivity.</p><p>San Diego, CA, January 25, 2012 --( Connectivity, portability, and app availability all factor in</p><p>to the appeal of the tablet computer. Wireless and mobile broadband network enabled devices allow aportable workstation that can be used to conduct business anywhere. The weight of the tablet bests many</p><p>laptops. The iPad, Sony Tablet S, and the Samsung Galaxy all weigh in at 1.3 lbs. With over 2,300business apps in the app store via iTunes, and over 140,000 for iPad overall, tablets are the future for</p><p>professionals and business.</p><p>There's no doubt that the tablet computer is here to stay, even more so when it comes to keepingbusiness professionals productive on the move, writes Joe Linford for Business Review USA,Consumers are often attracted to a tablet's hardware, and for this, the options are pretty much unlimited</p><p>now that new models come in all shapes, sizes and operating system variations.</p><p>The tablet industry is a booming sphere for business professionals and consumers. U.S. tablet sales,excluding iPad sales, reached $415 million in revenue from January to October, 2011. 1.2 million units</p><p>and accessories raked in nearly $700 million in the tablet industry last year, and Apple iPad sales reportedan all-time record for fourth quarter revenue and earnings by selling 11 million iPads. To read the fullarticle, go to</p><p>About Business Review USA:Business Review USA is a leading digital media source of news and content for C-level executivesfocused on business and industry-specific news throughout the United States. Through its digital</p><p>magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, Business Review USA helps executivesstay up-to-date with the most fundamental operational issues in demanding and ever more competitive</p><p>global business sectors.</p><p>Business Review USA is the territory-dedicated arm of the WDM Group. Founded in 2007 byentrepreneur Glen White, WDM Group retains a diversified portfolio of websites and magazines. Thegroup holds a worldwide presence with its global headquarters located in San Diego, California, and</p><p>additional offices in Boston, Toronto, Mumbai, India and Norwich, England.</p><p>Media Contact:Sam Soares</p><p>Public Relations Coordinator5901 Priestly Drive # 300</p><p>Carlsbad, CA 92008Phone: 1.760.607.5532</p><p>###</p><p>Page 1/ Press Release Distribution Terms of Use</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Tablets Changing the Way We do Business</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Contact Information:</p><p>WDM Group</p><p>Robert Morris(760) 827-7800Contact via</p><p>Online Version of Press Release:</p><p>You can read the online version of this press release at:</p><p>Page 2/ Press Release Distribution Terms of Use</p></li></ul>


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