Take Flights to New York for a Glimpse of the Statue of Liberty

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New York is one of those places you would definitely want to keep going again. book cheap flights to New York & enjoy moments of joy and fun.


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    Some monuments are known by their cities while some cities are known for their monuments. One iconic

    structure can give a whole new meaning to a destination by becoming the centre of attraction. The world is

    full of such renowned places and one such mega structure belongs to New York City. Undoubtedly it is the

    Statue of Liberty.

    It is indeed interesting to know that the mega structure was not built in New York City. it was constructed in

    Paris, France and sent to United States of America.

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    The best and most convenient way for reaching the statue sight is by taking a ferry ride. Various ferry rides are

    available from Battery Park in NYC or Liberty State Park in Jersey City. It takes hardly 20 minutes to reach the

    destination. It is a better idea to keep some extra time in hand during your visit to the Statue of Liberty as the

    tours are very popular. Nearly 3.5 million people visit the Statue of Liberty every year.

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    If you are looking for a more indulging way of exploring the architecture brilliance, use the stairs to reach the

    observation deck. It will take 393 stairs to reach the crown of the statue, initially it was 354 stairs but after the

    renovation, it has increased. Although you have to climb almost 39 extra stairs but they are now much safer

    and less steep. If you are planning to do so please book your tickets well in advance as only 240 people per

    day are allowed. Once you reach the observation deck, the stunning views of New York City will compensate

    all the hard work.

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    Several tour operators provide a great option to explore the Statue of Liberty through a helicopter ride. It is

    an awesome experience to get a close up view of the statue along with other spectacular sights. The bird eye

    views of the landmarks will always remain fresh in your memory for a long time. Tour operators offer cheap

    flights to New York to make your trip affordable.