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Takemusu Aikido Verband Deutschland Takemusu Aikido · PDF fileDan Borg started training aikido at Gothenburg Aikido Club and became student of Ulf Evenås Shihan in 1980. He He went

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Text of Takemusu Aikido Verband Deutschland Takemusu Aikido · PDF fileDan Borg started training...

  • International Seminar in Takemusu Aikido

    15.2. - 17.2.2019

    Dan Borg 6. Dan Aikikai Shidoin GteborgOleg Yakimow 6. Dan Aikikai St. Petersburg Rudolf Preuss 6. Dan Aikikai Dortmund

    Shidoin Shidoin

    Takemusu Aikido Verband Deutschland

    Takemusu Aikido Dortmund

    Dan Borg started training aikido at Gothenburg Aikido Club and became student of Ulf Evens Shihan in 1980. He went to Shibu Dojo in Iwama to study as an uchi-deshi directly under Morihiro Saito Shihan in 1991. He has received the fourth mokuroku, second highest instructor degree in the Morihiro Saito bukiwaza system. Dan-sensei started teaching at Gothenburg Aikido Club in 1990 and is currently the assistant head instructor under Ulf Evens Shihan. He is the chairman of the club.

    Oleg-Yakimov started Takemusu Aikido in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1989. He became a student of Ulf Evens Shihan in 1992. He has been an uchi-deshi in Gothenburg under Ulf Evens Shihan many times and participated in numerous seminars. Oleg has also participated in several seminars with Morihiro Saito Shihan and been an uchi-deshi in Iwama twice. He is an professional Aikido instructor and trainer of sport by Institute diploma.He is currently teaching in his own club in St. Petersburg, and frequently teaches seminars all over Russia, Georgia, and Belorussia. Oleg is the co-founder and President of Takemusu Aikido Russia, and he is also a member of the Board of Directors of several other National Aikido Federations.

    Rudolf Preuss has practiced Aikido more than 30 years, is a 6 dan Aikikai Shidoin and also holds the second mokuroku in Bukiwaza from Morihiro Saito Shihan. He visted the most of Saito Senseis Seminars in Europe, was a student from Marc and Ute van Meerendonk and follows Ulf Evens Shihan. He has been organizing seminars with Ulf Evens Shihan over decades in Germany. In 1995 he founded Takemusu Aikido Dortmund . He is the president of Takemusu Aikido Association Germany and teaches seminars all over Germany.

    (Swimming and Martial Arts)

    RegistrationPlease register by Febuary 5th. The number of participants is limited. To ensure your space please register early. No on-site registrations. Send your registration by e-mail: [email protected] the camp is full, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list. A confirmation of the registration and the payment will be sent.

  • 15.2. - 17. 2019


    Takemusu Aikido Dortmund, Hrderstr 29 44309 Dortmund (Google Maps)


    Friday 15.2.. 18.00 - 19.00h19.15 - 20.15h

    Saturday 16.2. 10.00 - 11.00h11.15 - 12.15h16.00 - 17.00h17.15 - 18.15h19.00 Buffet

    Sunday 17.2. 10.00 - 11.0011.15 - 12.15

    AccommodationIn the Dojo (free) www.dortmund-aikido.deYouth Hostel: Jugendgstehaus Adolph Kolping Stadtmitte (

    Training Fees Teenagers: 30.- Adults: 50.- Buffet at 16.2.: 15.-

    PaymentMake money order payable to: Takemusu Aikido Verband DeutschlandBank name:

    Reason for transfer: Feb 2019Foreign Aikidoa can pay cash.

    Please notePlease complete your own accident insurance. The organizers assume no liability.No video recordings or serial images during the training.Hakama worn by yudansha only.Bring your jo and bokken, and tanken if owned.

    ContactQuestions or need assistance? Please contact us [email protected] .de or by phone at +49 231 255 698

    We are looking forward to seeing you.

    Rudolf Preuss / Martin Werner

    Sparkasse IserlohnIBAN: De95445500450018082560 / BIC: WELADED1ISL