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TCI Packaging Cashew packaging case

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TCI Packaging Division

TCI PACKAGING DIVISIONPresented byFaraaz Mohammed - 14050Gayathri Satish- 14055Paras Mainali-14097Siddharth Hegde- 14152FACTS TCI Established in the year 1910 as Cigarette manufacturing and marketing organization One of the most diversified business and professionally managed business houses in India $1.5 billion enterprise as of 1992STAKEHOLDERS Exporters Tin Manufacturers Producers Importers Channels Packaging Industry- Kovak packaging, CAM Companys packaging & BIB Flexi PackPACKAGING OF CASHEW KERNELS Bulk exports using Vitapack System Tins are filled using Jerk moment Placed under Bell Jar and vacuumized upto 26 Inches Tins are then sealed with tin lid and Lead soldering

PROBLEMS Lead Solder Contamination- Health Hazard Disposability- Floor Space & Disposing Recyclability- Green initiatives Safety Aspects- Sharp EdgesFEATURES REQUIRED IN BULK PACKS Enough strength to withstand pressure of handling and transporting Containers should be leak proof Shelf Life of cashews Splits and broken percentage Resistance to pest in Go downs Price of bulk packs Investments

A-B-C-D FRAMEWORK AccessMainly exported to US and UK marketThey have high levels of living standards and proper distribution systemsIndia is the largest exporter of cashew kernels, hence can be accessed through India Buying BehaviourChain stores are the buyers mostlyIndian cashew is in good demand and are of good qualityIn 60-70% of the cases, the product is repacked under their own brand name local brands affect buying behaviour

Consumption CharacteristicsUrban consumption patternsPriceFreshness and hygieneDelivery timeSafety (Lead contamination in tin, sharp edges) DisposalEmpty tins to be scrappedOccupies large floor space since its not collapsibleSharp edges may injure peopleIn some countries, importers are asked to pay for recycling

MARKETING STRATEGYFor the new packaging strategy the following could be done-Product- Using the new technology BIB BIB technology was convenient to use, hygienic and tamper proof. The advantage of using this technology is that is can be afforded at a lower cost then the tin containers.Price-Using BIB also reduced the cost compared to the tin containers

1011Place Countries that are exporting cashew kernels New countries which promote environment friendly packed productsPromotion TCI can promote their product by showcasing the different certification like Certification from EIA (Export inspection Agency) certification in using this BIB. Certification from the Association of Cashew Exporters and CCPE (Council for Cashew Exports and Promotion) By Cost advantages of this new pack when compared with the old traditional one. TCI can create awareness of its usage. Focusing on the environment friendly aspects

AAA STRATEGIES FOR GLOBAL VALUE CREATION Adaptation - different strategies that adjust to differences across countries and adopt different packaging methods according to the needs of the countries.Aggregation - strategies that overcome some differences among countries by grouping them based on similarities and coming up with new technology and making some innovation in the existing bulk packaging systems, so that countries where the cashew kernel are exported they can be satisfied and problem can be minimizedArbitrage - strategies that focus on exploiting differences instead of treating them as constraints and make sure of gaining advantage from countries 12CAGE FRAMEWORKCountries/Attributes

Cultural distance

Administrative distance

Geographic distance

Economic distance

USA & INDIAOfficial language = EnglishIndian population 3%, 3.4 MillionChristianity- 84%Lack of common currencyFederal Govt.12th ranked free trade(75%)Edible fruits & nuts (3.2%)13568 kmDifference in climate.US GDP: 16.8 trillion USD India GDP: 1.88 trillion USD FDI to US from India 5.5K mill UK & INDIAOfficial language = EnglishIndian population 2.5%, 1,412,958 peopleChristianity- 72%Lack of common currency13th ranked free trade(74%)7658 kmAtmospheric instabilityUK GDP: 2.5 trillion USDMost favoured FDI destination in Europe1313SOURCES: ECONOMIC TIMES, WIKIPEDIA, HERITAGE.OrgCountries/AttributesCultural distanceAdministrative distanceGeographic distance

Economic distance

NETHERLANDS & INDIAOfficial language = DutchNo dialect = English known only to 86%Indian population 1.5%, 123,000, Second largest in EuropeRoman catholic-48%Parliamentary Govt.17th rank in free trade(74%)NIA 65 years of history7106 kmAtmospheric instabilityGDP Netherlands: 800.2 billion USD INDIA stands 5th largest of FDISINGAPORE & INDIAOfficial language = MalayIndian population 9%, 5,567,301 (July 2014 est.)Buddhist 46%Parliamentary Govt.2nd rank in free trade(90%)Bilateral trade in 2013,S$25.5 billion 6thlargest trading partner3423 kmNo difference in climatic conditionsGDP Singapore: 297.9 billion14SOURCES: ECONOMIC TIMES, WIKIPEDIA, HERITAGE.Org14

Source: BIB Packaging Recyclable Degradable Varied sizes and forms No lead contamination Low cost packaging system Issues 7% broken and splits Susceptible to rats

Kovak Packaging For small distances. Example: Singapore, Hong Kong16THANK YOU!