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Endoscopic Ultrasound Electronic Medical Records Live a Healthy Lifestyle TDDC takes your health seriously. We do our best to be at the cutting edge of our discipline in technology while bringing you the crème de la crème of physicians to care for your digestive health. TDDC has become a model for other centralized medical organizations Reasons to have your colonoscopy performed by a gastroenterologist How do patients benefit from EMR? How can you stay digestively healthy? A publication from

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  • TDDC Today is an educational and informativeresource for referring physicians, providers,and other related health care professionals, aswell as the general public. This publication willfocus on providing up-to-date information oninnovative and evolving treatments for gastro-enterology-related disorders and diseases.

    The information contained in this publication isnot intended to replace a physicians profes-sional consultation and assessment. Pleaseconsult your physician on matters related toyour personal health.

    Contributing WritersKarrie WelbornChuck Colley

    A publication from

    Texas Digestive Disease Consultants1420 W. Mockingbird Ln.,#340

    Dallas, TX 75247(214) 424-2200

    (214) 424-2220

    For additionaloffice locations, visit our web site.

    President James J. Weber, MDCFO Allen W. Rubin, MD

    Administrator Peggy SeilerVice President Steven Wilkofsky, MDVice President Michael Nunez, MD

    Vice President Osvaldo Fajardo, MDVice President S Neil Mehta, MD

    Vice President Esmail Elwazir, MDVice President Stephen Lacey, MDVice President German Oliver, MDVice President Waldo Bracy, MD

    Opening RemarksWelcome to this, our third issue of TDDC Today!

    In this issue you will find a little history on how TDDC came to be;how it works, and why it benefits you, our patients. Weve includedsome informative articles on digestive health issues as well as anarticle on why electronic medical records (EMR) are more than justa digital versions of the old paper records.

    TDDC takes your health seriously. We do our best to be at the cuttingedge of our discipline in technology while bringing you the crme de

    la crme of physicians to care for your digestive health.

    TDDCs staff hopes you will enjoy the information in this issue. Please feel free toshare your comments with us.

    Sincerely,James J. Weber, MDPresident

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    TDDC Today is published by Oser-Bentley Custom Publishers, LLC, adivision of Oser Communications Group, Inc., 1877 N. Kolb Road,Tucson, AZ 85715. Phone (972) 687-9035 or (520) 721-1300, fax(520) 721-6300, Oser-Bentley Custom Publishers,LLC specializes in creating and publishing custom magazines.Inquiries: Tina Bentley, Editorial comments:Karrie Welborn, Please call or fax for a newsubscription, change of address, or single copy. This publication maynot be reproduced in part or in whole without the express writtenpermission of Oser-Bentley Custom Publishers, LLC. To advertise inan upcoming issue of this publication, please contact us at (972)687-9035 or (520) 721-1300 or visit us on the Web at March 2009

    Contents Volume 1 Issue 3TDDC A Model for GrowthTDDC has become a model for other centralized medical organizations

    Why GastroenterologistsReasons to have your colonoscopyperformed by a gastroenterologist

    Electronic Medical RecordsHow do patients benefit from EMR?

    Endoscopic UltrasoundWhat is this procedure and how can it help you?

    Live a Healthy LifestyleHow can you stay digestively healthy?





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    TDDC . . .A Model for GrowthFor fourteen years Texas Digestive DiseaseConsultants (TDDC) has been providingexcellent digestive health care, even as they(without necessarily planning it) became asuccessful model for a centralized medicalorganization. TDDCs reputation among themedical community is one that has newphysicians champing at the bit to become apart of the organization. To be accepted asone of the TDDCs physicians is consideredan honor in the medical community. Adynamic rather than static model for bothbusiness practices and medical providers,the organization is strongly founded inforward thinking and prides itself on beingopen to new concepts and new technologies.Perhaps though, what TDDC does best is to

    bring together the convenience of a largecorporate structure with the autonomy andindependence of a private practice.

    In 1995 the impetus for what evolved intoTDDC included a quest to lower costsand a way to provide common coverage.TDDC has grown from that initialenterprise to one of a multi-center, 17-officeorganization providing top level care topatients and centralized resources for allmedical personnel.

    According to founder and President James J.Weber, MD, it all just happened. He notesthat since 1995 the organization has tripledin size. Currently there are 44 physicians

    across the geography of the Dallas-Ft. WorthMetroplex. What is truly impressive is thatthe growth occurred without any advertisingor attempt to market the organization.The offices / centers that joined after theoriginal phase, have all come to TDDC andrequested an opportunity to join.

    The model not only works, it continues todraw more physicians and centers into itsfold simply because it is the best of twoworldsprivate practice and a larger,centralized organization. There are certainlyother centralized medical organizations inTexas and the country, what makes TDDCunique is that the physicians to not have topay to belong. The organization is more like

    A Successful Model for a Centralized Medical Organizationwith James Weber, MD

  • TDDC Today 5

    an extended family in structure than amany-tiered or rigid corporation.

    How Does It Work?Centers are admitted to the TDDC family ofphysicians without the requirement of an on-going financial partnership commitmentthat locks them to the organization. Anydoctor or center is able to withdraw from thegroup at any time. Each office is able to createand maintain their own ambience andcomfortable way of working while still beingable to access the centralized hub of digitallybased billing, medical records and otherbusiness-focused information. Each officebenefits from the corporate ability tonegotiate lower insurance rates and otherbusiness expenses as well as uniform access tobilling, medical records and other companycommunication processes. The businessaspect is concrete and secure, yet removedfrom the desk of the physician so he or shecan concentrate on the patients. All this inaddition to having access to a histology lab, apharmacy within the organization, and othercomponents of a large medical facility that arenormally too expensive for a small privatepractice to afford.

    Equally beneficial across the organization isthe connection to the other physicians.There is a monthly board meeting whererepresentatives from each center meet todiscuss major decision, ideas, and possibleapplicants. Also, any member of the

    organization can contact any other memberto discuss new procedures, research, or toconsult with any member regarding apatient. This ability to communicate acrossoffices and centers becomes an intrinsicsupport system for all concerned.

    A perfect analogy for the organization is awagon wheel.

    Each spoke of the wheel hasspace between it andthe other spokes,while beingconnectedto thebusinessrealityat theinnercircle(thehub)and thecommunityof ideas andknowledge at theouter circle (the rim).

    With quality, professionalism, compassion,and dedication working together to createa cohesive functionality (accented byindividual grace and style) the wheelthat is TDDC, continues its dynamicmovement forward.

    Dr. James Weber received adegree in biomedical science

    from Texas A&M University

    in 1983. He obtained

    his medical degree from

    the University of Texas

    Southwestern Medical School

    in Dallas in 1987. His

    internship and residency were

    in internal medicine at Parkland Memorial

    Hospital. Dr. Weber then completed

    his gastroenterology fellowship at

    Baylor University Medical Center

    in 1992 and is board certified

    in Gastroenterology. He

    opened his gastroenterology

    practice in 1992 at Baylor

    Regional Medical Center

    at Grapevine where he

    has been president of

    the medical staff, Chief

    of Gastroenterology, and

    on the Board of Trustees. He

    is the President of Texas

    Digestive Disease Consultants

    and an active member of

    the American Gastroenterology

    Association, American College of

    Gastroenterology, American Society for

    Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, as well as the Texas

    and Tarrant County Medical Associations. His

    areas of special interest include colorectal cancer

    prevention and inflammatory bowel disease.

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    Why Gastroenterologists Should Perform ColonoscopyRaj Putcha, MD, Chief of Gastroenterologyat the Medical Center of McKinney, offersthree compelling reasons why it is better forgastroenterologists to perform colonoscopyrather than other specialists.

    Training From the time gastroenterologists HiromiShinya, MD and William Wolff, MD

    pioneered colonoscopy in the late1960s, there has been on-going researchand technological advancements in thedisciplinenot only in the far-sightednessof this medical specialty, but in thetraining and experience of its practitioners.In the course of their specializedtraining, gastroenterologists complete athree-year fellowship. During this

    fellowship, which is in part dedicatedto colonoscopy, each doctor typicallycompletes well over 1,000 procedures.While other medical practitioners maybe trained in colonoscopy, they are requiredto learn/perform only 25 colonoscopies.Dr. Putcha believes that to truly learnthe art of the colonoscopy, a physicianneeds the full three years of study and

    Training, Experience & Educationwith Raj Putcha, MD

  • TDDC Today 7

    the breadth of experience that thefellowship provides. Through this dedicatedtraining, a patient feels confident thattheir colonoscopy is being performed bythe expert, a gastroenterologist.