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Team MacDill: AMC IG says you’re ‘Excellent’ · PDF file ‘Excellent’ and those scores are not given out, they’re earned! The Air Mobility Command Inspector General Team

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  • Vol. 39, No. 47 Friday, Novewmber 12,, 2010

    Photo by Tech. Sgt. Tanika Belfield

    (Left to right) Col. Donald Barnes, 6th Mission Support group commander; Col. Lenny Richoux, 6th AMW commander; Col. James Morgan, 6th Operations Group commander; Col. David Pavey, 927th Air Refueling Wing commander; and Col. Dave Cohen, 6th AMW vice commander at the moment of celebration when it was learned Team MacDill scored an “Excellent” overall for the Nuclear Operations Readiness Inspection.

    Team MacDill: AMC IG says you’re ‘Excellent’

  • by Col. Lenny Richoux 6th Air Mobility Wing commander

    On Thursday, November 11, we paused to reflect upon one of our nation’s greatest assets: our veterans. In America, Veteran’s Day is a unique holiday: symbolizing the service, self sacrifice and honor shown by those who have come before us in the Armed Services. No mat- ter your military background, your deployment experience or occupation, on Veteran’s Day, we’re all united in our gratitude for those who came before us.

    I’d like to thank the men and women of the 6th AMW and 927th ARW for the hard work and preparation that went into proving our mission readiness in support of a major opera- tional plan. As you know, our overall score was ‘Excellent’ and those scores are not given out, they’re earned! The Air Mobility Command Inspector General Team departed Tuesday and provided several examples in which you are setting the standard for AMC.

    Your hard work deserves a reward. Col Dave Pavey and I have asked commanders to grant November 12 as a family day for the 6th AMW and 927th ARW.

    Essential mission support will continue, with the exception of our clinic. We now set our sights on the January Operational Readiness Inspection. Again, we will show the IG just how ready Team MacDill is. Thank you!

    As always, and especially over the long

    weekend, keep safety in mind and take care of your wingmen!

    Onto this week’s “shout outs …” Senior Airman Robert Schwartzkopf,

    6th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, excelled in support of the Navy’s COMPUTEX mission. Airman Schwartzkopf successfully troubleshot and repaired a hydraulic system problem that allowed one of our KC-135s to complete its mission and refuel our joint partner’s aircraft!

    From the 6th Medical Group, Staff Sgt. Raquel Solivan was awarded her CCAF degree in Allied Health Science. Sergeant So- livan, congratulations on earning your degree and furthering your development as an Air- man. Well done!

    Also, Senior Airman Todd Lange was selected to participate in the Recruiter Assis- tance Program and will perform his recruiting assistance duties in Pennsylvania. I hope your recruiting experiences broaden and enrich your perspective on military service!

    Capt. Jonathan Davis, in the 91st Air Refueling Squadron, has been pulling double duty as executive officer and KC-135 co-pilot, recently. He’s excelled in administrative efforts while flying dozens of missions, including com- bat and presidential support sorties. All of that devotion has earned him the title of Pilot of the Quarter in the 91st!

    Finally, from the 6th Civil Engineer Squad- ron, Staff Sgt. Philip Harwood went out of his way to assist an elderly couple having car

    trouble. Sergeant Harwood noticed their ve- hicle stalled in an intersection. He stopped to help and pushed the car into a nearby parking lot where the couple was able to safely call for assistance. Sergeant Harwood, you’re a shining example of why MacDill’s servicemembers are so appreciated by our Tampa Bay neighbors! Thank you for your service.

    I appreciate your hard work and motiva- tion Team MacDill. As always, I’m proud to serve in the finest Air Mobility Wing on the Face of the Planet!

    COMMANDER’s CORNER Honoring veterans; NORI results

    Col. Lenny Richoux (left), 6th Air Mobility Wing commander, greets members of the IG team arriving at MacDill.

    MacDill Thunderbolt Publisher: Denise Palmer

    Editor: Nick Stubbs

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    the Air Force or the 6th Air Mobility Wing. The appearance of advertising in this publication, includ-

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    Display advertising or classified advertising information may be obtained by calling 259-7455.

    News items for the MacDill Thunderbolt can be submitted to the 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs office, Bldg. 299, at 8208 Hangar Loop Drive, Suite 14, MacDill AFB, FL 33621, or call the MacDill Thunderbolt staff at 828-4586. Email: thunder- [email protected]

    Deadline for article submissions is noon, Thursdays to appear in the next week’s publication. Articles received after deadline may be considered for future use. All submissions are considered for publication based on news value and time- liness.

    Every article and photograph is edited for accuracy, clarity, brevity, conformance with the “Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual” and Air Force Instruction 35-101.

    COMMANDER’S ACTION LINE The Action Line provides a two-way communication between the 6th Air

    Mobility Wing commander and the MacDill community. A 24-hour record- ing service is provided so personnel may submit questions, concerns or comments. Call the Action Line at 828-INFO (4636) or e-mail macdillwing- [email protected]

  • NEWS/FEATURES: page 16

    Native American heritage

    Your T-bolt Today

    NEWS/FEATURES: page 13

    Veterans Day holiday hours

    COMMUNITY: page 31

    Events, movies, more...

    NEWS/FEATURES: page 4 Slow and steady

    NEWS/FEATURES: page 4

    Operation Partnership

    NEWS/FEATURES: page 22

    Operation Cookie Drop

    NEWS/FEATURES: page 8

    Retiree Appreciation schedule

    We’re looking for a few good Gingerbread Men.

    (And cookies, brownies, and other fresh-baked holiday treats.)

    The mission: Spread TLC to some VIPs: MacDill’s Dorm Residents! Your task: Bring cookies in disposable containers to Chapel Annex Two or the Brandon Clinic from 0700 to 1300 hrs on Mon Dec 13 Not able to bake? Not a problem! Donations of gallon ziploc bags and large disposable (i.e., Ziploc, Gladware) containers also needed

    Questions: Contact Michele Richoux, [email protected] THANK YOU for supporting our single and unaccompanied troops!! The 6th Annual Operation Cookie Drop is sponsored by MacDill Officer

    Spouses Club and Enlisted Spouses Club.

    Tuition assistance tid-bit #7

    Tuition Assistance and Degree Plans: It is the Airman’s responsibility to pro- vide the Education Office with their edu- cation goal and degree plan prior to re- questing TA [2.7.3] More specifically, we require an “evaluated” Degree Plan from the school-specifically for the member. A standard/generic plan will only be ac- cepted as an initial temporary measure until a evaluated degree plan is received. Failure to get this to our office from the school will result in future TA being dis- approved [5.1.3].

    by Col. David P. Pavey 927th Air Refueling Wing commander

    In 1918, at “the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month,” the guns fell silent on Eu- rope’s muddy battlefields when combat ceased between the Allied nations and Germany, effectively ending World War I. Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day, was declared a national holiday in many allied na- tions to commemorate members of the armed forces killed during this gruesome war. In 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, President Dwight Eisenhower renamed the holiday “Veterans Day” to remember all veter- ans, regardless of when or where they served. This is a day of reflection, a day for remember- ing.

    Since 1776, more than 48 million Ameri- cans have served our country. Whether they served in times of war or peace, America’s vet- erans all share a common bond - their unwav- ering belief in the cause of freedom, a belief so strong they were willing to give their lives, if need be, in its defense. Almost one million gave that ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation.

    We remember those who went before us, and those who still fight for us in present day. Like all warrior cultures, we remember stories of heroes like that of Army Sergeant Bob Barfield who ignored orders to abandon the dead and wounded strewn across a Korean battlefield. He carried his wounded platoon commander to safety, even shielding him with his own body when they came under fire from a group of Chinese soldiers. In the ensuing firefight, Sgt. Barfield killed five of the attackers and rallied the surviving members of his squad to block th

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