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Technical Communication

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Technical Communication. What is technical/professional communication? What does it mean to write clearly and correctly? What does it mean to write concisely? What is a problem-solving approach to writing? What part does audience awareness play in technical writing?. What is being said?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Technical Communication

Technical Communication

Technical CommunicationWhat is technical/professional communication?What does it mean to write clearly and correctly?What does it mean to write concisely?What is a problem-solving approach to writing?What part does audience awareness play in technical writing?What is being said?In the event that an operator is occupied with the operation of the vehicle, it is recommended for reasons of safety that the operator discontinue use of any communication device in order to ensure that focus and attention are paid to the operation of the vehicle and not to the communication device.

Technical and Professional communicationCommunication about complex, highly detailed problems, issues or subjects in the professional world. It helps audiences visualize and understand information so they can make informed and ethical decisions or take appropriate and safe actions.Where do we find it?Everywhere!Street signsNutritional informationInstructions on how to hook up your flat screen TVComputer manualsDetailed reportsNASA specificationsWorkplace writersCreate texts for multiple audiencesMake complex information understandableServe as a bridge among audiencesSolve problemsWork with and in technology Are research orientedAre aware of real world consequences of actions

Workplace problemsOnes needing information and action to solveExamples:

Ones needing specific forms of communication for specific audiencesExamples:

Technical documentsEmails and memosDefinitionsWebsitesManualsProposalsInformal reportsFormal reportsPSA: Problem Solving ApproachPlanResearchDraftReviseDistributePSA: Problem Solving ApproachPlanDescribe problemEstablish goalsIdentify audiences/stakeholdersConsider persuasion strategiesDetermine depth and breadth of information neededPSA: Problem Solving ApproachResearchGather informationOrganize in systematic mannerAssess depth and breadth of researchPSA: Problem Solving ApproachDraftDesign the documentParallel sectionsPlanned redundancyIntegrate visualsCheck for holes

PSA: Problem Solving ApproachReviseTest usabilitySolicit feedbackRevise based on feedbackEditPSA: Problem Solving ApproachDistributeConfirm format with audienceSendFollow upAssess success of documentWhats wrong with this memo?Lately I have received several complaints from our employees about the insurance provider for Greenleafs Caf, and I know of two other KC managers who have experienced the same kinds of complaints. There are miscellaneous little problems, such as having to use generic medicines. But there are other problems too. The morale of our employees is suffering, and the Greenleaf Caf chin should consider changing insurance providers because the current one, Centennial Insurance Company, is not good at paying for doctor visits that are supposed to be covered. The insurance plan is also expensive for both the Greenleaf company and the Greenleaf employees, but the service is poor. I have also received frequent complaints about Centennial not paying on time when they do pay. They are also cutting back on the services they cover. Therefore, I am asking you , as District Manager, to ask Caf headquarters about looking into other insurance providers.PSAGo back to the memo and use the PSA approach to rewrite itPlanpurpose, audienceResearchdata, case studiesDraft--organizeReviseusability, feedbackDistributefollow up

RhetoricAristotle: available means of persuasionZeno: open hand that allows optionsNonlinear: multiple possible solutions

Consider: exigency, audience needs, writers goal, writers credibilityWorld Wide WebAccessStorageMultimedia UseTransmissionCollaboration

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