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(Revised) Syllabus for Spring 2012 Technical Editing course taught by Dr. Cheryl E. Ball at Illinois State University.


SCHEDULE for ENGLISH 353: EDITING (SPRING 12) with Dr. Cheryl E. BallTextbook Legend: Must Purchase (at bookstore, etc.) TE = Technical Editing (Rude & Eaton, 5th edition) SCE = The Subversive Copy Editor (Carol Fisher Saller) GWRJ = Grassroots Writing Research Journal (Walker & McDufe, Eds.) PDFs or Links Provided RAW = Reading and Writing New Media (Ball & Kalmbach, Eds.) TCQ = Technical Communication Quarterly PO = Planned Obsolescence (Fitzpatrick) CLASS DATE January 18: Introductions DUE FOR CLASS DO IN CLASS editorial bio review syllabus philosophy & MBTI in-class assignment: pre-test HOMEWORK FOR NEXT CLASS TE 1 SCE Intro, 1, 2 GWRJ From the Editors, Publishing in Grassroots PO 5 Assignment: Editorial Values Statement TE 2 SCE 3, 4, 6 GWRJ Breaking Down Grammatical Snobbery Assignment: Style guide review TE 23, 24 SCE 9, 10, 11 GWRJ Playing Well with Others

January 25: Being an Editor

Values statement due

introductions discuss readings editing examples: Kairos 8-stage guidelines discuss readings editing examples editing exercises

February 1: Knowing Your Readers


SCHEDULE for ENGLISH 353: EDITING (SPRING 12) with Dr. Cheryl E. BallCLASS DATE February 8: Building Work Relationships DUE FOR CLASS DO IN CLASS discuss readings GWRJ editors forum HOMEWORK FOR NEXT CLASS TE 3, 14 SCE 5 PO Intro, 1 (rst 4 sections only) GWRJ The Genre of Reviews, Researching One in Six Million RAW Cinder, Ash, & Commitment GWRJ Reading Visual Texts, Genre Studies, Grice, and Burlesque TCQ: Assessing Scholarly Multimedia Ball, Adapting Editorial Peer Review TE 22, 17, 18 Assignment: Peer Review

February 15: Developing Your Authors

discuss readings editing examples (Kairos, GWRJ, RAW--handout): 1. developmental editing (Tier 1, 3) 2. peer-review (Tier 2) 3. comprehensive review (Stage 1) Assignment: Developmental editing Peer Review due evaluate peer reviews discuss readings editing example: Kairos Stage 2 editing exercise: GWRJ Templates

February 22: Design-Editing

TE 7, 8, 20, 21 SCE 7 RAW New Media Across Cultures, Disjoint Montage in Blow-Up Assignment: Style analysis of GWRJ TE 4, 5, 6, 19 Assignment: GWRJ Stage 1/2 edits

February 29: Using Workows

GWRJ style analysis due

discuss readings workow/collaboration examples: version control, repositories, CMSs editing examples: RAW editing exercise: draft GWRJ style guide


SCHEDULE for ENGLISH 353: EDITING (SPRING 12) with Dr. Cheryl E. BallCLASS DATE March 7: CopyEditing DUE FOR CLASS GWRJ Stage 1-2 edits DO IN CLASS compare GWRJ Stage 1-2 edits discuss readings examples: print, e-, and media line editing exercise: line-editing GWRJ with in-class review HOMEWORK FOR NEXT CLASS TE 9-12, 15, 16 Assignment: Copy-edit GWRJ article

Spring Break March 21: Assessing Our Progress March 28: Proofreading Copy-edits due Mid-Term Chat SCE 8 Assignment: Revisit/Revise editorial values statement Assignment: Revise GWRJ style guide TE 13 Assignment: Proofread your GWRJ article

Style guide review due

discuss copy-editing process/ assignments review style guide changes editing exercise: inputting others changes

April 4: Editing the Big Picture

Final copy due discuss readings & next stages in editing process examples: holistic reviews editing exercise: author queries Revised style guide due review & collate style guides preparing mss for publishing house

Assignment: Write author query for your GWRJ article.

April 11: Working with Publishers

Assignment: Use style guide to review the entire GWRJ mss & mark-up global edits Assignment: Write submittal memo to publisher


SCHEDULE for ENGLISH 353: EDITING (SPRING 12) with Dr. Cheryl E. BallCLASS DATE April 18: April 25: Finishing Touches May 2: Publishing the Final Product Final proof & submittal memo due Values statement w/ portfolio due DUE FOR CLASS DO IN CLASS Class cancelled OR Career Services? discuss next steps (blue lines & author proofs) Guest Speaker: tba post-test editing panel evals Assignment: Complete editorial values statement with small portfolio (3 items). Youre Done! :) HOMEWORK FOR NEXT CLASS