Technology Opportunities for Teaching Financial Literacy

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Technology Opportunities for Teaching Financial Literacy. Debbie Batchelor Maryland Council on Economic Education. A variety of sources to help you. Virtual Economicsv.4: What Is It?. A teaching tool with 1,400+ reproducible lessons covering 51 key concepts Practical teaching tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Technology Opportunities for Teaching Financial Literacy

Debbie BatchelorMaryland Council on Economic EducationA variety of sources to help you

Virtual Economicsv.4: What Is It?A teaching tool with

1,400+ reproducible lessons covering 51 key concepts

Practical teaching tips

Search tools

Concept videos

Financial Literacy in VE v.4

Financial Fitness for Life: Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12

What Personal Finance is About

Learning, Earning and Investing Grades 4-12

Virtual Economics Insurance Lessons

and many more Econ/Fin. Lit. resources

Concept Videos

High Performance Fast searchesNumber of lessons displayedOnline lessons automatically displayed Lessons can be saved to your computer or hard-driveRead-Out-Loud Capability

ALLEN: Click on CD to Read-Aloud page6

Looking for a Lesson? How about

LessonsInteractive tools

an online educational simulation that teaches about:

the stock market

the global economy

the importance of saving and investing

Participants develop skills in mathematics, language arts, research and critical thinking, while building and maintaining a stock portfolio. Games for Financial Literacy

The Great Piggy Bank AdventureLearning about money doesn't always have to be serious.Helps students learn how toset goals,

save money,

diversify assets,

avoid the dangers of inflation. Hands on Banking

Joey Approved Saving/Spending, Budgeting Interactive games Lesson PlansYoung Children: PreK-2Children: Grades 3-6

www.thefunvault.comCurrency/Money GamesSand Dollar City: Ages 8-12 (Earning, Decision-Making, Spending, Saving, Budgeting, Credit, etc Saving/Spending Wisely InflationAsset AllocationDiversification Budgeting Importance of Saving Using Financial Services Managing Credit Money Management

Online Videos for You (videos) (Its All About Your $) (Escape from Barter Island Interactive) (Lesson Plans) (Lessons with Interactive Whiteboard activities) (Common Cents) (Interactive Game: FedVille)The Federal ReserveFinancial Literacy AppEcon Ed Mobile Learning App: learn how to visualize and understand how inflation and the cost of credit can affect your spending and saving decisions.

Free download available at the iTunes App Store

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