Tefillin, What does the Bible say?

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A two-page Messianic Jewish article pertaining to what the Scriptures say about tefillin to include a brief excerpt as to whether or not Messianic Jews should don them.

Text of Tefillin, What does the Bible say?

  • Tefillin:Tefillin: What What doesdoes the Bible say?the Bible say?


  • For the most part, tefillin are two small

    leather cases containing texts from the He-

    brew Scriptures as traditionally worn (on both

    the forehead and the left arm) by Jewish men

    during the early morning prayer (http://

    www.thefreedictionary.com/tefillin). Though

    some may question the validity of donning

    tefillin, we do know that Torah teaches per-

    taining to its importance which is what this

    study entails. According to Torah, the act of

    donning tefillin demonstrates that the bearers

    testimony and his beliefs that alone is

    Elohim (reference Deuteronomy 6:8 & 11:8).

    To add, the act of donning tefillin is the bibli-

    cal means by which the worshipper may literally bind himself to the Heavenly Fathers

    commandments and His testimonies (i.e., The Ten Commandments).

    So, does the Bible encourage people to wear tefillin? It does. The Scriptures say,

    Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart (Proverbs 7:3). By don-

    ning tefillin, the worshipper demonstrates that he is a disciple- a person who follows

    the Heavenly Fathers disciplines and instructions that are prescribed in Torah

    (reference Isaiah 8:16). Hence, the act of donning tefillin demonstrates that the wear-

    ers earnest allegiance is to the Heavenly Fathers testimony, service, and covenant of

    Adonai: Thou shalt fear thy Elohim; Him shalt thou serve, and to Him shalt thou cleave

    (e.g, bind to), and swear by His Name (Deuteronomy 10:20 cr. John 3:33).

    From numerous verses such as the ones mentioned above, the Bible reveals that

    the act of donning tefillin is ever present within the commandments embodied in To-

    rah. Though Torah does not provide us with the exact details on how to go about

    wearing tefillin, it is a biblical practice that the Heavenly Father has given to those

    who desire to worship Him in spirit and in truth: Set Me (e.g., ) as a seal upon thine

    heart, as a seal upon thine arm [...] (Song of songs 8:6, KJV). Therefore, the practice of

    donning tefillin fulfills Yeshuas instruction when he cited, You shalt love your

    Elohim with all your heart, might, and soul (Deuteronomy 6:5).

  • Donning tefillin is not limited to Old Testament practices. Part of the disciple

    making process included the donning of tefillin (reference Isaiah 8:16). In like man-

    ner, Yeshua desired for his Jewish followers to teach the nations of the earth this

    beautiful enhancement that tefillin manifests within the worshipful lifestyle we call

    prayer. Israels king once said to his loyal subjects, Therefore, go and make disciples of

    all the [gentile] nations [] (Matthew 28:19). The New Testament describes this

    precious act as Hashem pointing out those who are truly His own special posses-

    sion (reference 2 Timothy 2:19). It is in this act of fulfilling Yeshuas instructio that

    those who don tefillin indicate to avenging angels whom not to harm: They were

    told not to hurt the grass or plants or trees but to attack all the people who did not have the seal

    of God (i.e., tefillin) on their foreheads (Revelations 9:4). Those who opt not to wear

    tefillin neither distinguish themselves from those who belong to the Heavenly Fa-

    thers possession and even demonstrate to be in complete disobedience to Elohim:

    The garlands have fallen from our heads. Weep for us because we have sinned

    (i.e., violated Torahs decrees) (Lamentation 5:16).

    The crown of glory is another phrase that appears throughout the Bible. This

    phrase directly points to the act of donning tefillin. Just as much as the righteous

    are rewarded with tefillin, so too the Bible promises that Messiah himself will one

    day give Hashems disciples tefillin to wear. As far as wearing tefillin is concerned,

    Peter once wrote, [...] when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory

    that will never fade away (1 Peter 5:5, NIV).

    To those who doubt whether or not donning tefillin is a Messianic principal that

    Messiah desire of his loyal subjects, members of the international bod of Messiah

    reason that Yeshua himself instructed us to do so and teach others how to don te-

    fillin. Hence, the act of donning tefillin is not be a matter of debate; rather, its a

    matter of personal, sincere worship to the Heavenly Father who created the ex-

    panse of the Universe. Those who contend with the issue is simply perceived as an

    anathema, a person who opposes the biblical guidelines that are set-forth for us to

    discover and follow. Otherwise, this study provided a reference resource by which

    followers of Messiah Yeshua can refer to about Tefillin, and what the Bible says

    about it.


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