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Teichert 125th Anniversary Profile

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  • Building Trust Since 1887

    Special promotional supplement as seen in

  • Teichert Inc. is a pillar in the construction

    industry and a Northern California icon.

    Teicherts impact can be seen at nearly every

    turn throughout our communities, from

    our cities infrastructure and the highways

    connecting them to the companys outstand-

    ing charitable contributions to the region.

    Founded in 1887 and celebrating 125

    years in business, Teichert continues to

    grow with integrity and excellence as the

    Sacramento region and Central Valley grows.

    From the early craftsmanship of sidewalks

    built by founder Adolph Teichert to some

    of todays most signifi cant construction

    projects, the company stands fi rm as a re-

    spected leader in our regions development.

    Over the course of its long and storied

    history, Teichert has grown into a diverse

    mix of businesses, including Teichert

    Construction, which holds the oldest

    active contractors license in the state,

    and Teichert Materials, one of the largest

    aggregate producers in the nation. Teichert

    Foundation, the companys charitable

    arm, improves lives throughout the region,

    and StoneBridge Properties, Teicherts

    real estate development division, creates

    land uses that ensure economic vitality.

    The pioneering family business launched

    in the 1800s has been guided by fi ve

    generations through more than a century

    of economic ups and downs to become

    the industry leader that it is today.

    Teichert has seen a long evolution in

    equipment and procedures since the days

    Adolph Teichert used mules to help pave

    sidewalks. The company has stayed on the

    cutting edge, from training employees to

    outfi tting construction equipment with in-

    novative technology for greater job effi ciency.

    With a team of highly skilled professionals,

    quality products, an extensive fl eet of equip-

    ment, impressive safety record and commit-

    ment to providing quality work on time or

    ahead of schedule Teichert Construction

    is dedicated to fi rst-class customer service.

    In looking back, we can refl ect on the

    wisdom and hard work of many people over

    the years who have created and sustained

    our fi rm to help us endure when others did

    not, says Teichert CEO Jud Riggs. We

    look forward to the opportunities and

    changes that lie before us and recognize

    that great people - employees and owners -

    remain the continuing key to our success.

    Building Trust Since 1887Teichert

    Teichert paved runways for an air fi eld in Stockton during World War II

    Teicherts 125th anniversary is a

    unique opportunity to look back

    with pride and to look forward to

    creating a successful future.

    Jud Riggs




    As a German immi-

    grant in 1866, Adolph

    Teichert may have

    arrived in America with

    a dream of creating a

    thriving business based

    on his skills as a stone

    mason, but could he

    have imagined that

    his craftsmanship,

    business sense, and

    integrity would develop into the

    national leader and multi-million-dollar

    company that Teichert is today?

    In 1875, the California Arti cial

    Stone Paving Company hired Teichert

    for his exceptional skills as a stone

    mason. He laid sidewalks around

    Nob Hill and its most expensive

    mansions before he moved to

    Sacramento to lay sidewalks around

    the California State Capitol building.

    In 1887, Adolph Teichert launched

    his own company from an o ce at 21st

    and M streets and worked on walkways,

    cellar oors, sidewalks, fencing and other

    projects. His reputation as a skilled arti-

    san and an honest businessman quickly

    made him admired and successful.


    Adolph Teichert had a strong

    partnership with his wife, Carrie, and

    relied on her down-to-earth advice as

    he managed his growing company. By

    1912, one of their four children, Adolph

    Jr., joined him in the company, which

    was renamed A. Teichert & Son.

    A. Teichert & Son expanded its busi-

    ness to include highway construction

    and won one of the earliest highway

    Family Owned and Operated for

    Since the late 1880s,

    the remarkable fi rm of A.

    Teichert & Son has been

    busy building the public

    infrastructure of California.

    Whether it be Nob Hill in

    San Francisco, the State

    Capitol in Sacramento or the

    highways connecting the

    vast regions of the Golden

    State, the presence of this

    pioneering contracting fi rm

    is visible in the legacy of

    fi rst-rate work brought in

    on-time, on-budget and with

    special attention to public

    construction energized

    by the highest standards

    of the private sector.

    Dr. Kevin Starr,

    state historian and author

    Building California from

    1875 - Adolph Teichert hired by

    California Artifi cial

    Stone Paving Company.

    1887 - Adolph Teichert business

    formed with offi ce at

    21st and M streets.

    1912 - Son, Adolph Jr., joins A. Teichert & Son.

    Highway construction was added to work

    and Teichert was a successful bidder for one

    of the earliest highway contracts awarded by

    the new Highway Department of California.

    1916-1918 - Completed Sacramento Bypass (Weir)

    project, which provided fl ood

    control for the Natomas area.

    High Praise

    Teichert concrete receipt, 1902

  • paving contracts awarded by the new

    Highway Department of California.

    e company worked on projects con-

    necting Northern California counties

    by paved highway. eir skills grew as

    they also completed the Sacramento

    Bypass (Weir) project, which provided

    ood control for the Natomas area.

    In 1929, the company received state

    contractors license No. 8, now the

    oldest active contracting license in

    California. In 1932, Teichert began

    production of aggregate, ready-mixed

    concrete and asphalt at the Perkins

    Gravel Company. In 1940, it built its

    rst debris dam on the north fork of

    the American River leading the way to

    many other signi cant dam projects.

    From those beginnings, Teichert

    has had a strong in uence on both

    state and countrywide construc-

    tion. In 1949, Adolph Jr. was elected

    national president of the Associated

    General Contractors of America.

    The fi rst newspaper

    advertisement published

    for Teichert ran in the

    Sacramento Union on

    August 15, 1887

    125 Years

    the Ground Up

    1912 - Son, Adolph Jr., joins A. Teichert & Son.

    Highway construction was added to work

    and Teichert was a successful bidder for one

    of the earliest highway contracts awarded by

    the new Highway Department of California.

    1929 - Teichert received state contractors license No. 8.

    Now the oldest active contracting license in the state.

    1925 - Teicherts fi rst low bed truck. 1932 - Teichert began production of aggregate, readymix

    concrete and asphalt at the Perkins Gravel Company.

    Teichert Materials is now one of the largest providers in the U.S.

    Teicherts Early Ad

    Mather Field runway extension, 1944

    Teichert concrete receipt, 1902


    Vintage Teichert Logos


    A true family business, Teichert has

    built its success by the ongoing involve-

    ment and contributions of generations

    of family members. Decade after decade,

    theyve helped guide the company from

    its humble beginnings to a multi-faceted

    business of statewide and national scope.

    Adolph Jr. was the second generation

    to join the business. In 1938, the third

    generation, Frederick Q. Teichert joined,

    but passed away in 1944. e family lead-

    ership continued when Henry and Adolph

    H., also sons of Adolph Jr., joined the rm

    in 1955. Lou Riggs, husband of Nancy

    Teichert started working for the company

    in 1958 and later became CEO in 1972.

    More recently, further generations

    have continued to play signi cant

    roles. In 1977, Frederick Teichert,

    son of Henry, joined the rm and

    heads Teichert Foundation, a leader

    in community a airs. In 1980, Jud

    Riggs, son of Lou and Nancy Riggs,

    was hired and is now the CEO. Mary

    Rotelli, daughter of Fred Teichert,

    took her place in the company in

    2004 and represents the fth genera-

    tion of Adolph Teicherts family. And

    the work of third and even fourth

    generations of employees through all

    divisions of the company employees

    are an example of the commitment

    people have to the company.

    Cement: A fi ne powder made from

    calcined limestone and clay that is

    mixed with water, stone, sand and

    other ingredients to make concrete.

    Concrete: A mixture of stone or

    gravel, sand and cement that sets

    with water and is used in construct