Template for Content Literacy Plan

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Template for Content Literacy Plan


<ul><li><p>Center for Urban Education 2007 http://teacher.depaul.edu </p><p>Template for CONTENT LITERACY PLAN Topic: _______________________________________________ BIG Question: _______________________________________________________ Vocabulary: __________________________________________ How will students develop vocabulary? ___________________________________ What will students read? ______________________________________ What will students write? ______________________________________ How will I assess? ____________________________________________________ </p><p>Preview Model </p><p>Interest </p><p>Model and GUIDE </p><p>GUIDE and go farther </p><p>ASSESS and Clarify </p><p>Fix Go Deeper Finish well </p><p>T: Ask the BIG question. Preview, Pique Interest. S: Start glossarywrite and draw pictures to show word meaning. Daily learning journal. </p><p>T: Read one paragraph, ask students to identify more key facts. S: Read more and add facts to list. Add words to glossary. Daily Learning Journal </p><p>T: Show how to use an organizer to clarify this weeks content. Make a ___________ S: Daily Learning Journal </p><p>S: SUMMARIZE Answer the questionWrite a summary T: Clarify. </p><p>S: Exceed students For students needing added guidance: </p></li></ul>