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  • Tennis Anyone Founder Coach Bill Bush Academy

    Coach Bill has over 30 years of competitive experience, which includes completing on the pro circuit, as well as over 20 years of coaching experience, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Unlike many other programs, which pay far greater attention to the talented players our program is about developing every single individual student to their full potential. At Tennis Anyone we believe that our sport has something truly valuable for every player and we envision our students playing the sport for a lifetime. We believe that tennis will bring more fun, fitness, and friendships, and at Tennis Anyone wed like to start you on your journey.

    Coach Bill Bush grew up in Upland, California and started playing tennis at the age of 10 when his father traded tennis lessons for physics tutoring with a high school neighbor. I can remember our first lesson vividly, my coach would feed me the ball and I would intentionally blast it over the fence into the grass field behind the courts. Within a short time I truly grew to love the sport. By the time I had been playing for a few years you couldnt drag me off the courts.

    The Tournament Training Academy is by invitation only & caters to competitive players, ages 10 to adult. Tournament Academy students should be involved in USTA Adult League Play, on a High School team, or competing in Southern California junior or adult tournaments. Students will focus on aspects of the game that will take them to the highest level of the sport. Tournament Academy involves a very strenuous workout that includes: jumping rope, push-ups, and sprints. Students must be in proper physical shape to handle the demands of this group. There are always a handful of collegiate players that drop in to play in this group making the level extremely high on the top end. Be ready to train!

    Junior Tennis Academy Intermediate to Advanced is for students that have either attained all 3 mastery levels in the Beginning Academy or are coming in with proper form on the major tennis strokes. The focus in this group is on building stroke dependability so that students are able to rally with proper form. This is a high energy, dynamic, fitness challenging, tennis program designed to bring students to a level where they have the tools to start playing matches.

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