Term 3 Examinable Topics

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<p>SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BANGKOK</p> <p>NAME OF PUPIL: __________________________ DATE SENT OUT: _________________</p> <p>LIST OF EXAMINABLE TOPICS FOR TERM 3 SCIENCE EXAM</p> <p>PRIMARY 5</p> <p>CHAPTERTOPICBOOK</p> <p>4Water and changes of stateMy Pals are here! Cycles</p> <p>5The water cycle</p> <p>6Water A precious resource</p> <p>RevisionAll chapters covered from Terms 1-3My Pals are here! CyclesMy Pals are here! Systems</p> <p>PRIMARY 6</p> <p>CHAPTERTOPICBOOK</p> <p>9Adaptations for survivalMy Pals are here! 6B</p> <p>10Our impact on the environment</p> <p>11Biotechnology and Telecommunications</p> <p>RevisionAll chapters covered from P3-P6 My Pals are here! 6AMy Pals are here! 6B</p> <p>SECONDARY 1</p> <p>CHAPTERTOPICBOOK</p> <p>10Force and pressure</p> <p>Lower Secondary Science Matters Vol. A</p> <p>11Force and work</p> <p>12Heat and its effect</p> <p>13Transmission of heat</p> <p>14Changing matter</p> <p>RevisionAll chapters covered from T1 3 </p> <p>SECONDARY 2</p> <p>CHAPTERTOPICBOOK</p> <p>25Transport in living things</p> <p>Lower Secondary Science Matters Vol. B</p> <p>26Digestion in human beings</p> <p>27Reproduction in human beings</p> <p>28Birth control and sexually transmitted infections</p> <p>RevisionAll chapters covered from T1 3</p> <p>Dear Parents, </p> <p>The table below shows the breakdown on the various modes of assessment for your child in Term 3. Please sign to acknowledge the receipt of this handout. Thank you. </p> <p>MODES OF ASSESSMENT FOR SCIENCE( TERM 3 )</p> <p>For Primary 5 and 6</p> <p>ComponentWeightage </p> <p>Class Participation10 %</p> <p>Practical Test20 %</p> <p>Written exam70%</p> <p>Total100%</p> <p>For Secondary 1 and 2</p> <p>ComponentWeightage </p> <p>Class Participation10 %</p> <p>Practical Test10 %</p> <p>Project Work ( Scientific Report Writing)10%</p> <p>Written exam70%</p> <p>Total100%</p> <p>Please email me at kristinheng@gmail.com if you need further clarifications on the above subject matter. </p> <p>Parents Signature: ____________________ Prepared by T.kristin heng email address: kristinheng@gmail.com</p>