Terracon is a Warhammer 40K tournament held in Naracoorte, South ... is a Warhammer 40K tournament held in Naracoorte, South Australia. The tournament consists of 5 games spread over two days, 11th-12th June 2016

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  • Terracon is a Warhammer 40K tournament held in Naracoorte, South Australia. The tournament consists of 5 games spread over two days, 11th-12th June 2016. The overall champion is decided through performance in battle, army list composition, presentation, and sportsmanship.

    Be sure to join the Terracon Facebook group as well as WargamerAU to keep up with latest news and discussion.www.facebook.com/groups/490970221035722


    Cost in 2016 is $45 for payments made before the 7th of May, and $50 for payments made after. There are only 84 spots available, and payment secures a place in order of payments received. This will also include a free Maelstrom deck for everyone.(Last year we had 88 participants, and 100+ people on the list, so make sure you get those payments in ASAP so you don't miss out!)

    Direct Deposit to:TerraconBSB: 015670Account: 532293609

    Please put your full name on the deposit reference so that I know who you are.If for any reason you are unable to pay via direct deposit, then please contact me either via Facebook or PM on WAU.


    The following is a breakdown of the points that are awarded.

    Battle points5 games each worth 20 points = 100 points

    Composition/HandicapA score out of 50 = 50 points

    Sportsmanship5 games each worth 8 points = 40 points

    PaintingA score out of 20 = 20 points

    Total210 points

    The overall champion will be decided on the aggregate of the scores. In the event of a tie, count-back will be done by battle-points, comp, sports, then painting, in that order.



    Friday 10th June

    3:30pm - Set up hall with tables and terrain

    5:00pm After-hours venue open (yet to be determined).

    Saturday 11th June

    8:30am - Registration open at town hall

    9:00am - Player briefing

    9:30am - 12:00pm Game 1

    12:00pm - 12:30pm Lunch

    12:30pm - 3:00pm Game 2

    3:10pm - 5:30pm Game 3

    6.00pm - Town hall closes

    Sunday 12th June

    9:00am - 9:30am Players choice judging

    9:30am - Player briefing

    9:40am - 12:00pm Game 4

    12:00pm - 12:30pm Lunch

    12:30pm - 3:00pm Game 5

    4:00pm - Awards ceremony

    5.00pm Close


    Prize categories will be as followed (variance depends on attendance)...Best Overall (Top 5)Best Painted (Top 3)Best Sports (Top 1-3)Best General (Single prize)Players Choice (Top 1-2)

    Players will be allowed only 1 prize category each, with the exception of Best General.If they qualify for multiple prizes (say 3rd place in Paint and 2nd place Overall) then they will receive the prize of greater value.


    Armies are to be comprised of 1850 points and follow ALL rules as stated in the Community Comp document available at www.communitycomp.org.You can follow the Community Comp Facebook page at www.facebook.com/communitycomp for feedback and discussion.Please be sure to pay close attention to it regarding Detachment allowances.Terracon will NOT use the Imperial Armour Community Comp supplement.

    The final version of the Community Comp document that will be used for Terracon will be the one that is current on the 7th of May, and will include all codex releases that appear in the document.This date may be extended if a release is expected a week or two after this date, but I will keep people well informed on the Terracon Facebook page.If a codex is released but its newer version isn't included in the comp document, then the older codex will be used instead.

    If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me via Facebook.Army lists must be submitted before the 28th of May, however I would REALLY appreciate it if people can submit them as early as possible to make my job easier.Players may receive penalties for late lists.

    To submit your army list, please email it to nara40k@gmail.com with the subject title...Your Name Your Army

    Please submit your list using the army list template at http://www.communitycomp.org/#resourcesFailure to submit a list in this format will result in a 10 point penalty.If for some reason you are unable to submit your list via this method, please contact meBEFORE the 21st of May and we can work out an alternative method.


    Each army will need 3 objective markers. These should be modelled on 40mm bases.


    Terracon will not be receiving sponsorship from Games Workshop, therefore models from other war-gaming companies may be acceptable under certain conditions, however some restrictions on proxies need to be observed.If the model is not produced by Games Workshop, then it will need to be of equal or superior quality to the model it represents. If you turn up with a $2 bag of toy soldiers, then you will be asked to remove them from the table.Models and weapons must be easily recognisable, and must be identical dimensions andbases to the GW model that they represent. If your opponent can't guess what the model represents without asking you, then it is probably unacceptable. If you are unsure about whether your models will be acceptable or not, please contact me and I will let you know.



    Missions will be designed around the Australian Masters missions.The Mission Pack will be released soon after this Player Pack, which means everyone gets to see the missions before submitting their army lists.Maelstrom decks will be provided, however you may bring your own if you wish to.


    Terracon will be using a system where the more VP you win by, the more BP you earn.The details of this will be made clear with the release of the Mission Pack, but basically you will have the typical maximum of 20 BP per game.


    Terracon will be using Community Comp. Download the document at www.communitycomp.org.Also be sure to keep up with the releases and discussion at www.facebook.com/communitycomp.


    Armies must be painted to enter Terracon.Painting scores will range from 0-20, depending on the skill and attention to detail that is displayed. Exact criteria for scoring can be seen at the end of the player pack.There is to be NO complaints about your paint scores. Paint judging is a difficult job to get 100% accurate, and the judge is not paid for what they do.Consistency is the main thing. If you feel your score is less than what you expected, thenchances are everyone's was. Likewise, if it is higher than you expected, then chances areeveryone's was.


    Sportsmanship will be worth 8 points per game for a total of 40 points, and is player judged after each game by your opponent.The score card can be viewed at the end of the player pack.


    Tea, coffee, biscuits, and other snacks will be provided free of charge.Cans of drink will also be available at the venue for $1 each.


    The venue for the tournament is at the Naracoorte Town Hall on Smith Street.

    At this stage we are still in the process of organising a secondary venue for after-hours entertainment and accommodation (Shapes was sold to a church), but we will keep you posted when we have a venue sorted.


  • Sportsmanship Score Card

    Tick the following boxes that apply (1 point each).

    Was this opponent consistently careful in their measuring and movement of units?

    Was this opponent clear and consistent with their dice play?

    Was this opponent clear and consistent with communicating their in game actions?

    Was this opponent fair/generous in the determination of rules disputes?

    Was this opponent magnanimous in victory/gracious in defeat?

    Did the opponent bring dice, codex, tape measure, etc?

    Was the opponent time conscious and never intentionally slow-played?

    I would love to play against this person at another event!

    Painting Checklist

    Please note that this criteria is only used as a guide.

    There WILL be situations where an army may tick most of the criteria, but be poorly executed.Don't expect to turn up with a list that ticks all of the boxes but with extremely sloppy and rushed execution and expect to get a 16+, because it won't happen.

    On the other hand, an army may not tick all of the criteria but is still painted to an incredible standard.In this case it is quite possible for an army not to have conversions, squad markings, or characters that stand out from the crowd, but if it is at an amazing standard then it may still be eligible for an 18+.

    If these cases do happen to occur, the scores WILL be adjusted up or down a couple of points to allow for a more accurate score to represent the standard of painting.

    Army is painted to a basic standard and looks finished: 0-5 points(Most should be 5 points)

    Evidence of drybrush/highlight/blending/etc: 0-5 points(A 1 would represent minor details being highlighted, a 5 represents extreme attention to detail.)

    Army bases are completed: 0-2 points(1 is basic sand and flock, 2 is for other bases with attention to detail)

    Army looks coherent: 0-2 points(random coloured units 0, allies not matching primary 1, good coherency army wide 2)

    Characters stand out from the crowd: 0-2 points

    Custom work, conversions, freehand, squad markings, attention to detail, etc: 0-2 points

    This gives a max of 18/20.

    The final 2 points should be given to the top 5-6 armies that are considered for best painted. For example, there might be 2x 20's and 3x 19's.