The 5 Biggest Risks to Your eLearning Program

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Want to learn how to tank your eLearning program before it gets off the ground? :) We've worked with many different companies and schools, large and small, and have seen it all! Everything from the one-man show to the large multi-national with a budget to burn. No matter the size or the implementation, there's always been something to learn in terms of how to do it right and mistakes to avoid. Join us as we help you learn from the missteps of others and help you figure out how to have a successful eLearning program.


<ul><li> 1. The 5 Biggest Risks toYour eLearning Program Jonathan Moore Michelle Moore </li> <li> 2. Remote-Learner Experience Over 3000 hosted Moode sites 12 million registered user accounts Trained thousands Hundreds of customizations Developed hundreds of courses </li> <li> 3. Put on your rose-colored Put on yourglasses! rose- colored glasses! </li> <li> 4. Tough competition out there! </li> <li> 5. Design Have a Plan </li> <li> 6. Timeline </li> <li> 7. Hows Your Infrastructure? </li> <li> 8. No coursedevelopment </li> <li> 9. No migration plan </li> <li> 10. Notsupportingyour users </li> <li> 11. Lack of training </li> <li> 12. Lack of resources </li> <li> 13. Fail hit by a bus test </li> <li> 14. Lack of evaluation </li> <li> 15. In Summary Lack of unified vision and buy-in Too few or wrong resources Infrastructure Training Time Tools Support </li> <li> 16. Questions? Remote-Learner Richard Sharples Michelle Moore Jonathan Moore </li> <li> 17. Attribution Rose colored glasses: Race start: Aha!: Analysis: Design: Timeline: Migration: Who? What? When?: Safety net: Training: </li> <li> 18. Attribution Laying Brick: Bus: Evaluation: </li> </ul>


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