The 6 Traits of Writing

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The 6 Traits of Writing. Ideas. Writing with good ideas has:. A clearly stated main idea Interesting and unusual details Focus all the details support the main idea A knowledgeable author the writer should know his/her topic WELL!. Use Your Senses!. Imagine your favorite place: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The 6 Traits of WritingIdeas

  • Writing with good ideas has:A clearly stated main ideaInteresting and unusual detailsFocus all the details support the main ideaA knowledgeable author the writer should know his/her topic WELL!

  • Use Your Senses!Imagine your favorite place:What sights, smells, and feelings come to mind?What do you notice that not everyone would?What are the most striking details?Write a sentence for each sensory recollection of your favorite place:I see______________________________I hear_____________________________I smell_____________________________I taste_____________________________I feel______________________________

  • Focusing Your TopicA big, unfocused topic does NOT make for interesting writing!Animals (way too big)Wild animals (still too big)Tigers (better, but still a lot to write about them)Tigers in India (what about them?)Tigers in India are rapidly becoming extinct (Focused)How is the last topic better than the first? Give specific examples!What could be some details that you would write about the final topic? (Tigers in India are rapidly becoming extinct.)

  • Focusing Your TopicBegin with a BIG topic earth, people, education, etc. Write that topic down.Now, funnel your topic through four levels, trying each time to make it smaller and more manageable.End at level 4 with a statement about your topic, a statement that can be supported, defended, or expanded.That statement is your thesis statement!

  • Supporting Your Main IdeaA good writer has studied his or her topic and knows it well. Good writing includes interesting and unusual details.Every detail should support the main idea.What is the effect on readers when you share what they already know?What is the effect of sharing new, little-known information?How should your purpose or audience affect which details you select?