The 6 Worst Car Accidents

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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 The 6 Worst Car Accidents</p><p> 1/1</p><p>September 26th, 2013 Published by: 1959thEbo</p><p>The 6 Worst Car</p><p>AccidentsCar AccidentsSeptember 26th, 2013</p><p>1. May 14, 1988</p><p>The worst bus accident in American history happened on theway home from a church trip to an amusement park. First</p><p>Assembly of God Church in Radcliffe, KY sponsored a youthtrip to King's Island amusement park on the former school busthat then served as a church activity bus. Outside of Carrollton,KY, at 11PM, a black Toyota pick-up truck, driven through anintoxicated Larry Wayne Mahoney, hit the bus nearly head on.Mahoney were driving in the incorrect way on I-71. Withinminutes, the bus was completely engulfed in flames. Of the66 passengers, 27 died in the bus, 34 were injured--mostseriously. Mahony was sentenced to 16 years in jail. It wasdetermined that the lack of emergency exits, fragility of the gastank, flammability of the seats and a cooler that was blockingthe only operation exit, all led to the high fatality rate.</p><p>2. December 11, 1990</p><p>The wreck stretched for a half mile and caused 13 fatalities.The car fires added to the madness and 33 different firecompanies responded to the call. Survivors say that it seemedlike gunshots and bombs going off as one car after anotherplowed into the mess. Reflective markers and flashing lights</p><p>were also installed to help guide autos stuck in fog.</p><p>3. November 29, 1991</p><p>As traffic increased with travelers returning home followingthe Thanksgiving holiday weekend, winds along I - 5 inCalifornia reached 40 miles one hour. The typically exuberantfarmlands were left unplanted due to a severe drought. The</p><p>wind whipped up a fierce dust storm that seriously cutvisibility. After hours of rescue efforts in the continuing duststorm, 17 people had died and 150 were critically injured. Thepileup led to thousands more being caught within their carsfor another day while the wreckage was cleared by road crewsand worked to reopen the highway.</p><p>4. July 4, 1998</p><p>The couple's three year old daughter, Rebecca, pleaded to included, however there was certainly no room. The gropulled away with guarantees of returning having a candy appfor your crying Rebecca. The parents stopped twice to call a</p><p>check around the toddler. Then as a storm moved to the regioChittum's auto hit a bump within the road, hydroplaned, sailacross the median, crashing head on using a tractortrailer. Apassengers in the auto, together with the truck driver, JerDouglas Gregory, were killed.</p><p>5. February 22, 2000</p><p>Despite balmy conditions in Virginia the preceding twdays, on February 22 the temperature plummeted to on27 degrees. The worst pileup in Virginia history follow</p><p>involving 117 cars. The horrific accident left 31 more injurand 1 man dead. In addition, it led to a substantial cleaniand rescue effort by rescue workers, fire fighters, the VirginDepartment of Transportation, as well as the state polic</p><p>Amazingly, they were able to clear the debris, rescue tsufferers, and reopen the highway in just 12 hours.</p><p>6. January 19, 2009</p><p>Ice and snow conditions caused at least 20 automob</p><p>accidents in a single night in Washington County, MarylanThe worst of these was a pileup involving 35 cars and 7 tracttrailers. The incident was blamed on snowy, icy roads.</p></li></ul>