the american dream


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  • 1. The American Dream
    By Charles LeBlond

2. Required Family Structure
3. 8 Simple Guidelines
All images are stills taken from
footage of the archives of the
LeBlond Family Vault
for your viewing pleasure.
4. 1. Live in New England
Green grass and white colonial housing
5. 2. Fathers: Smoke Cigarettes
Indulge in the taste of life
6. 3. Mothers: Wear furs
Enjoy the satisfaction of
warmth and sophistication
7. 4. Son should play football
Become a man and learn Americas past time
8. 5. Daughter will always be Daddys little girl
9. 6. Family Vacation
Enjoy the beauty of the beach and sailing
10. 7. Barbeque
Enjoy a cheese burger with a bottle of Coca Cola
11. 8. Be a good Catholic
Your son should be an alter boy and your daughter
recite grace before every family meal
12. Lead a life of perfection
The life of an American