the american dream

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<ul><li> 1. The American Dream<br />By Charles LeBlond<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Required Family Structure <br />mother<br />son<br />father<br />daughter<br /> 3. 8 Simple Guidelines<br />All images are stills taken from<br />footage of the archives of the<br />LeBlond Family Vault <br />for your viewing pleasure. <br /> 4. 1. Live in New England<br />Green grass and white colonial housing<br /> 5. 2. Fathers: Smoke Cigarettes<br />Indulge in the taste of life<br /> 6. 3. Mothers: Wear furs<br />Enjoy the satisfaction of<br /> warmth and sophistication<br /> 7. 4. Son should play football<br />Become a man and learn Americas past time<br /> 8. 5. Daughter will always be Daddys little girl<br /> 9. 6. Family Vacation<br />Enjoy the beauty of the beach and sailing<br /> 10. 7. Barbeque<br />Enjoy a cheese burger with a bottle of Coca Cola<br /> 11. 8. Be a good Catholic<br />Your son should be an alter boy and your daughter<br />recite grace before every family meal<br /> 12. Lead a life of perfection <br />The life of an American<br /></p>