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  • The Bests Places around World Kingdom of Bora Bora- Dubai- Istanbul-Cancun-

    Switzerland- Sydney

    The world is waiting your visit

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    French Polynesia

    Bora Bora was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769 during his exploration. In

    19 century, the island was known as Vavau. Bora Bora translates first born,

    indicating that this island is the most important island from French Polynesia. Formed

    by a volcanic eruption 4 million years ago. Bora Bora resisted colonization until it was

    conquered by France in 1888. This island was used by E.E.U.U in the war world two.

    Because of his geography, the American military used the island as a supply base in

    response to the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

    Today, if you want to have fun you can visit Bora Bora; there you can do whatever you

    want. You can practice and enjoy a wonderful sport in a wonderful lagoon, it has a

    multi-blue color, and you can take class of a scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and

    jet skiing. This island is not only for relaxation, you can enjoy adventures like 4x4

    safari this activity is very fascinating, you can circle the island and there are a lot of

    activities that you can enjoy, for example deep sea fishing cruise, go parasailing, hike

    the tropical trails of Bora bora's interior, or check out one of Polynesia's favorite

    Kingdom of Bora Bora

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    thrills- shark and ray feeding. If you prefer buy something crafts or if you are that kind

    of person who love the jewelry, there you can find some black pearls.

    This is the perfect place to do nothing. A great place to get away from the stresses

    of life, the island of Bora Bora is your personal relaxation oasis

    Whether you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist, there's a good possibility that if

    you get to Bora bora, you will most likely experience at least one of these general

    sightseeing areas at some point of your stay. The Ancient maraes are very important

    because that place is archaeological on Bora Bora Island. There are a quite a few of

    them, although the Maraes on this island are nowhere near as impressive as they are

    on Raiatea, Huahine, or Tahiti. The Coastal guns from world war two: this part of

    island is very important because it has a big history behind them.

    Depending on the type of accomodation you desire, your budget, and the duration of

    your stay, you can find all the choices and options to suit you. The Island of Bora Bora

    has different styles of lodging available.Luxury Hotels, 4, & 5 Star Resorts; 2 & 3 Star

    Hotels, Motels, & Family Run Pensions; Lodging in Private Homes and Camping.

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    A great place to get away from the stress of life, the island of Bora Bora is your

    personal relaxation oasis. This site shares insights to guide your Bora Bora travel

    planning and pack your precious vacation days with thrilling memories. Choose

    the best resorts for you. Find the most delicious and best value places to eat.

    Know the most interesting sights and activities, before you go. This will give you

    more time for lounging on Bora Bora beaches.

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    Do you know which city has the most modern

    architecture on the world? Well, Dubi is very famous for

    applying the highest technology to raise the most eccentric

    and ambitious architectural designs. But for western people,

    this Emirate represents a challenge into the unknown. In this

    article you will read not only about its architecture but also

    about its culture, sounds, tastes, transportation and

    entertainment. Dubai has a lot of experiences for the refined

    traveller, to say Luis C. Salazar and Nicolas Salas.

    The Burj Khalifa is one example of progress and hard work in

    the world. It is the high of the worlds most dynamic cities, is

    one of the worlds most extraordinary experiences. The

    worlds tallest building is a stunning work of art. It's

    incomparable feat of engineering. Burj Khalifa has no peer.

    More than just the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa is an

    unprecedented example of international cooperation,

    symbolic beacon of progress, and an emblem of the new,

    dynamic and prosperous Middle East.

    At over 828 meters Burj Khalifa has these records; it is the

    tallest building in the world, tallest free-standing structure in

    the world, highest occupied floor in the world, highest

    outdoor observation deck in the world, longest travel distance

    The great heights of Dubai

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    in elevator in the world.

    The sea in Dubai is one of the most popular attractions. It's

    part of the list of things that put it as one of the most

    interesting cities in the modern world. Why? In addition, to be

    a spectacular site for relaxing, take pictures, take a tour, try

    Arabic food or go sightseeing. Dubai has made of the sea an

    excellent stage to travel. We are talking about The Palm

    Islands. These are a group of artificial islands currently under

    construction, which are among the largest of its kind in the

    world. They are located on the coast of the city of Dubai in the

    United Arab Emirates. The project will increase the surface

    about 520 km of beaches of Dubai.

    These islands are named after their shape; they consist of

    three main sections: The tree: Where is the island's main

    street and main entrances are located. Fronds: Simulates the

    foliage of the palm and on the three islands, this area will be

    exclusively for residential use. Waxing: It surrounds the

    island crescent shaped and acts like a giant breakwater.

    Dubailand is one of the most ambitious projects in Dubai. It is

    a theme park with a lot of high technology roller coasters; it is

    intended to be finished by 2018, it will be twice as big as

    Disney World in Florida.

    Also, there is an indoor ski resort, it is Ski-Duba which has

    22,500 square meters and a 400 meters long run. This resort

    is an awesome place, because Dubais mean temperature is

    30 and inside the hotel it is from -1 to-6.

    Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world; it has 1,200 shops,

    including the worlds largest candy store. Dubais Sport City

    is a 4 billion dollars project; it will have venues for soccer,

    cricket, hockey, golf, among others.

    Falconry is a medieval practice which consists of close

    relationship between man and bird of prey, Falconry is

    inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural

    Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational,

    Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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    For those who enjoy adventure, The Dubai International Rally

    has being held since the mid-1980s The Dubai International

    Rally has being held since the mid-1980s, it is a very popular

    event, the rally is traditionally held over a three day period,

    and it is hold at the end of each year.

    Music from United Arab Emirates has been known by the

    Persian sounds and African sounds. Distinctive dance songs

    from the area's fishermen are also well-known. Liwa is a type

    of music and dance performed mainly in communities which

    contain descendants of East Africans. However, Dubai is one of

    the most popular cities to enjoy music from the world. There

    are a lot of places to choose.

    Nightlife in Dubai is very entertained for non-Muslims,

    especially because Islam forbids alcohol drinking; the best

    nightclubs are Planetarium, Planet Hollywood and Wafi City. Be

    careful you could meet Megan Fox or Rhianna in the party.

    Also, you can find different kinds of music. The electronic music

    is common into the party, because Dubai is a destiny with an

    active nightlife. Even is one of the most important places to

    deejays and music producers. Here is an exclusive list of bars

    and clubs. Be sure not to miss to visit: Boudoir, Blitz,

    Colosseum, Enigma, Illusions and Le Royal Mridien.

    The official and the most common religion of Dubai is the

    Islam. 80 percent of Dubais residents are immigrants, mostly

    from India, Pakistan and Iran. It is the most liberal city from all

    Middle East when talking about religion practice. It has a low

    criminality rate, due to their strict rules. Islamic calendar is a

    moon calendar, just like our calendar it has seven days and

    twelve months, but 33 Islamic years correspond to 32

    Gregorian years. Curiously, Friday is their free day. If you have

    ever heard about kandura or abaya, they are traditional mens

    and womens suits, respectively. Kandura is a long white cotton

    robe, and abaya is a long black cotton robe. There are mosques

    in every Dubais neighborhood and people assists five times

    per day to religious sessions, and to them men and women go

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    to separate sessions. You should be respectful with Muslim

    culture and try not to kiss in public or to be inadequately

    dressed. Be sure not to miss the Dubais metro. It is the longest

    driverless system in the world; it is a subway in downtown and

    elevated in the periphery. The Dubais International Airport is a

    huge contemporary terminal, every year there are 6,000 weekly

    flights operated by 130 airlines to over 220 destinations across

    every continent except Antarctica. The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

    connects this artificial island to the city. It is the first monorail

    in the Middle East. Dubai Cruise Terminal offers the most

    exciting and relaxing plan that you have ever imagined in your

    life; it hosts even 4 boat at the same time, where many cruises

    departure from. A popular itinerary is kept there; this is a tour

    around the most beautiful and exciting cities in the Arabian

    Gulf, like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Muscat.

    Dubai is a cosmopolitan city in all aspects and their food is an

    example of this. You can find a wide offer of local and

    international restaurants. Emirati cuisine is a mixture of Middle

    East and Asian tradition; the main ingredients of their menu

    include meat, grain, and dairy. Seafood is an ancient component

    of Emirates menu. Muslims do not eat pork, but it is available

    for tourists. In addition, the most common beverages there are

    coffee and tea, they can be mixed with cardamom or mint. Due

    to the fact that most of immigrants come from India, Indian

    cuisine is one of the most popular foods; two examples of this

    are Aangan and Ashiana, they are the best Indian cuisine

    restaurants in the city.

    Dubai has room for all gastronomies, a good sample of typical

    Latin American cuisine in this oriental city; is Toro Toro

    restaurant, an elegant restaurant with the spicy Latin flavor. A

    special Dubais tradition, at the end of meal, is to serve a red tea

    with mint, to do it helps for digestion. If we will talk about

    modern cities Dubai is in the top. You wont get bored there. It

    has the perfect environment for families, coupes, children,

    teens, old people, for all people. This great city has offer that

    you can miss; money is not a problem, because there are hotels,

    restaurants, parks, and clubs, with all prices. You will find and

    unforgettable experience. ENJOY IT!

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    I is the biggest city in Turkey and the third of Europe, also it is called stanbulConstantinople. This place is recognized like one of the most beautiful, its a

    prosperous city and its very touristic. It is the only city in the world that is situated in two continents. During 1500 years it was the capital of two empires: The Roman and

    The Byzantine

    What do you need to know?

    This city has a population of 13.438.052 residents, its money is the Turkish Lira and its language is Turkish, If you want to travel at this place, it is necessary of visiting Istanbul to have a passport. One advantage is that you can choose the season where you want to visit this city, there is winter and summer, depending if you prefer cold or hot weather.

    Most people can enjoy knowing this beautiful city, visiting monuments and going shopping.

    What do you do?

    In Istanbul you can visit the Blue Mosque, its an excellent option, be sure not to miss it. This place gets its name due to the tact that its decorations have blue and green colors of light inside. It has 21.043 tiles and 260 windows in five levels where you can see spectacular lights and you can get in for free. So, you can give a donation; dont forget to wear long pants and long sleeveless shirt because you have to show respect.

    However, there is another amazing place, its Santa Sofia called divines knowledge house. Its the most

  • 9

    magnificent monument in the Byzantine art because it was the first building with square base and its structure is impressive. Also. Its the four church biggest in the world.

    In Istanbul you can visit many sites: Archaeology Museum, The Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Maritime Museum, Military museum, Miniaturk, Prince Mosque, Suleiman Mosque and others

    Is there an amazing place?

    Yes, there is. When you want to enjoy the nature, you can think about the incomparable Bsboros cruise, it is a very nice activity. The Bsboro is a strait that divides the city in two parts and it connects the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. Also it divides the European part and Asian part.

    In this place you can go sightseeing splendid sceneries; there are beautiful riverbanks where you can important palaces like Bylerveyi, Ciragam and Dolmabance

    Finally, if you want to go shopping, you can go at the Gran Bazar, it has already of 4000 stores, bars, cafeterias, and restaurants. You can find anything that you need. Everything that you can imagine: clothes, jewelries, watches, souvenirs and things like that.

    You could not miss the opportunity of visiting Istanbul because its the place where you find wonders that you never can imagine, the city of churches, synagogues and mosques thousand have magic. The monuments are majesties, splendid and impressive.

    You can contemplate the culture, the beautiful nature and the amazing buildings.

    Istanbul is waiting your visit!

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    Paradise Today Cancun is one of the most visited places around the world to have an excellent

    vacation, to rest, to be in family and, why not, to enjoy night life: The weather is warm

    most of year with an average temperature of 26C in summer, so its ideal to enjoy the

    beach these days. Cancun allows you to get the best out of the white sand and the

    crystalline water. In Cancun you can find places to relax, to get married, to buy

    souvenirs, to learn about Mexican culture and to live the most fascinated experience in

    you live. Definitely, if you want to know a different place with amazing things to do,

    activities to spend all your day, and clubs to dance all the night you have to travel



    The extreme sports are activities that

    allow Children and adults live an

    extraordinary Adventure. Cancun has

    three bodies of water where you can

    practice different activities. The

    Caribbean Sea and Nichupte have the

    liveliest surf,...