The Brooklyn Bomber

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The Story of Leonard Frieze- This is a fictional story created in Visual Sequencing a class at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD). This location was once the site of the Jewish Consumptives Relief Society (JCRS). Which provided care for people suffering from tuberculosis in the early part of the 20th century.

Text of The Brooklyn Bomber

  • The Brooklyn BomberBy Andrew Solano

  • The Brooklyn BomberThe Story of Leonard Frieze

    By Andrew SolanoDenver, Colorado 2009

  • The following story is a fictional tale of Leonard Frieze a patient of

    the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society ( JCRS) located in what is now

    Lakewood, Colorado. The JCRS was a sanitorium that cared for

    many people from around the world that suffered from tuberculosis.

    The JCRS catered to anyone who contracted the disease, regardless

    of religious background, and worked completely off donations from

    the families of patients at the facility as well as people willing to

    lend a helping hand.

  • 7The Brooklyn Bomber

    May 10, 1935

    I sit on the front of my steps and eagerly await the suns arrival, hints of orange light make their way through the sea of purple that fills the sky. I take in a deep breath, my eyes close as the cool air makes its way into my chest and the sweet aroma of my

    surroundings appease my senses, then slowly letting the air escape

    from my lungs, a faint cloud develops as it hits the cool air. I had

    almost forgotten what its was like to watch the sunrise, hearing

    the birds sing their morning tune, as their soothing whistles carry

    through the air, slowly bringing my neighborhood to life. The sun

    slowly peeks out from behind the buildings in the distance. I take

    in the morning, watching as the kids pass on their way to school

    and listen to the slow rumble of car engines as others make their

    way to work. My goal for the day is just to enjoy the city one last

    time. Time inches by as I get ready, by 8 oclock the warm air greets

    me on my front steps.

    The neighborhood takes me where it wants as I saunter down the

    sidewalk. Going from block to block I taking in the sights of my

    city and all the little things that only someone from there would

    be able to appreciate. Mr. Romano handing all the kids a nickel

    each as they passed his house on the way to school like he used to

    do when I was a kid. Or seeing Mrs. Moretti knitting on her porch

    while Mr. Moretti sits next to her reading the paper. Seeing the

    night shift nurses at Kingsbrook Medical Center exchange stories

    with the girls coming in for the morning shift. There was nothing

    like passing Mr. Clemente on Winthorp when he was playing his

    harmonica, I could listen to him play his harmonica all day and

    never get bored with tapping my foot to the rhythm.

  • I take in a deep breath

  • S l o w l y l e t t i n g t h e a i r e s c a p e f r o m m y l u n g s .

  • My feet lead me to the block of my favorite diner Sams. The food

    never tasted so good, the perfectly cooked golden pancakes filled

    my plate, perfectly buttered and just enough syrup to melt in

    my mouth. My bacon had just right amount of crunch to it, and

    the fried potatoes were the best ever. All this with a nice ice cold

    Coke, it was good last breakfast without a doubt, probably the best

    quarter I had ever spent.

    My next stop was the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the boat traffic going back and forth across the river has always been a soothing thing to me, its a great place to relax and let time pass by. Walking into Manhattan was fun, like always the hustle and bustle of city makes me feel right at home, doesnt get much better than people watching in Manhattan. Making my way through the waves and waves of people I knew there was only one thing left to see, I jumped on the buss and headed for the Bronx. It was three oclock, the Yankees were playing Cleveland today.

    I found a little bar near Yankee Stadium. There were a few older gentleman sitting at the bar huddle around the small radio. After taking my seat I ordered a beer and let the radio announcer paint me a picture of the game, through each pitch and every inning. It had been tied all game until finally in the top of the 9th, Lou stepped up to the plate, with a full count and runners on second an third.

    CRACK! 10

    Andrew Solano

  • The radio announcers voice started getting louder and louder all five of us shot an ear closer to the radio, even the bartender stopped in his tracks.

    Its a deep fly ball to right center!

    We all moved to the edge of our seats.

    The right fielder is sprinting to the fence!

    We get even closer to the radio.

    Its a home run, Gehrigs just hit a three run home run in the top of the 9th to close out the game here in Cleveland!

    We all let out a cheer, took a celebratory drink and exchanged high fives with one another. I sat and talked with my new acquaintances for an hour or two after the game we talked about our favorite players, we relived our favorite games, they made fun of me for being from Brooklyn and being a Yankee fan, I told them, if the Dodgers had Gehrig or if they could have gotten The Great Bambino then maybe the Dodgers would be my favorite team. I explained to them that I had been a Yankees fan ever since I got see Ruth play for my first time when I was a kid. Even more so when my dad had gotten him and I tickets five rows off the third baseline for Lou Gehrigs first game as a Yankee, now that was a great day, and he has been my favorite player ever since.


    The Brooklyn Bomber

  • Its now ten oclock and Im back where I started my day, on the front steps of my house now longer under the warmth of the New York sun just porch light. I leave for the train station here in a bit, off to Colorado to a sanatorium for people who have tuberculosis, I am nervous and scared for this trip. I dont want to leave home I will miss this place too much, but no one can care for me anymore here so away Ill have to go. I hate to leave at this time in the season the Yankees are 10-8, missing the games now will throw everything off for me so hopefully I can get the games on the radio over there. I bought a new Yankee cap on my way home today that way no matter how far away I am, theyll always be right there with me. Well, its time to go now thank you New York for the good day! Ill be home soon.



    Andrew Solano

  • I finally made it here to Denver, this is a strange place, its so quiet here. Listening to the birds I notice that the tune isnt the same here like the sweet songs from back home. The trip was way to

    long and the night in Chicago was as great as I expected, it was a

    nice town but I had no one to share it with. I did get to listen to the

    game though so thats always good. Its a bit awkward being here

    in downtown Denver and seeing only a fraction of the amount of

    people that I would see in Manhattan walking around. Hopefully

    the person from the sanatorium gets here soon so I can get situated

    and get a good nights rest, that train seat wasnt the greatest bed I

    have ever slept in. Well, my ride is here now so Ill update this later

    once I get settled in.

    I finally got all my stuff put away in my new room, they gave me my

    own room, I figured that I would have a room mate if not more. This

    room has a nice view from the window, I can see the mountains, its

    an impressive sight you learn about them in school but seeing them

    in real life now that is a totally experience, they are a lot bigger

    than I expected. I did miss the Yankee game today which I am not

    to happy about, they have been on a winning streak since they lost

    two games back to back against Detroit a few days ago, we played

    Cleveland again so Im pretty sure we won. Im gonna go ahead and

    use some of the extra money I have to buy a little radio to tune into

    the games, or try to figure something else out.


    May 17, 1935

    The Brooklyn Bomber


  • May 18, 1935

    Andrew Solano

    Paper after paper, doctor after doctor, today has been a hell of a day, I met so many different people today and was asked so many different questions related to my tuberculosis that I dont

    know if I ever want to talk about it again. It didnt help that the first

    secretary I dealt with was a total bitch! Glad she found better things

    to do with her day. Hopefully I can get a little bit of time to actually

    do a little exploring on my own of this place, I was so rushed and

    forced everywhere today that I barely found time to sit and relax.

    Even missed another Yankee game today we played Cleveland

    again, looks like I will end up having to go buy myself that radio, I

    cant miss anymore games!



  • Good news and bad news, I got a radio from the hospital today after some asking around. The bad news is that the Yankees lost yesterday, I thought we would sweep the Indians with

    no problems. Well luckily game time in about two hours and we

    play the Chicago White Sox. I have high hopes for todays game,

    Lou is gonna get the rest of the boys playing good baseball again,

    I know it. Were 16-11 right now thats not the greatest record but

    we will be able to turn it around no problem. We just got to get the

    bats warmed up and get our bull pin in order and we will be solid, I

    mean we have best player in the game right now and if his bat gets

    going, like I know it can, they may as well give us the pennant now

    and tell all the other teams good job and try again next year. Im

    gonna throw on my Yankee cap, kick back and enjoy the game.


    May 20, 1935

    The Brooklyn Bomber


  • Im gonna throw on my