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Entertamment Double Header Cider House Rules & Aquarius Darb <::ashes in Big see page 4 see page 2 The California Tech VOLUME CI, NUMBER 21 PASADENA, CALIFORNIA APRIL 7, 2000 Too MUCH TO DRINK? WHAT Graduate school scores high TO DO IN AN Ge ology and physics de partm e nts take first in late st US News and World Re port rankings EMERGENCY +++ BY M EIK C HASM AN H Y TEC II STA FF Calt ech took first in as troph ys- Ca lt ech also ea rn ed a pl ace in ics/space and fOllrth in elemen- th e mag azin e's Social Sciences US Nnv.l' (I l1ri Wo rld Rep o rl tary particles. c at egor y, rankin g fo urt ec nth in bestowed honors upon Ca lt ec h The che mi stry department econo mi cs. yet again on Mo nd ay, thi s time took seco nd overall , in cluding Gradu ate sc hoo ls we re eva lu - in th eir rankings of the best seco nd in or ga ni c che mi stry and ated mO>l ly on th e acade mi c gradu ate sc hoo ls in th e na ti o n. ph ys i ca l che mi stry a nd fir st in reputatio ns of th e f ac ult y in each How do yo u know if someone In th e maga7. in e's most rece nt bi o-orga ni c/ bi o ph ys ical che mi s- department. T hi s year many has had too mu ch to drink ? I low iss ue. Ca lt ec h's depa rtme nt s of tr y. types of graduate programs we re mu ch is too mu ch? Wh at should geo l ogy a nd ph ys ics were In engin eer in g. Ca lt ech placed judged. in cluding MBA a nd MA yo u do if so ill eoneyo u kn ow ha s ranked first in th e ir fi e ld s . third in t wo types: aerospacel degree sc hools a nd sc hools of had too mu ch to drink ? Th ese are Within th e geology category. it aeronautical /astronauticaL and law, educat ion, bus in ess, and sO ll1 e of th e commo nl y asked also pl aced first in geo ph ys ics environme nt al/environme nt al lll cd ic in e. qu es ti ons abo ut a lc ohol a nd al - a nd geoche mi stry an d third in health , whi ch rose fr om sixth Har va rd U ni ve rs it y a nd th e co ho I emergencies. tecto ni cs/structure. pl ace las t ye ar. It ra nk ed fourth Massac hu sse tt s Institute of On Thursday at noon. I jo in ed Within th e phys ics category, in che mi cal eng in ee rin g. Tec hn ology cl a imed Ill OS t of th e top rankings. Calt ec h ca ill e to th e spec i, ll at- te nti on of US NC II:s (/ 1/(/ Wor ld Rl' fJ or/ when its prog ram was ra nk ed first in th e country. L ik e th e unde.rgr ad u' il e rankings. th e grad uat e ra nkin g,; ha ve sti rred in th e g radu - ate schoo \. Wilh in th e in stitul e. however. fac ulty a nd ad III inis- trati on arc aw are o f th e pol it ica l a nd trans it ory na tnr e of rankin gs dec isions and cau- ti ous of pay in g too much a tt e n- ti on to th e ma gaz in e's reports. aS lIl a llnumber of o til er Tech ers 1-- ---- - ----- - ----- - -------- - ---- - ---- --- - -- - --- -- --- - in Winne tt for lemonade, cook- i es, and answers. The program, e ntitl ed "Too Mu ch to Drink '!" , was co-sponsored by th e Hea lth Ce nt er a nd th e Dnlg a nd Al co- hol Abu se Preve nti on Program. A lth ough the spea ker, Stan Kalt er. M.D. and rne di cal tlirec- to rofthe ER at Hunt ington Hos- p it aL sta rt ed o ff with a humor- ous rema rk on th e att e nti on span of prev ious a udi ences, th e topic was no laug hin g rll <1 tt e r. Three new chemistry faculty hired Arnold 0+ Beckman to be honored at lOath birthday celebration next week "Alco ho l ca n kill ," Ka lt er sa id b lun tly, referring not o nl y to dr unk dr ivers and spa rk ed- , pa rk ed violence, bu t aho to th e ph ys iological effects of alcohol on th e bo d y. "Alcuhol is tox ic " nd irritati ve to every ti ss ue in yo ur body." Most peuple know that drink - in g too mu ch can ca li se vo mit - in g. No rm a ll y, your gag re fl ex he lp s keep your airway clear or vo mit - a good thin g, as th e co nt e nt s of your sto ma ch would c ali se a lot of damage if th ey found their way to your lun gs . However, alcohol suppresses th e gag re fl ex in addition to indu c- in g vo mitin g, a ve ry dangerous co rn b in ati o n. Ir a person who has been drink - in g is ly in g on his back, unre- sponsive a nd moanin g, there is a good chance th at. hi s airway wo uld beco rne blocked if he vO lllit s. If yo u f ind sU lll eo ne in thi s stat e. turn hi m on hi s s id e and ca l1 9 11 . In additi on to block in g th e a ir - way. alcohol can cause o th er bre <lthin g problems. Nor ma ll y. a pe rson takes t we lve to sixteen breaths per min ut e. Alcohol can lly.J ON I "OSTFH The Organic Che mi stry de- pa rtme nt at Ca lt ech is set to un- dergo a radi c<l l transforma ti on next year as three new orga ni c c he mi sts jo in th e curre nt staff. I3r i <1 n Stoltz, Dav id Mc Mill an, and L in da Hsieh-Wil son are th e three new membe rs. Sto lt z and Mc Millan are sy nth e ti c organic che mi sts, whil e Hs ieh- Wil son is a bi o- orga ni c che mi st. Th ey will be arri vin g at va ri ous times over th e summer and w ill initi a ll y teac h gradu ate level c lnsses . The mo ti vati on behind th e new hirings is simpl e. Th e di vision has hi sto ri ca ll y had six pro fes- so r s, hut over t he pa st few years, three have left for one reason or ano th er. Dr. Dc nni s Dou gherty, Executi ve Offi cer for Che mi s- try, ex pl a in ed, "We ce rt a inl y had a ho le in sy nth e ti c o rga ni c che mi str y. a nd we we re fO l1u - nate that so me o f th e best people we re ava il a bl e a nd int erested in co rnin g to Ca lt ec h. " Hirin g th ree new me mb ers in any departme nt is ce rt a in to br in g changes. "This is a bi g move," said Doughe rt y. "We' re mov in g to abso rb thi s. However. th e three new members fit in we ll with the curre nt profes- sors," and the inleg ra ti on of Sto lt z. McMilla nd and Hsieh- Wil so n is expec ted to go smoo thl y. HY ELiSA BETU A DAMS Arn old O. Bec km a n. bu siness- man, in ve nto r, phil a nlh ro pi st and Ca lt ech alumnus. will cel- eb rate hi s one hund re dth birth- day on Apri l 10 th with a black ti e dinner at th e Ath eneum and fir eworks. Al so in hi s honor. a spec ia l t wo -da y scientific con- fe rence on to pi cs fro m che mi s- try and biology will be he ld in Ramo Audito riu rn on April 7-R. (More informati on on th e co n- fere nce ca n be found at www.ea lt ec h .e du /eve nt s/ bec km an.) Dr. Bec km an was bo rn April 10 , 19 00 in Cullom, I L. He earned his bachclor's and ma stcr 's degrees in che mi cal eng in ee rin g at th e Univers it y o r Illin ois before eo ming to Ca lt ec h for hi s doctoratc in pho- toc he rni stry in 1928. He th en bccame a pro fessor of che mi s- try at Ca lt ech, wherc he re- mained fo r 12 ye ar s. In 1934. he in ve nted a pH meter for measuring ac id it y in ci tnls process in g pla nt s. and th e fo ll ow in g yea r he founded 13 ee km an In stillme nt s. In 1940, he le ft Ca lt ech to concentrate on hi s compan y. whi ch has s in ce become a wor ld leader in sc ie n- li fic in struillents. Among Bec km an's in ve nti ons are th e DU Spectroph olometer. w hi ch vas tl y decrease d th e a mo unt of time spe nt on rO llti ne laboratory procedures, ,lIl d th e Gro ull ds are prepare d./ iJr MO /l dav \ j'es lil ' il es (I I N ('('k /l III II . I-I Ell perL a va ri able resistance dev ice similar to a rad io vo lume co nt ro l whi ch became an im por- ta nt pa rt of ra dar systems in WWIl and continues to find ma ny uses in electronic equip- me nt tod ay. He a lso was in strume nt al ill brin gin g about sc ientfic studeis of th e so urces a nd mec ha ni sms of ph otOC he mi cal smong. a nd later he lped develop pollution co nt ro l reg ul ati ons and proce- dures for LA County. Bec km an has always ma in - ta in ed an interest in scit' nti fic edu ca ti on anel research. Thro ugh th e Arn olcl a nd Mabel l3eck lll an Fo und a ti on, he and h is wife h ave b ee n quite generous ill th eir g ifts to numerous uni ve rs iti es and research ce nt ers. in c ludin g th e four build in gs on the Ca /l ec h Call1 p lI S w hi c h bea r th e Beck man name. In 1 95:1. Dr. Bec km an beca rn e th e fir st alumnus O il Ca lt ech's Boa rd of T ru stees. He se rved as chairman of the board frolll I9(A to 1<) 74. Inside the Tech The Usual Features Athlete of the Week ...... 3 Darb wins million .. .. .... .. 3 ASCIT Minutes ............. 5 Alternative Brea k .......... 3 Comics " " " .... " ... ." ...... . 6 Mus ic Review .. .. .......... . 7 The Dean's Corner ", .... 7 Th e Ti cket Stub .. .. .. .... .. 7

The California Techcaltechcampuspubs.library.caltech.edu/1891/1/2000... · I J irata. and Thomas Snyder have been award ed Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships. Heffn er is a sophomore

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  • Entertamment Double Header

    Cider House Rules & Aquarius

    Darb l ly on th e academic graduate sc hoo ls in the nation. phys ica l chemi stry and first in reputations of the faculty in each

    How do you know if someone In the maga7. ine's most recent bi o-organic/biophys ical chemi s- de partment. T hi s yea r many has had too much to drink ? I low issue. Ca ltec h's departments of try. types of graduate programs were much is too much? What should geo logy a nd ph ys ics we re In engineering. Ca ltech placed judged. including MBA and MA you do if soilleoneyou know has ra nk ed fir st in th e ir fi e ld s . third in two types: aerospacel degree schools and schools of had too much to drink ? These are Within the geology category. it aeronautical /astronauticaL and law, educat ion, business, and sOll1e of the commonl y asked also placed first in geophysics environmenta l/e nvironment al lllcd ic ine. ques tions about a lcohol and al - and geochemi stry and third in health , which rose from sixth Harva rd Uni ve rsit y and the coho I emergencies. tectonics/structure. place las t year. It ranked fourth Massac hu sse tt s In stitut e of On Thursday at noon. I joined Within the phys ics category, in chemical engineering. Technology claimed Ill OSt of the

    top rankings. Caltech caille to the spec i,ll at-

    tenti on of US NC II:s (/1/(/ World Rl'fJor/ when its unde rg radu a t L~ program was ranked first in th e country.

    L ik e th e und e.rg rad u' il e rankings. the grad uate rankin g,; have sti rred int t~ rest in the gradu-ate schoo\. Wilh in the in stitul e. however. fac ulty and ad III i n i s-trati on arc aware of the pol it ica l a nd tra ns it ory natnre o f rankings dec isions and arL~ cau-ti ous of pay ing too mu ch atten-ti on to the magazine's reports .

    aSlIlallnumber of otiler Techers 1------- ------ ------ --------- ----- -------- --- ---------in Winnett for lemonade, cook-ies, and answers. The program, entitled "Too Much to Drink '!" , was co-sponsored by the Hea lth Center and the Dnlg and Alco-hol Abuse Prevention Program. Alth o ug h th e spea ker, S tan Kalter. M.D. and rnedical tlirec-torofthe ER at Hunt ington Hos-pitaL started off with a humor-ous remark on the attention span of prev ious audiences, th e topic was no laughing rll

  • April 7, 2000 2 . The California Tech News

    Scholarships awarded ALCOHOL: IlY TI,:c ll STAI'I ,'

    (ja rrett Heffn er, Christopher I J ira ta. and Thomas Snyder have bee n awa rd ed Barry M . Goldwater Scholarships. Heffn er is a sophomore maj or-in g in biology, Hirata is a .iuni or in physics. and Snyder is a s;I I I! HI:"I'!

    A,j,u1I Vill.l lii

    AOvtSE n 11.111 n .1I1)'


    A IIIIt Il,I1,'I·ll ll·IH., (i\" I I1 I \) .

    1 ,~· (fl· I.' 10 1111' h Hrllr: 1)II.\"li,·;II·1I A l lld,·.\

    ~ p.lIl . ~'I (ll1day

    Il 'HIIl M IIIl\I;IY

    (, p.lll . ' 1 UL'\d.IY

    nillif) M OIntl:lv

    1 'lIhl;~I1ult! il1l"1l1d .. · 1111' awh"I', 1I:lnw


  • The California Tech 3 April 7, 2000 Green things and sports

    Hello mudda, hello fudda, here I am+++ Caltech athlete HY YUKI TAK AHASHI

    I-I i mom and dad, 'just rnade it hack sa fely from

    this thing ca lled the "Alternative Spring Break". Tt 's a progrnm by the Caltech Y (the Y is some-thing that does a lot of extracur-ricular stuff for students), and we got to go to Arizona and Mexico ! It was pretty much lik e a free vacation and I had tons or fun. The cool thing is, we were actua ll y doing community ser-vice. The poi nt of the trips was for us stlldents to go 10 different kinds of cOlllmuni-tics to he lp people.

    About I () of us weill to Ari7.ona for 4 days at the beginning of th e break. We Wellt to a place ca ll e d Ea nhtirn c Ranch near a Native Amer ic an reservat i on in Flags taff. Peop le there told li S that the ranch was for hosting retreats and interns hips foeu scd on in-tercultural exchange, especia lly exchange of indigenous knowl-edge. It was so iso lated from the city that they had internet con-nec tion only t hrough ee ll phones I The whole facility used on ly rain and sun for water and e1cctricity. They told li S that they try to li ve with very lillIe impact on the environment. We made i1 trai I tlH~t rninimi7.es e ros ion , fixed a box ga rd en to protect plants from stron g winds , cleaned the outdoor cOlllposting toi lets, and worked with solar

    pnnels. What do you think nbout gelling a composting toilet for our house? That thing doesn ' t smell at all. On the last day, we cooked food underneath a bon-fire and on the grill and had a nice dinner with the people at Earthtime Ranch. During the trip, we had enough free tirne to visi t Wupatki Nationa l Park, Sunset Craters, Walnut Canyon, and even the Lowell Ohserva-tory. Anyway, it was really neat to spend a few days in a setting tota lly different from Caltech .

    Toward the end of the break '

    Caltech students lend a hand

    went on another cormnunity ser-vice trip - this time to Mexieo for 4 days, again wit h about 10 other people. We went to a littl e town ca ll ed Tecolote near Tijuana. There were lots of kids and stray dogs . We tried to put money into the poor economy by going to bars and st rip clubs. No, what we reall y did was help improve a comi1wnity cen ter (kind of like school and church for kids). We poli shed up a class-roo m by painting the wn ll s and tilin g the fl oor. We also played with the really hyper kids there - th ey jumped o n LI S and

  • Aprii 7, 2000 4 The California Tech Aqua haus rulz

    Cider House Rules (B)

    M y inl cn;q in Ihi s film was piqued upon the ann ouncc lllcnt of il s nUJ1lerou s Oscar nominations over :ll11onlh :lgO, seemingly a fi I III overlooKed in the shunk of entries vy ing for :Icco ladcs during the holiday scason. With a fairly un-ass lnlling mov ie pos ter. il had eas-il y heen relegaled 10 tile calegory 01' rilm s w ith cryp tic titl es using wnrds heg inning w ilh Ihe letter C (C rad ic Will ROC K. Snow f"'a lling on Ce(l; lrs) Ihat surraced at the end nr last ye;tr. l Jnciouhl c.ci ly, a mas-lerrul m:lrKcti ng scheme and '(l n tclhin~ i n tri ~ u in ~ ahoul Ihi s I'ihn did not go unlllll iced in the eye s il l' /\ cadcmy vo lcrs, Wi lh a rJu rry (l l' powder, rresh orphans thc

    mov ie secks 10 eli cil the pit y alld conl p,lss ion or Ihc audience whi le suhll y jugg ling the sides or Ihe very incc ndiary issuc or ahorti on. Slr:lngc ly, while lilc rilm leveills its pro-cilll iee inclinalion, Ihc ex-istence o f' tht: orphan s in all their aLiol: lblcm:ss allests otherw ise,

    hy Jlls/in Ho

    Upon a visit rrolll a WWIJ fi ghler pilot and hi s pregnant signil'icant other, he manages tnli nd a mcan s or tr,lllspurlati on to ex it. hi s ni chc in rural M aine, making a less than amicabl e. split. Takcn as a worker on the rarm owned by the pi lot's ramily, Ilonlcr fall s undcrlhc gllid-,Illet: or a troupe of migr:1ll1 apple pi ckc r s, smill en hy dramati c events in their ownnllmadic li ves.

    Away from his ro le as counse lor and protec tor on the orphanage prcmi scs Homcr is maladju sled. Hi s educali on and clhni cil y rnake him a st:tndOIIi in hi s new work-

    ing environillent , Ihou!!h the lahcl rs arc Ill ore suiled for hi s (ll'l l- li fe slance. Ili s hi gh llIoral standards. howeve r, t:IKe a hluw as he cnl ers :1 strained intilliacy w ith the pilol's gi rlrriend , a fail ed nlllnog:ll11isl, while her boy rri cnd and overseer or the apple orchard returns ovcr-seas for b,111 k . Ostcllsi bl y, Ilolller's deviali ons rrom hi s sl:lndards or decorum, culminaling in hi s treat-ment of' a heinous circumstance which ari scs arnong the rni grant

    workers, is meant to sonen his oth-erwi se strait -laced judgemenl s and beliers. Seemingly then, the oilly

    mean s of comin g to term s w ith reality and the out sidc world is 10 rcsort to sordid beha vior whi ch

    plagues Iheill .

    hance to the olherw isc redolcnl lone orthe movie. lhere is no gr:md conclusion lIlade and the trans I'm, rnat ion I hrou !!h whi ch Il o lll er passes I'ee ls inadcquate, In epic rashion, HOlller ha ving lost in love

    returns to a grand reu ;ptiun m tlie orphanage. But whilc.l-lolllcr·s re,

    turn is stecpcd in pathos :Illd pr(l' vieles Ihe sunny enciing whi ch is prngnos ti ca ted, th e ce leril y ill which HomCl' supposedl y Ill :IIIII'CS docs nol seenl eX lensi ve el1tHI ~ h 10 justiry a return to hi s insular halil' let. Surely, wal ching ,1 felV mov, ies, visiling Ihe heach, and hCCili zcd and \Vhen Homer :ISSUIllCS Ihe v: lc: \l cd posi· li on, all incii e: ltions pointlo a con· tinuation oCthe orphan age's wlllt lega l or shady. Bill the ex tenual· in g c ircum stan ces til at led 10 HOlm:r' s chall !!e or heart seemtno bi zarre to precipitale such ,ltl' in ,fit' n;ll ion'

    • .\ H ,day )(raC,' p at U'U'U I,('t!jr: 'II.org I l r in P('fS(>!1. Or, elil (616) J95-6JIIO for :m application and pll l Ol lr lhc!'ory (.1 fln ;tnd~ 11

    ('o n'r't'nie",:~ in \'nUl' pockt'( ~


  • The California Tech 5 April 7, 2000

    Prese nt.: Ne w Bo D (inc luding C uc-sti c k); Guests: Emili o Castano Gra ff. Dan Li ebling

    Meeting called to or-der;lt 10:52 pm.

    Ma rt ha-He le ne orga-ni zes the c lub proposal s for di $t ri but ion to eac h member of the Bo D. Emili o comes to the ill eeting because he t.hinks ASCIT is rea ll y. rca ll y cool.

    Gene ral Meeting

    Thc first it cm on the agend a is the ASC IT C arni va l fo r Prerrosh Weekend, whie h will repl ace th e ASC IT Party thi s year. Me lind a will be abl e to get us the Bungec Run , Dump Tank . and Bounc ing Castle. To cut back on costs, we will havc to assembl e and operate them ourselves. Wc will also have co tto n cand y, popco rn , and maybe game booth s i I' we ca n find peopl e in teres ted in run -ning them.

    Melind ;l has the contrac t. fro m the R it7.-Carlton, Hunting-ton. for the ASCIT Formal. The BoD votes to approve thi s con-t ra~ 1.

    Nex t, Me linda hrings up the ASC IT I ights, which are report -ed ly broken. although the fog mac hine still works. She has the pr intout o f an email from Dan Li ebling requ esting a li st of new equipment. Eric ca ll s Dan on the phone, ask ing him to com e and make a presenta-tion.

    Meghan has a money re-quest for the ASCTT van, whic h she is working on selling. She needs funding to renew the rcg-i, tr;lIi on. U nfort un ately, in or-der to ge t thi s registrati on. th e van needs a smog test and mu st be dri ven to the DMV, but with -out reg istration no one can dri ve it. Th e soluti on to thi s proble m is to ge t a one-day mov ing reg-istrati on. Ca ltech has offered to se ll the van for us if we ge t thc reg istration records.

    Eric asks i I' anyone has seen his frigg in ' 1'1-82 ca lcul ato r, which was last seen at the Capra retrea t. No one has.

    Martha-He le ne di stri bu tes the copi es o f c lu b proposa ls. She es tim ates th at there are 35 proposals in the stack.

    The Ro D then brainstorms about what to do about the In-ternati o na l S tud e nt s office, wh ich wi II be vaca ted when the ISO moves to the new building being built on Holli ston. Tom Manni on has asked us for sug-gesti ons. Should we move the i\SCIT orfice? The best sug-gest ion seems to be to put a post offi ce ex te nsio n th ere, so that stude nts w ill not hilve to wa lk all the way to Ke ith-Spalding to pick lip packages. Tt may also be open later for sllldents.

    A.S.C.I.T. Minute Goodness

    lnutes April 4, 2000

    The Budget Meet ing is thi s Fri da y ni g ht. By Sa turd

  • April 7, 2000 6 The California Tech Comics



    -1- CAME BAC K -





    - - ---- -



    CON~~TION .


    - _./

    I T.h ********** ... ,h, ("""", "I"" ..aemm e eatres (1= Bargain shows

    ?'LAVAbusE1 I.-I .''\D I·. '' .~ 0/ 673 E. Colorado Blvd.

    (626) 844-6500

    Pasadena's only stadium seating theatre


    8mld fI/i tJ,,. 11111'1'1 ".~ I,m( ,.1,.

  • The California Tech 7 April 7, 2000 I'm an Amendment to be ...

    Dean's (orner words used ... are of such a nature as to create a clear and present da n-ge r". In oth er words th e First A mendrnent docs not protec t sorne-one who fal se ly shouts "fire" in a theater. It also appears that , despite the First Amendment , it is not okay to int erfere with rec ruitment and enlistment in the armed forces. The right to criticize the conduct of puh-lic offi cials is limited to statements made without "actual malice", by which is meant , and I paraphrase, statements th at are fa lse and reck-less, mad e wi thout reg ard to whether they were false or not.

    so even i I' the Supreme CO Uri has al so sa id that speech nn the Internet is entitled to the highest level of tirst Arnenclmcnt protec li on. similar to that the CO Uri provides for hooks and newspapers (c ity of r~ ri e et "I. v Pap's A.M .).

    Who speaks for Caltech? p a ge s prepared by i nd i-

    Caltcch is an idiosyncratic place in many respects, hut one of it s most unusual aspects, I think, is the li v-ing arran gemcnts of our students. Abo ut I,UO, a deal was made be-twec n Millikan. the architec t of the modern Cal tec h, and the student hody. Th e ex is tin g fraterniti es wou ld disappear from Campus once the (South) Houses were huill. So the only remnant of the frat s of old is Kappa Garnma, now known as the Gnome Club.

    Thi s arrange ment res ulted in houses with a great deal of au-tonomy, each having its own gov-ernment and each deve loping its own traditions. All in all this con-cept has worked to most people's satisfaction, The houses have be-come a very strong point of focus for students life, although the ex-isten ce o f quasi ind epe ndent liefdoms in the middle of the school has sometimes caused problems. Sometimes house trad itions or high Jinks disrupt the peace of the insti -tute or the well being of individual students.

    We are coming up to a very sen-

    by Jean-Paul nevcl s it i ve

    time It)r the Insti -tute, with prefrosh weekend

    starting nex t WednesdayrThursday. Thi s is an occasion whcn Ca ltech does it s utmost to give the poten-ti al stude nts a look at what we have to olTer from the intellectual point of view. the sort of thing that uni-vers ities arc supposed to do. We spend significant money and much time and effort to give potential stu-dents a tw; tc of what it would be like to go tr school here. Of course that includes li ving in one of the houses, so the prospective Techers are hosted by mem hers of the student hody. It is indeed good to expose the newcomers to all of the facets of life at Tech. What is not so great is when the youthful excess and the puckish character of some House activities get in the way. Let's put our best foot forward in we/corn-ing the prefrosh next week.

    Besides visits to campus, one of the other ways by which Caltech presents itself to the world is through various publications and through its web sitc, Many outsid-ers try to get an impress ion of what we are by hrowsing the Institute home page and the sites it points to . Of course they soon are led to weh

    vidual HOllses and that cre-ates a prohl em. Sevenl l of these pages have material which the au-thors may think funn y, but which is unpl easant , to say the leas t, I'or many. They ex hihit scenes, present writings, and contain exhortati ons which arc downright repulsive and in sultin g to the sensihiliti es of many. Whatever our own pers\lIlal opinions. we rece ive reactions to these sites from people outside of Cal tech who express great surprise that the Institute should have such matcrial. Such pagcs w'c inappro-priat e and I would urg e the wehmasters in charge, to take them down ASAP.

    Now I am sure you will say, this is a free country, and who are you, Dean, to interfere with the Houses' freedom of speech? Don ' t the stu -dents, like everyone else here , have the constitutional right to express themselves as they see lit? My an-swer 1.0 that is yes, bul. .. it is im-porumt to have such a statement on the books, and to have the Supreme Court work mightily to make sure that the amendment not be infringed upon. The Court has a lot. of work to do, because , with free speech, come a host of problems. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes pointedly rai sed one such prohlem when he said that there are times when "the

    So. there arc dear limits to free ex press ion. In fact , besides the in-stances li sted in the prev ious para-graph, there arc categori es of speech whi ch arc specifica ll y exempt frnnl protec tion under the hrst Amcnd-ment. They arc: obscenit y, defam a-tory incitement , "fi ghting wo rds" and child pornography (American Bookse llers Association v Hudnut). Ohscenity, in the eye of the US Su-preme Court means that. first. an "average person, applying contem-porary community standards, must lind that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interests; second that it depicts or describes, in a pa-tentl y offen sive way, sex ual con-duct as defined by state law; and third that the work , taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artis-ti c, political or sc ientific value" (Gertz v Robert Welch, Inc,). Now I will argue that material on some of the House 's home pages fall s in the ahove categories and so has no defensihle right to be there. That is

    Okay, I am no lawyer and cannot se riously di scuss anyone's ri ~ ht to free speech. But there is another consideratillil. and thi s is whl) wi ll be thought to he, speak ing. What if the freely ex pressed ideas arc .iltrih-uted to an un willin )! p'lriner? T"kc the present case or a puhlication or weh site, where stude nts try their bes t t"look sophisti ca ted hy using repul sive l a Jl g lla~c and il11agl's. I f the students use the facilities pI' Ihe Institution to present sllch material. they wi ll appear tn speak for Il le school. That is not how Caltcc h wishes to be seen. It see ms to me that whil e anyone is free to ex press him- or herself as they wish. he or she must do so pri vately. in a way that docs not confuse the sc hool's point of view with the studen t·s. Saying that the Caltec h weh site shou ld not contain or point to sllch materi al does not limit anyonc's right of express ion. It pro tec ts Caltcch's image to that whidl the Institute itself wants to projec t.

    A bientot!

    Jean-Paul Revel

    QlIot~ s rrolll sUPJ't:Jlll' COllrl rkcisit)n~ takl' l1 rrOlll http ://www .3 1 J .or:;/a I aurg/o i fI

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