The Car Monitor Josh Rupiper James Dicke Tyler Andrews

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  • The Car MonitorJosh RupiperJames DickeTyler Andrews

  • MotivationConnect the Driver to the CarError codes recognizedEfficiency ReportsDriving HabitsA teenagers first carExpandabilityTractor monitoring

  • GPSODB-IIOdometer + SpeedometerFuel TankSensorUSB HubeBox

  • ODB-II Interface

  • OBD-II Diagnostic Codes?P0105 P0106 P0107 P0108 P0109 P0109P0111P0112P0113 P0114 P0115 P0116 P0117 P0118 P0119P0120P0121 P0122P0123 P0124P0125P0126 P0127P0128

  • Communication

  • LCD DisplayCheck Engine CodesEngine TemperatureGas Tank LevelSpeedCurrent MileageAnything Else?

  • 802.11 CommunicationCheck Engine CodesLocation with TimestampsInterface with Google Maps APIAbnormal Speed MeasurementsWhat Else?

  • Legal IssuesWho has access to the information recorded?Recorded Driving InformationBlack Boxes in IrelandMandatory for future driversRecord GPS location over timeAccessible by police, insurers...New York Fatal Accident in 2005

  • Sub-ProjectBe able to capture On-Board Diagnostics -Transmit to USBInterface the OBD to the EBOX-II

  • DiscussionQuestions?Ideas?What do you want?Concerns?Different vehicles support different interfacesSensors may not be accessible for some vehicles